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Solange Deschatres | 16 Jun 2014 | 0 comments

Although 2011 was first hailed the “Year of the Data Breach,” it appears that was only the beginning. Last year was truly an exceptional year for data breaches, with more data records lost and stolen than ever before. While cyber-espionage and threats to privacy grabbed the headlines, by the end of the year we were faced with the reality that cybercrime remains the most prevalent and a real security threat to businesses. Huge data heists on companies like Target, LivingSocial and AOL, impacted brand reputations, consumer trust and ultimately the bottom line.

In Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), we found the number of data breaches grew 62 percent from 2012, translating to more than 552 million identities exposed last year – an increase of 368 percent. This was also the first year that the top eight data breaches each resulted in the loss of tens of millions of...

khaley | 21 Dec 2012 | 2 comments

Are malware authors becoming more unpleasant? The amount of cyber-crime goes up year after year and 2013 will be no exception. Bad guys will continue to dream up new ways to rip people off.  Sure, we’ll be stolen from, spied on and threatened in 2013. None of this will be new. But there is a new trend that started in 2012 and seeming set to take off in 2013. I call it nastiness.

We didn’t call out this trend in our 2013 predictions. But if you look at those predictions you can see it. I can’t tell you why this is or why it started. This nastiness is happening in targeted attacks and in massive attacks. They are quite separate trends—done for quite different reasons and...

khaley | 08 Nov 2012 | 0 comments

With this year quickly coming to an end, it’s time for us at Symantec to publish our predictions on what we expect will happen in the world of cybersecurity for the coming year.

Most of us at Symantec tend to be fact-based, data-driven individuals. However, predicting the future always involves a bit of speculation. To derive our predictions for 2013, we began by talking to hundreds of security experts at Symantec to gather their thoughts and ideas. Then, we peer-reviewed these ideas, argued a lot, and boiled it all down to a handful of predictions that we felt would provide real insight into where we believe the threat landscape is going.

While these predictions are based on what we see today, they also reflect where we think things are going based on our years of...

Michael Parker | 31 Aug 2011 | 1 comment

We should be more concerned about a cyber attack.

That was the message from Cofer Black, former head of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, at this year’s Black Hat Security Conference. In fact, his opening words were quite ominous. He said the last time he stood in a room presenting to a large audience with his face being projected on four big screens was in August of 2001. At that time, he warned the audience that there would be a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil where thousands may die. A little over a month later, the attacks on 9/11 took place. His latest prediction at the Black Hat Conference, is that there would be a major cyber attack on the United States which will have...