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Steve C Blair | 08 Apr 2009 | 1 comment
Over the past 10 years, a now accepted technology called “Archiving” or “Active Archiving” has come into play in almost all IT groups operations. When we look back over the past 15-20 years of IT history, we traditionally spent our time as SysAdmin’s doing weekly backups, nightly incremental backups, and quarterly/yearly save sets. The backups we took, provided we had time in our diary for all the other demands in our day, were periodically checked to make sure we could read them, and left alone. Then came a visit from a Legal firm, Government regulator, or HR staffer “We need information contained in files and emails” for John Doe, please restore the backups and give us access to search them. This was typically met with a real groan, sigh, and you knew when this happened that you were going to be sitting with tape catalogues, restoring files, running scripts on the directories/folders/files/emails restored, hoping to give whatever...
Tomer Gurantz | 02 Apr 2009 | 2 comments

Here are some screenshots I took of a Enterprise Vault 2007 with Veritas Cluster Server 5.0 cluster of two nodes. The screenshots are of the VCS GUI, showing the EV resource tree, as well as a screenshot of Windows Explorer showing how the EV file systems (Indexes, Partitions, etc) are mounted on various drive letters from shared storage.

imagebrowser image

EV Guys | 02 Apr 2009 | 3 comments

Open Letter to EMC EmailXtender Customers

Today, EMC announced SourceOne, another replacement for its email archiving product EmailXtender – the third in five years. It is version 1.0 of a brand new product offering limited interoperability with existing EmailXtender archives and Documentum. We believe EMC customers deserve better, which is why Symantec is offering EMC EmailXtender customers a way to quickly and easily migrate to the world’s #1 email archiving product, Enterprise Vault.

Migrating to Enterprise Vault offers the following advantages that EMC has yet to deliver:

•    Integrated SharePoint Archiving to reduce storage and E-Discovery costs.
•    Integrated File Archiving to shrink backups, reduce storage and enable rapid e-discovery.
•    Proven E-Discovery tools to meet longstanding legal requirements and compliance regulations.

Why wait for EMC to deliver...

Glenn Martin | 01 Apr 2009 | 4 comments

We are pleased to announce that yesterday we shipped Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP1 and it is now available for download via the FileConnect portal. This is a departure from how we have previously made service pack releases available and has been done partly to provide you with a single place where you can download your software and partly for logistical reasons since we now ship the release as an ISO file which is about 1.4GB and is more easily managed using the FileConnect portal. If you do have trouble accessing the portal then you should in the first instance contact our Customer Care who will be able to assist you.

For more information about how to use Fileconnect, please read the following technote.

Also - using the... | 19 Mar 2009 | 0 comments

The Symantec Enterprise Vault and NetBackup Product Management Teams are conducting customer research in support of our product integration planning.  The first part of this research effort is 4 page web survey (see below).  This online survey is designed to collect some relevant customer environment and satisfaction/outlook data.  We would like to get as many NetBackup and Enterprise Vault customers as possible to complete the survey so that we have a comprehensive data set, and also to leverage these responses in recruiting for our 2nd wave of research (customer “interviews”) and possibly other related follow-up discussions.


The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete (it contains 40 questions). The survey is intended for product administrators (NBU and/or EV administrators).  The questions assume a strong understanding of the information managed by our products, as well as the environment...

Esther Aladieff | 19 Mar 2009 | 0 comments

Growth is a problem lots of companies would like to be dealing with right now. But it isn’t always easy to manage growth, especially growing your IT infrastructure to keep up with a fast-growing business.

This was a problem facing ENGlobal, an engineering firm that provides services to the energy sector. ENGlobal has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, both organically and through acquisitions.  As a result of this growth, the company ENGlobal had outsourced its backup operations to couldn’t keep up, causing backup costs to increase by 50 percent.

ENGlobal made the determination that could cut costs and be better off financially in the long run if they were to bring data protection back in house. The company turned to NetBackup to solve its backup needs. Over the life of the project,  ENGlobal expects to save $6.25 million in...

Wayne Humphrey | 13 Mar 2009 | 2 comments

EVSVR is a Windows command-line utility for Enterprise Vault storage reporting and verification.

I have been now using EVSVR for over 5 months, it is a great tool and would recommend every one to use it.  I run it daily, and report on the past 7 days.

This helps me for two reasons:
■ I will find out straight away should i have any issues
■ If I am required to ever run Verification on a certain Data set It wont take me months to run as its already been verified.

One problem I have found with running this daily is the amount of manual work involved.  I have therefore created a script which you can simply set up as a scheduled task.

The script does the following:
■ Runs EVSVR
■ cleans the reports up (removes the messy time stamps ect)
■ zips all the output files up
■ Emails the relevant admins with the reports (The body contains the results if any have faild - no need to trawl the logs)
■ Writes an entry...

Glenn Martin | 10 Mar 2009 | 1 comment

Have you already built or moved Enterprise Vault to a virtual platform ? 

If so then you can help us by taking part in our survey on this topic.

We know more and more people are moving their Enterprise Vault servers to virtualised platforms, be that VMware or HyperV and there some great success stories out there. So we felt the time was right to run a survey to capture feedback from people who have already made the move to the world of virtualisation, we're interested to hear how you've configured your VM platform and the type of performance you're getting. We're also interested to hear if the process was a positive one and something you would recomend to others.

We're working on a white paper on this topic to help guide you through the maze of issues which you face when virtualising Enterprise Vault so having some real world feedback about your experience with VM will be most useful.

To take part in this short survey please...

Michael Bilsborough | 09 Mar 2009 | 0 comments


There is a great tool I recently found for looking at event logs.

You can download an eval copy from the site below and it's free for personal use



Michael Bilsborough | 04 Mar 2009 | 1 comment


To allow support to work effectively on your support case we automatically send an email to you when you log a case.  Please do read this as it includes information which may well allow you to resolve the most common issues.  

If the suggestions cannot resolve it, we do ask you to run the deployment scanner and send us that information.  From time to time, I do work with support engineers to review the cases we get and many of them don't have this information in so adding a great deal to delays. 

 I cannot stress enough the importance of this and information from you describing in your own words the problem and when it began to occur etc.  The sooner the tech support engineer has this data, the sooner they can get to resolving your case and less time going back and forth trying to contact each other trying to get data.