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NickW | 06 Jan 2010 | 0 comments

 Late last year, Gartner published it's latest (and third, if my memory serves me correctly) Marketscope for the E-Discovery segment. It was put together by a highly respected team of Gartner analysts, including Debra Logan, Whit Andrews, and John Bace. Symantec was rated as a "Strong Positive" in this Marketscope for the E-Discovery segment. 

 Obviously we're very proud of all the teams here at Symantec and within our partners, who've contributed so much to Symantec Enterprise Vault™. I'd like to take one more chance to thank all those people right here and now. We're also very happy that over 13,000 customers are deriving value from their investment in Enterprise Vault. 

 A few things changed with 2009's Marketscope, and I thought them worthy of note and perhaps a quick discussion. Firstly, this Marketscope focuses purely on software vendors. It doesn't matter if the software is delivered as installable or as some kind of...

Steve C Blair | 08 Apr 2009 | 1 comment
Over the past 10 years, a now accepted technology called “Archiving” or “Active Archiving” has come into play in almost all IT groups operations. When we look back over the past 15-20 years of IT history, we traditionally spent our time as SysAdmin’s doing weekly backups, nightly incremental backups, and quarterly/yearly save sets. The backups we took, provided we had time in our diary for all the other demands in our day, were periodically checked to make sure we could read them, and left alone. Then came a visit from a Legal firm, Government regulator, or HR staffer “We need information contained in files and emails” for John Doe, please restore the backups and give us access to search them. This was typically met with a real groan, sigh, and you knew when this happened that you were going to be sitting with tape catalogues, restoring files, running scripts on the directories/folders/files/emails restored, hoping to give whatever...
Wayne Humphrey | 13 Mar 2009 | 2 comments

EVSVR is a Windows command-line utility for Enterprise Vault storage reporting and verification.

I have been now using EVSVR for over 5 months, it is a great tool and would recommend every one to use it.  I run it daily, and report on the past 7 days.

This helps me for two reasons:
■ I will find out straight away should i have any issues
■ If I am required to ever run Verification on a certain Data set It wont take me months to run as its already been verified.

One problem I have found with running this daily is the amount of manual work involved.  I have therefore created a script which you can simply set up as a scheduled task.

The script does the following:
■ Runs EVSVR
■ cleans the reports up (removes the messy time stamps ect)
■ zips all the output files up
■ Emails the relevant admins with the reports (The body contains the results if any have faild - no need to trawl the logs)
■ Writes an entry...

Michael Bilsborough | 09 Mar 2009 | 0 comments


There is a great tool I recently found for looking at event logs.

You can download an eval copy from the site below and it's free for personal use