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Pablo Yabo | 18 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

At Nektra we have done a performance comparison of Virtualizing IE6 on W7 in VMWare ThinApp and Symantec Workspace Virtualization. 

You can read the full article in our blog: Benchmarking IE6 Virtualization: VMWare ThinApp vs. Symantec Workspace

We use SpyStudio to compare ThinApp and Workspace Virtualization performance. Both Symantec and VMWare highlight the use of application virtualization to run legacy web applications. There is a huge number of mission critical web applications that only run correctly on Internet Explorer 6 and while companies may be able to afford the cost of migrating applications to modern browsers, they cannot afford even a short...

ohzone - CherylPeterson | 20 Sep 2012 | 0 comments

Virtualization has become THE buzzword within the IT community; in some circles it’s even bigger than Cloud. As with any new technology the buzz comes along with a considerable amount of hype and risk. Virtualization does have very tangible benefits to organizations, however wading through what’s real and what’s not can be a challenge. Join Symantec for a webinar on September 26 at a.m. PDT to find out how to avoid risks while reaping the cost saving benefits of virtualization. Register today!  

riva11 | 12 Mar 2012 | 0 comments

IrfanView is a image viewer for Microsoft Windows that can view, edit, and convert image files. It allows to open a wide variety of image formats and displays thumbnail file previews, allowing picture organization and management.

Some IrfanView features:

    Many supported file formats
    Multi language support
    Thumbnail/preview option
    Paint option - to draw lines, circles, arrows, straighten image etc.
    Toolbar skins option
    Slideshow (save slideshow as EXE/SCR or burn it to CD)
    Show EXIF/IPTC/Comment text in Slideshow/Fullscreen etc.
    Support for Adobe Photoshop Filters
    Fast directory view (moving through directory)
    Batch conversion (with advanced image processing)
    Multipage TIF...

erikw | 12 Mar 2012 | 0 comments

March 2, 2012 will be a date that should be remembered. At that date the decision was made to build the largest VDI in the Cloud architecture. An incredible 1.200.000 VDI desktops should be started in the Cloud waiting for end users.

As almost every device is supported, it will change the world of computing as we know it right now. Why buy a PC if you can have access to your own fully supported desktop at a fraction of the price? Every day you logon you will get a complete new PC, with your own personal settings and your own software. And you can use it any time, any where and on any device.

May 1st we will have the first 100.000 desktops up and running and we will have over 400 applications packaged. And it will grow and grow.

So now we have an incredible task to build up the team that is going to develop and deploy the VDI desktop and ensures that all applications can run in this desktop.

And the technology that enables us to make this happen is...

riva11 | 07 Feb 2012 | 0 comments

Need to copy large folders form one network folder to another location? Here a nice tool that compare files and folders and copy only changed files.

The tool called Copy Changed Files has a a simple interface to copy files from one location to another using using filters or comparison criteria based on date and time or binary compare option.

Main Features

  • Copy changed files only
  • Binary comparison of files using a database of file hashes.
  • Save last run time, for incremental backup of changed files only
  • Multi threaded
  • Append current date to destination directory or file for easy version maintenance
  • Set from directory
  • Set to directory
  • Set the from date, to scan for files changed after that date
  • Compare date AND time
  • Maintain directory structure in destination directory
  • Exclude files from copying, ex. thumbs.db


ohzone - CherylPeterson | 18 Feb 2011 | 0 comments

Announcing Free Flow Friday! Each Friday we'll be presenting screencasts by our very own Gene Kupfer. In this ongoing series, Gene will be presenting topics of interest to the Symantec Endpoint Virtualization community.

This blog will provide a handy index for those screencasts. Thanks Gene and happy watching!

bduckering | 18 Nov 2010 | 1 comment

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that phrase, I’d have a lot of nickels.  The point is that still an awful lot of people who are researching virtualization technology (because that’s what you do these days if you’re in IT) start with Citrix and VMware, perhaps go to Microsoft, then stop.  Certainly there are a ton of smaller companies being ignored that also have virtualization technologies.  But Symantec is a big company with virtualization technologies, and more people are learning about Symantec’s solutions every day.

Because Symantec holds such strong positions in security and storage, we are not normally the first company that comes to mind when thinking about virtualization.  However, there are some really good reasons that more and more companies, after looking at ALL of the options, are excited to select Symantec solutions.  In fact, the above phrase is usually followed by “This is great stuff!...

bduckering | 20 Apr 2010 | 2 comments

There are new minor releases available for download for both Workspace Virtualization and Workspace Streaming.
Changes are primarily fixes and customer-specific improvements, but if you are evaluating the products or just want to be on the latest release, here they are.

Release notes can be found here:

Trial Downloads can be found here:
Current customer downloads here:


 - Brian

Brad | 14 Apr 2010 | 0 comments

Take this survey on Desktop Virtualization! It only takes about 5 minutes to answer what solutions you’re using.

erikw | 26 Mar 2010 | 0 comments

In 2013 there will be over 500 Million virtual desktops according to Gartner. To reach these numbers and to get a high grade of customer adaptation the price of a single Virtual Desktop needs to go down. In the beginning of the 80's most companies were using a $299 device called a typewriter. The typewriter was a very stable device that needed no maintenance, further than exchanging the ribbon. Years and years the typewriter was the only way of getting letters to the customers in a good fashionable way. Off course several people have good handwriting and they can write them.

Then marketing people went to the customers and they explained that exchanging their $299 typewriter for a $2999 computer would be the best thing to do.

No way you can sell devices to end customers that need a lot of maintenance, training and expensive consultants just because they are 900% more expensive. The new device called personal computer was sold because it ensured end users the...