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rookie11 | 28 May 2009 | 5 comments

is this helpful to the person who started the forum topic????or it just shows the popularity

Bijay.Swain | 16 May 2009 | 14 comments

From my experience the new points system has disappointed people because earlier when i post a Tech Question on forum I used to get lots of reply and some of them are really usefull but now things have changed I have to wait for a day or more to get a single answer .as people are now not interested in 1 point.
which is also affecting the forum in some way. now people try to post there querry and keep themself to their problem only they are now not interested to solve others problem .


Nel Ramos | 08 May 2009 | 6 comments

Symantec Connect is a pro-active and solutions oriented website. This is one forum that different IT professionals are sharing valuable knowledge voluntarily thus solved threads are treated like holy grails as per one of our administrators. Many a times we see the solutions by browsing the different topics available that is why the leadership is discouraging comments that are non-technical or not helpful to other readers. But what is helpful or informative and what is not? That is a question that I usually ask myself when contributing to this site. Does an affirmative comment praising a fellow community member on a specific comment not helpful? Well, some of our replies had been deleted due to that.

What if we are urge to comment due to a solution that helped us or moved us? what then shall we do? I was told that the thumbs up option would be used for this respond and you can do that once per issue or discussed blog. Our forum's admins has a lot of...

rainier | 07 May 2009 | 4 comments

Hi I was just wondering what the Virus of the Future would be and possible impacts it could cause.

Right now at present time the things that are impacted by viruses are computers and mobilephones etc...
What would it be like in the Futures
I thinks cars would also be impacted knowing that most of the cars nowadays have computer chips on it.but how it would be impacted that I don't know yet it could be possible through the radio knowing that you can now plugin Ipods and USB devices on it .Home Appliances could also be impacted knowing that they have chips on it.

There are a lot of this that could be impacted but we never could tell till it arrives but am sure Symantec would always be there to ensure protection to users.



LeslieMiller | 16 Apr 2009 | 17 comments

Tell Your Migration Story Contests
Have you migrated from a competitive product to a Symantec solution? Tell your story and win oodles of rewards points! Two contests are available:

Backup and Archiving

Stop Buying Storage Contest

We’re looking for your articles, forum and blog posts to share how you’ve been able to see quick savings by deploying Symantec software in the data center. Check out the details here:

Storage Management

Scubydew | 03 Apr 2009 | 2 comments

I want to buy 3 copies Norton 360 and a 3 year subscription for all three copies. But nobody answers the phone.

LeslieMiller | 18 Mar 2009 | 8 comments

So, you’re wondering what the difference is between a forum post, an article or a blog. Or maybe you want to know what constitutes a download. Check the information below for brief explanations. Then, start contributing! All of the content types below are worth Connect Points. And hey—not that you need reminding, but here it is just in case:  All information MUST be your own, original work. Make sure that the information is not plagiarized or otherwise copyrighted elsewhere—cause that would just be wrong!

Forum discussion threads may be questions, or otherwise pertinent information that is of interest to the community and is intended to start a discussion. If you’re looking for the answer to a question, consider adding the following information to your post to help out those who just may have the solution.

  • Product Name and Version
  • Platform Name and Version
  • Exact...
Brian Hernacki | 05 Mar 2009 | 0 comments

So this week is pretty exciting. For the third year in a row, we're going to be showing off a prototype at the DEMO conference. Two years ago we launched Identity Defender (I was part of that one), which went on to become Norton Identity Safe—a technology available today in our award-winning Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 products. Last year our Symantec Research Labs Advanced Concepts group unveiled Project Watchdog, which today is known as Norton Online Family...

Jessica Johannes | 25 Feb 2009 | 0 comments

Symantec announced the recipients of  the Symantec Research Labs (SRL) Graduate Fellowship for 2009. After an extensive selection process, the Symantec Research Labs team has identified Kevin Butler, Marco Cova and Polo Chau to receive full one-year fellowships covering 100 percent of tuition and fees, along with a competitive stipend to fund ongoing research in their respective areas of expertise. The SRL Graduate Fellowship program is currently in its third year and has played a strong role in Symantec’s efforts to develop innovative solutions to today’s challenges. Past recipients of the SRL Graduate Fellowship have made substantial contributions to our market-leading products, prestigious industry groups and the academic community. The program is one of several efforts we undertake with top U.S....

Deirdre Sena | 25 Feb 2009 | 1 comment

Symantec recently received Energy Star 2008 Certification for the Springfield, Ore. location which was also Energy Star certified in 2007.  The Energy Star rating is significant as it indicates that its recipients are among the top 25% of facilities in the country for excellent energy performance. Commercial buildings that have earned the Energy Star use on average 35 percent less energy than typical similar buildings and generate one-third less carbon dioxide. Energy Star allows Symantec to reduce its carbon footprint while saving Symantec money by being more energy efficient and using less energy.Energy Star is an energy program that measures current energy performance, monitors goals, tracks savings and rewards improvements.  Symantec is in the process of certifying 6 additional buildings in Dublin, the UK, Cupertino, Mountain View and Roseville, CA.