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Alex Brown | 28 Feb 2014 | 27 comments

*Update 26th March*

I'm pleased to announce that from today Enterprise Vault now offers support for Service Pack 1 for Exchange Server 2013 and Outlook 2013 (as a client).

See below for minimum Enterprise Vault versions:

  • Exchange Server 2013 SP1 - Supported from Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 CHF2 or later
  • Outlook 2013 SP1 - Supported as a client from Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 or later

SharePoint 2013 SP1 is still in certification and we expect to be able to announce support in the coming weeks.

As always, check the Enterprise Vault compatibility guide for all certification information:

Alex Brown | 29 Nov 2013 | 3 comments

I am happy to announce that Enterprise Vault now officially supports Exchange 2013 CU3. You will need to install the 10.0.4 CHF2 cumulative hotfix (or later) otherwise everything else remains the same. You can pick up a copy of this hofix here:

The compatibility guide will be updated shortly to reflect this certification.

Alex Brown | 30 Sep 2013 | 1 comment

Just quick note to let you know that we have finalised our testing of Outlook 2010 SP2 and it is now fully supported as a client.

You can use Enterprise Vault client 9.0.1 or later or 10.0 or later.

The Enterprise Vault Compatibility guide ( will be updated with this information and released in the next 2 weeks.


amitpunde | 05 Sep 2013 | 4 comments

Are you eager to get a sneak peek into the all new and exciting features of Enterprise Vault 11 release? Then here is your chance to do so, by participating in the upcoming Enterprise Vault 11 Beta program. Beta is a major milestone in our product release cycle and we would like you to get an early insight to these features to help you prepare for this release. It will also help us to gather important feedback regarding these features. Below is a high level summary of the key features that we plan to make available in the beta program

  1. Enterprise Vault Search – is a new and much anticipated end-user search UI which will provide a rich & cross browser search experience. It is intended to enhance and unify the search options available to end-users and provide a slick & easy to use interface. It will allow users to access and search/navigate their archive folder hierarchy on any browser,  run and save search terms, export search results,...
Alex Brown | 08 Aug 2013 | 4 comments

PST files are a bit of a paradox- they’re equally great and painful. End-users love them because they are in total control of how and where they save their valuable messages for easy access later. IT departments hate them due to their unstable nature (especially when they grow into the multiple GB territory) and their ability to consume vast quantities of File Server resources.

This is an age old problem and one that Symantec Enterprise Vault has been helping resolve for many years. It is better for everyone if end-users make use of a centralized, managed archive for their long term message retention needs and allow IT departments to remove the need for PST files, which helps free up the disk, backup and support desk overhead associated with PST usage. End-users are happy, and IT departments are happy. How often can you say that?

At Symantec, we recognize that PST eradication is difficult. To try and make this process as easy as possible, we have made...

c3lsius | 16 Jul 2013 | 0 comments

Do you ever feel like managing your organization’s data is a daunting task? You are not alone. With the rapid growth of unstructured  dark data, organizations face increasing risk of inappropriate data access as well as rising compliance and storage costs.  So what can be done to get a handle on data?  The first step is data governance.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Use Data Insight to understand your files
  • Go beyond meta-data to understand who owns the files
  • Understand data ownership allowing  you to broker conversations with the business
  • Archive relevant content to Enterprise Vault
  • Govern to increase business value, reduce risk and lower costs

Please join Symantec’s experts Christine Emilie Lim, Robert Mossi and Ketan Shah on Wednesday, July 24th at 9:30 am PT to learn how Data Insight and Enterprise Vault enable organizations to reduce risks, decrease costs...

Alex Sakaguchi | 15 Jul 2013 | 0 comments

The Virtual Vision Google+ Hangout Series has been going strong for four weeks with Hangouts from NetBackup, Clearwell and Enterprise Vault and Backup Exec.

Couldn’t attend one of the previous Hangouts? Don’t worry, you can catch the recordings, view the supporting documents, or ask questions via the Google+ event pages.

Make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming events throughout the rest of July and August. You can RSVP, view more details about the events and watch recordings after the events have taken place all on the Google+ event pages.

Check back here to see updates on the sessions, or follow @Symantec on Twitter, add +Symantec to your Google+ Circles or like us on Facebook for the latest...

Alex Brown | 11 Jul 2013 | 8 comments

Today the Enterprise Vault team celebrates the release of 10.0.4 and what a release it is!

10.0.4 is our largest ever Enterprise Vault service pack. It contains more features, fixes and performance and scalability testing cycles than we’ve ever put into a single service pack release before. We have also successfully been running 10.0.4 internally in our production environment since March. If that doesn’t whet your appetite, then let’s take a brief look at what is included in this release:

Enterprise Vault Extensions: A framework that enables Symantec Technology Enabled Program (STEP) partners to develop new archiving applications to extend the set of content sources that can be archived by Enterprise Vault along with the ability to view and manage these Extensions through the Vault Administration Console.

PST migration enhancements: ...

Alex Brown | 03 Jul 2013 | 2 comments

** Added 1st August **

Final update.

The hotfix referenced below is now available for download via the link below:

The good news is that we pulled in CU2 support as well. Therefore this EV 10.0.4 hotfix will provide support for archiving from all Exchange 2013 environments, native or mixed mode.


**Added 29th July **

Support for Exchange 2013 original release and CU1 running in mixed mode is coming this week.

It will require EV 10.0.4 and a new server-side hotfix which will be released by end of this week (week commencing 29th July). I'll update this blog once this hotfix is available.

Support for Exchange 2013 CU2 in both native and mixed mode will follow and be available by mid-August. More details on this to follow.

Amy Dugdale | 12 Mar 2013 | 0 comments

Today we are announcing that Enterprise supports journal archiving from Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, which is great news for our customers considering an upgrade to the new platform. It is also great news for organizations that may not have an archive in place yet, but are looking to add one to help streamline their migration process (more on that here), while meeting their long-term information retention requirements and eDiscovery needs.

Any time I discuss the migration process with a customer, the conversation almost always turns to ingestion, which makes sense (if you are taking it out of one place, you likely need to put it in another place, right?).

Let’s cover what I mean by “ingestion” when talking about Enterprise – this is a carefully outlined process followed by our specially-trained Data Management team that allows us to...