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EV Guys | 23 May 2008 | 4 comments

We thought it was about time to give you an update on  our Service Pack release schedule for this year to help you plan your upgrades and maintenance work. This just helps avoid situations where you install what you think is the latest service pack, only to find out that a new one has been released. As you can see we expect to release EV2007 SP3 next week and then almost one SP per month for the other versions.

Watch out on this Blog for more info about SP3 next Friday.

May 2008 - Due end of next week

EV2007 SP3
CA2007 SP3
DA2007 SP3


June 2008
V6    SP6
CA6  SP4
CA6  SP3

July 2008
V7   SP5

Sept 2008
EV2007 SP4
CA2007 SP4
DA2007 SP4


NB: We will generally release the SPs shown above on the last...

EV Guys | 27 Apr 2008 | 0 comments

The Enterprise Vault Team are delighted to announce a number of cool and exciting activities at VISION 2008, The Venetian , Las Vegas, June 9th-12th 2008!

To register & book entrance tickets please visit the Symantec VISION website


  • EV Hands-on-lab - Come and try out the latest version of Enterprise Vault


  • Technical Guru Sessions - Schedule time with an EV Technical Guru to pose those must ask questions.


  • Enterprise Vault Futures - Find out what’s planned in the next release and discuss requirements for future releases with industry peers.


  • Enterprise Vault Technical Sessions - Come and listen to the EV...
EV Guys | 07 Apr 2008 | 5 comments

You may have seen some questions on the support forum about Office 2003 SP3 and compatibility with EV, so we thought we'd post this article to clear up any mis-understandings about what works and what doesn't.


The problem that some customers have found after applying SP3 is that when a user opens an archived message with more than 2048 recipients on the TO,CC or BCC field, an error will occur. We've already updated our Compatibility Guide and mentioned that the EV client will work with SP3 but have added a footnote that you need to read our Technote which has more information about the issue. Also, we still don't recomend putting SP3 on the EV server, this shouldn't be an issue for most of you and we will update the compatbility guide once...

EV Guys | 27 Mar 2008 | 3 comments


One of our EV Guys (Glenn Martin) recently hosted a webcast on the subject of PST Migrations, this explored all the options available within EV to migrate PSTS, with some excellent screenshots to explain how each option works. So if you want to get some more in depth information about how to approach solving your PST Nightmare you can now view this webcast from our on demand area at the following link.

We also got quite a few questions at the end of the webcast and as promised we'll post some answers to these as a follow up to this article.

EV Guys | 12 Mar 2008 | 0 comments

The Performance Guide

If you're new to EV you might not be aware that we publish a performance guide, we try to keep this as up to date as possible and have recently published a new version. This document provides guidelines on expected performance when running Symantec Enterprise Vault and is a useful reference for many questions you might have on this topic.

Here's introduction from the performance guide, click on the link to grab the full PDF.

Every customer has different needs and different environments. Many factors influence the performance and needs of an archiving system. These include the type and size of data that is archived, the file types, the distribution lists, and so on. In addition, most systems expect growth in both volume and size of data, and indeed the very existence of an archiving service may lead users to allow their mail or files to be archived rather than delete them. All this leads...

EV Guys | 28 Feb 2008 | 0 comments

We've now released V7 SP4 (there are also SP's for CA & DA) you can download the release notes and software from the following links.

Symantec Enterprise Vault 7.0 Service Pack 4

Documentation link -

Installation media link  -


Symantec Compliance Accelerator 7.0 Service Pack 4

Documentation link -

Installation media link -


Symantec Discovery Accelerator 7.0 Service Pack 4


EV Guys | 29 Jan 2008 | 3 comments

As many of you are no doubt planning your maintenance and upgrade windows for the rest of 2008 we thought that an update on our service pack schedule would be useful. This will hopefully help you avoid those situations where you upgrade to what you thought was the latest service pack but then discover a new one has just been released. This is the schedule up until June, we'll issue an update once the plans for the second half of 2008 have been agreed.


January 2008 - Already released

EV2007 SP2

CA2007 SP2

DA2007 SP2


February 2008





May 2008

EV2007 SP3

CA2007 SP3

DA2007 SP3


June 2008

V6      SP6

CA6   SP4

DA6   SP3


NB: We will generally release the above  SPs on the last Friday of...

EV Guys | 25 Jan 2008 | 2 comments

We are happy to announce the following updates for Outlook 2003 sp 3 and Exchange 2007 sp 1.


Here is the link to the TechNote for Outlook 2003 sp 3:


Please be sure to note the caveat in the article:

Symantec provides partial support for the Enterprise Vault (EV) Outlook Add-In (aka EV Client) running with Outlook 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3) for all versions of the EV Client from the 6.0 base release upwards.
The use of Outlook 2003 SP3 on an Enterprise Vault server is NOT supported.

Known Issues

An issue present within Microsoft Outlook 2003 SP3 may cause errors (as detailed below) when an item contains 2048 (or more) recipients in any of the TO, CC or BCC field OR 2048 (or more) attachments.



EV Guys | 11 Jan 2008 | 4 comments

In this article we are exploring the Best Practices for Indexing in your Enterprise Vault environment.


Many support calls around failed indexes can be avoided if you take time upfront to be sure your systems are optimized for proper indexing.


Why is this important to me?


This paper is particularly important to you if you are journaling customer.  If you plan to do Compliance or Discovery searches this is an absolute must read!  We will cover configuration of your Indexes to provide a stable and efficient system. The Best Practice recommendations in this document will allow you to configuring and manage your Enterprise Vault Indexes for maximum performance and reliability.


To find out more click the link below and see for yourself.


See the URL:...

EV Guys | 09 Jan 2008 | 2 comments

Today we've released EV2007 SP2 (there are also SP's for CA & DA) you can download the release notes and software from the following links. The release docs contain an Updates file with full details of the key issues that SP2 addresses so please make sure you read that first.


Core Install Software


Core Release Docs



Compliance Accelerator Install Software


Compliance Accelerator Release Docs