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David Finn | 28 Jun 2012 | 0 comments

   The Supreme Court has spoken, but the debate will probably not end. This morning, the Supreme Court held that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is constitutional. Healthcare will, however, be a key issue in the presidential election.

   Some of you may remember the discussion of this case on a recent Healthcare Community Call.  There were 4 key issues the Court was to consider:

  1. Anti-Injunction Act
  2. The Individual Mandate
  3. Severability
  4. Medicaid Expansion

  In a nutshell, the Individual Mandate was upheld.  Not under the commerce clause as the Administration argued, but upheld constitutionally under the broad taxing powers of the Congress.  That, then, essentially addresses the anti-injunction act by saying it is a tax and not a penalty.

Severability is not an issue since the law was upheld.  There is no need to pull out or sever pieces of the law from...

Sarah Muckler | 22 Mar 2012 | 0 comments

MU Live! is a 30 minute internet talk radio show hosted by HITECH Answers. The next show we focus on Security Risk Analysis to meeting meaningful use.

Register below to receive notification on how to participate and listen in.

March 27, 2 pm Eastern: The guest this week is David Finn, Health IT officer at Symantec and former CIO of Texas Children’s Hospital.  David also served as a Director for HIMSS from 2008-2011. He is going to discuss the Security Risk Analysis required to meet meaningful use.

Sarah Muckler | 19 Mar 2012 | 0 comments

Experiment Reveals Smart Phone Risks

'Lost' Phones Illustrate the Vulnerabilities

Symantec recently conducted a clever experiment designed to illustrate the security risks involved in using smart phones. The security firm, working in collaboration with Security Perspectives Inc., intentionally "lost" 50 smart phones at various public places in five cities. The devices were loaded with simulated corporate and personal data. And Symantec had the ability to remotely monitor what happened to each device once it was found.

Click below to see the full article:


Sarah Muckler | 15 Mar 2012 | 2 comments

Costa Mesa, Calif. and Mountain View, Calif., March 14, 2012 – Experian® and Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) today announced that the two-factor credentialing solution jointly developed by the companies was selected by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide Enterprise Remote Identity Proofing (ERIP) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Credential Services.  The Experian and Symantec solution will play a critical role in a $78 million contract that was awarded to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) delivering  an offering  that will support CMS in providing this enterprise service.

As part of CMS' multiple Federated identity proofing methods, the Experian and Symantec solution combines Experian’s identity proofing capabilities with the strong authentication capabilities of Symantec’s Validation and ID Protection (VIP) Service to address the key challenges that arise in identity...

Sarah Muckler | 12 Mar 2012 | 0 comments

Healthcare today faces some of the greatest challenges for IT including increased regulatory pressures, strong security requirements across the most diverse and mission-critical applications and systems, and exponential storage growth.  To further complicate this, healthcare organizations must face these challenges with smaller budgets and fewer resources. is the optimal means to address these issues within healthcare and enables healthcare organizations to leverage one of the largest security infrastructures in the world while controlling costs. is the world’s leading provider of hosted service for securing and managing information stored on endpoints and delivered via email, Web, and Instant Messaging. Over 32,000 organizations and 10.9 million end-users in over 102 countries now enjoy services protection from spam, phishing, inappropriate web use, spyware and other threats. Processing billions of email...

David Finn | 22 Jan 2012 | 0 comments

Well, this is the time of year when everyone involved in health information technology, directly and indirectly, from the providers, payers, government, banking, venture capitalists and vendors begin to turn their attention to HIMSS.  This year HIMSS is in Las Vegas - -  after a long absence from this venue.  For many years, Vegas didn’t have the classroom capacity required but that has changed and HIMSS will be making a return engagement in February.  First, remember we’re on a new schedule this year Monday through Friday (February 20 – February 24).

If you haven’t booked rooms or travel, get on it!  If you haven’t registered better get that done, too.  And then start working on your “dance card”.  The days fill up fast and five days at CHIME & HIMSS disappears very quickly.  And that is just educational sessions, booth visits and professional association meetings or Symposia.  Don...

David Finn | 12 Nov 2011 | 0 comments

I have the privilege of getting to talk to a lot of health care IT folks.  It is an interesting perspective - - having been “one of them” for so long and to be on the vendor side now, the “dark side” as I used to call it.  I also have the opportunity to “address” a lot of healthcare IT folks - - through webinars, at HIMSS events, at other meetings and sometimes in their facilities.  Usually it is about some aspect of securing or protecting data. 

Lately, I’ve gotten tired of talking about it.  Not because it isn’t important - - it is.  Not because it isn’t required - - it is.  Not because I don’t have a passion for it - - I do.  I’m tired of talking about it because, as I learned in West Texas, “talkin’ ain’t doin’” and...

Sarah Muckler | 10 Nov 2011 | 1 comment

As mobile devices become more sophisticated and provide greater access to electronic protected health information, healthcare organizations require greater control and management to protect patient information, comply with HIPAA, and ensure clinician's productivity–all while delivering safer care at lower costs. Symantec™ Mobile Management helps enterprises confidently enable this new mobile productivity by facilitating scalable, secure, and integrated smartphone and tablet deployments. Mobile Management provides comprehensive visibility and control over all the popular mobile devices such as iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, Windows® Phone, Symbian®, and BlackBerry®.

Please see the latest information on the attached datasheet regarding Symantec™ Mobile Management for the Healthcare Industry! 

Sarah Muckler | 27 Oct 2011 | 0 comments
Healthcare Information at Risk: Practical Strategies to Avoid Breaches

Registration URL:

Time: Wed, 09 November, 2011 - 2:00 - 3:00 EST

Key takeaways include:
• Trends that are driving healthcare privacy and security risk going forward
• A top-down proactive preventative and holistic approach, with practical risk assessments
• How to implement a robust privacy and security practice with a multi-layered and defense-in-depth approach using hardware enabled security for increased robustness and performance

Presented By:
• David Finn...

Sarah Muckler | 25 Oct 2011 | 0 comments

In this paper, we will first outline the risks introduced by networked medical devices, and then present results from a 2010 survey by the College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME) to gain the perspective of industry insiders. Finally, we will review some of the organizations, standards, and solutions available to help hospitals, diagnostic centers, and clinics assess and address issues introduced by networked medical devices.

Download this whitepaper today, find it under the "resources" area: