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Esther Aladieff | 03 Feb 2009 | 0 comments

Recently New Orleans Rapper Lil Wayne had his new single, Prom Queen, leak onto the internet a couple of days before it was set to be released. This isn’t the first time Weezy has had this happen to him. While he was recording his last album, the multi-platinum smash Tha Carter III, more than an album’s worth of songs made it on to the web or on mix tapes. These leaks may have cost Wayne some money in the short term, but they ultimately created enough buzz to make him a near unanimous choice as...

Patrick E. Spencer | 01 Feb 2009 | 0 comments

The emergence of Web 2.0 creates interesting challenges and opportunities for many organizations and spans most functional areas—from sales and marketing, to IT project management and product engineering, to HR and finance. As the enabling infrastructure behind much of Web 2.0, telecommunications companies find themselves in a careful balancing act between the “old world” of fixed-line channels and next-generation networks that are often accompanied by image, music, video, and audio service download options.

IP brings together the old and the new

IP offers a means to facilitate the convergence between these two channels—the old and the new. Most networks are now IP-based, and endpoints are quickly adopting IP (e.g., ATMs). For its industry feature in the January 2009 issue of CIO...

Spencer Parkinson | 27 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

During the last year, Symantec established the Open Collaborative Architecture (OCA) as the company’s technology direction to develop greater interoperability with Symantec solutions and provide third parties with the ability to integrate their applications with the Symantec Management Platform (formerly the Altiris Platform).  A podcast on the OCA featuring Symantec’s Rob Clyde (VP of Technology, Office of the CTO) and Steve Morton (VP of Product Management, Endpoint Security and Management) is now available on Symantec’s site at the following link: 


Patrick E. Spencer | 24 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

The January issue of CIO Digest kicks off an exciting editorial calendar for 2009. In the cover story, "Getting to One Click: An IT Transformation the Size of the Australian Outbook," Telstra Sr. Vice President of Transformation Tom Lamming discusses the five-year journey the media communications embarked upon in 2005 and how it will deliver an unrivaled customer experience: a simple, integrated, intuitive one-click, one-command, any-screen, real-time interaction.

The industry feature discusses the IT challenges associated with IP convergence in the telecommunications sector. The solutions feature delves into ways in which organizations are...

Patrick E. Spencer | 24 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

As I watched the stock market spiral downwards and the series of depressing economic announcements, I knew the storm enveloping our IT operations would not be far behind. I’ve dreaded opening the business section of the Wall Street Journal for the past two weeks; the pages have been filled daily with poor earnings reports and layoff announcements.

Coffee table book sales down = force reduction

When the “Warlord” called a special all-hands meeting yesterday, I had a good idea as to the reason for the meeting. With sales for several of our primary product lines, including an all-in-one coffee table book that folds out into small coffee table (an idea we got from Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld), tethered to the winter holiday sales season down...

Pamela Reese | 23 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

The Symantec Data Loss Prevention team recently received their first patent for technology that helps customers to better discover and protect sensitive data. The patent was granted for "Method And Apparatus To Define The Scope Of A Search For Information From A Tabular Data Source."  In non-engineering-speak, the issued patent refers to the policy language needed to specify and configure Exact Data Match (EDM) searches. Exact Data Matching (EDM) accurately detects a company's structured data; that is, data stored in databases and other tabular formats. Structured data generally includes customer, employee, patient or pricing information. EDM allows policy authors to manage fingerprints of protected data to be matched against information that is copied, stored, or sent. The detection algorithm can find entire records (rows), partial rows, or individual cells of data that are inappropriately exposed. Congratulations to Kevin T. Rowney, Michael R....

Esther Aladieff | 22 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

I am a self-proclaimed packrat. I don’t like to throw anything away. I guess that explains why I still have a Milli Vanilli CD, a 1990 Kevin Maas rookie card, and a Cincinnati Bearcats t-shirt from the 10th grade when I was briefly obsessed with Nick Van Exel. These things are worthless. We all know what happened to Milli Vanilli. Kevin Maas never materialized into the next...

Katie Beck | 21 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

TechTarget’s published an article this week comparing backup software and their integration with VMware.  Symantec's market leading data protection solutions NetBackup 6.5 and Backup Exec 12.5 were both included, along with four other solutions from multiple vendors.  The article highlights NetBackup, “Of the products, Symantec's NetBackup seems to have the best integration with VMware and provides many advanced features.”

Here are a few key points from the coverage:


  • "Quick tip: Symantec Veritas NetBackup 6.5 integrates very tightly with VMware to improve efficiency and has advanced integration features to allow for easy restores and reduced storage requirements."...

Patrick E. Spencer | 17 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

Businesses are catching onto the benefits of online services, with revenue growing at twice the rate of the overall enterprise software market. Benefits include faster time to value, a quicker ability to scale, less risk and up-front investment, and lower annual operating costs in equipment and support staff. In today's economic climate, these benefits are particularly prescient for businesses seeking to address business requirements in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

New CIO Digest Online Extras article

For the Online Extras, "Online Services: Get the Benefits Without Maintenance," CIO Digest interviewed Jeff Kaplan, managing...

Esther Aladieff | 12 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

When most people think about granola, they probably don’t think of cutting edge technology, but at Golden Temple of Oregon, a producer of wholesale natural foods, they are combining the two to create a successful, secure and well managed company.

One area where Golden Temple is leading the way with its use technology is with its virtualization strategy. Golden Temple is using Symantec Backup Exec 12 and VMware’s Virtual Consolidated Backup function to perform complete backups of its two VMware ESX servers. It is also beta testing Backup Exec 12.5 which will have a virtual agent to facilitate VMware backups....