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TrevorD | 21 Jul 2011 | 0 comments

Social media has exploded in recent years into a trillion dollar industry. Once considered a fringe marketing tool at best, it went mainstream and left hobbyists in its rearview mirror.

Organizations have realized that social media can be a valuable resource for generating revenue and brand recognition. Wary IT departments once flirted with blocking access. Today, it’s a rare organization that avoids the use of social media in the office. But as employees embrace these tools for personal and business use, IT departments need to make sure related legal and regulatory issues and security risks are being addressed in the same manner as email, IM and other communications tools in the office.

In order to assess the effects of social media on enterprises, Symantec recently conducted a flash poll of 1225 enterprises, representing 33 countries. The results reveal that employees are actively engaged in using social media tools. Did I give that away earlier? With these...

Andy Nash | 19 Jul 2011 | 13 comments

If your about to embark on a server refresh or migration then you'll want to check out our new 'Server Settings Migration Wizard' as long as your using 9.0.1 or later you'll now be able to take advantage of our simple wizard driven workflow.

Download and read about the 'Server Settings Migration Wizard' here...

Andy Nash | 30 Jun 2011 | 15 comments

In this week’s post, I’d like to address a few important questions pertaining to the hardware specifications required by Enterprise Vault 10, and offer up some info on how it can help with server migrations.

What OS and hardware should I use for Enterprise Vault 10?

I’ve been asked a few times what the minimum OS and hardware specification should be for an EV 10 server. The OS is simple, EV 10 requires at least Windows Server 2008 R2. When it comes to hardware we’ve found that EV10 will continue to provide better performance the more CPU cores and memory you provide (which is great news!)

The minimum for EV 10 is a server with 4 CPU cores running at least 2.8GHz with 8GB RAM, we’re recommending a server with 8 CPU cores running at least 2.8GHz with 16GB RAM.

Does it matter what form factor the CPU cores are packaged? Nope, dual quad core, quad dual core or a single eight core CPU would be fine! The more...

Glenn Martin | 22 Jun 2011 | 0 comments

Some of you might already have heard of our Techcenter offering, it's been around for a few years now and it's a great resource for both new and seasoned Enterprise Vault admins. We used to offer some free modules but recently all the modules have been made available and are ready for you to go download and watch. Obviously these are all V8 & V9 focused but in the fullness of time there will be V10 modules but either way why not go and check these out because you never know you might be able to learn something new & wonderful :)

Here's the full URL

I've made a shorter URL which is easier to remember

Happy eLearning


Andy Nash | 20 Jun 2011 | 1 comment

The brand new 64-bit indexing engine featured in upcoming Enterprise Vault 10 offers up a whole new realm of performance, where customers can take advantage of improved scalability and flexible configuration options. With EV 10, both scale-up (more memory) and scale-out (additional hardware) architectures can be considered. Though once upgraded, all newly-archived content will be stored in 64-bit index volumes, existing 32-Bit Index volumes can still be queried seamlessly to pose no major change for end-users. Customers need not worry about any forced upgrades; they can simply continue to access their 32-bit indexed data.

EV 10 also provides an enhanced set of index management tools, which help guide upgrades to 64-bit indexes while maintaining health in normal operation.

We’ve worked hard to maintain all of the great features  built into our 32-Bit indexing framework while delivering the additional benefits a 64-Bit architecture can...

IMG_Shawn | 06 Jun 2011 | 0 comments

Do you eat to live, or do you live to eat? If you prescribe to the latter, like me, hopefully you’ll understand why I injected thoughts on my favorite vegetable into what’s supposed to be a technology perspective. Oh well...

On this particular morning, I’m thinking about onions first and foremost, and how extremely picky I am with these delightfully fragrant, tasty bulbs. At the grocery store, my careful selection process is as follows:

  • Look for yellow onions that are the size of my palm, and not too much bigger or smaller.
  • The desired onions must still have most of the outer brown skin intact, without any of the creamy, internal white skin inside exposed. Some roots left are fine.
  • The desired onions must be firm to the grasp all the way around and not have any gnats or other insects circling nearby. Nothing squishy or semi-squishy please. And nothing foul-smelling!

So how does my onion selection relate to data...

Glenn Martin | 01 Apr 2011 | 10 comments

We're pleased to announce that 9.0.2 is now available, you can get the software update via FileConnect. If you're not sure about how to use FileConnect or need further information then please follow this technote which should answer most of your questions.

With regard to 9.0.2 - this is a hotfix roll up release with no significant new features to mention. But if you want to read about all the various fixes and improvements then please refer to the release notes & documentation which are available from the support site.

Or here's a direct link to the release notes.

Happy Upgrading


Alex Brown | 10 Mar 2011 | 3 comments

Good news. As some of you may be aware the previously released Outlook 2007 hotfix meant to resolve the maximum number of MAPI connections possible when using Outlook 2007 on an EV server actually caused a series of issues within Outlook 2007 itself causing knock on problems within EV.

Microsoft recently released an updated hotfix for this rollup which resolved these issues and now gives you an option for using Outlook 2007 in a performant manner on an EV server.

The hotfix was released towards the end of February and we have just finished our QA cycles to ensure it does the trick. It does, and so we invite you to start using this hotfix in production, on your EV servers, where appropriate.

For those that don't have it, the hotfix package can be accessed here:



Darren Locke | 04 Mar 2011 | 1 comment

I recently blogged here to announce the availability of the instructor led File System Archiving training course. Initially the course was just scheduled in the UK. Dates have now been set for North America. You can view the schedule and register through the link here.


Darren Locke | 26 Jan 2011 | 4 comments

We have had a hole in our Enterprise Vault training catalogue to date by not having a dedicated File System Archiving course. FSA is touched on in the standard Exchange course but it does not give you the knowledge you need to know to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot.

We have now developed a specific 4-day instructor led course dedicated to FSA. The first public teach will be in the Symantec, Reading, UK offices March 15th-18th. Registration is now open here.

The course is aimed at customers, consultants, support engineers, SE's or generally anyone that has a vested interest in File System Archiving. The full course description can be found ...