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Alex Sakaguchi | 30 Jul 2013 | 0 comments

Is your data protection solution vCloud Director AWARE? The introduction of VMware's vCloud Director included a new IaaS offering that layers on top of the existing vSphere product suite. This means yet additional challenges for backup and recovery professionals to work around.

Symantec experts will be addressing this topic on an On Air Google+ Hangout on Wednesday, August 7th.

Tune in to this Bonus Session of our Google+ Hangout Virtual Vision series to learn more about backup and recovery challenges with vCloud Director. Our experts will share how we solve them in one of the largest vCloud Director deployments in the world and discuss the difference between vCD API and VADP in this interactive session.

Get your questions answered live by our expert panelists during the event by submitting your questions to the hashtag #SYMCHangout.

Mark your calendars:

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Ed Cox | 10 Mar 2010 | 0 comments

We had a full house yesterday for our Netbackup 7 live demo. Everyone got a chance to see the new features and to ask questions about their concerns when upgrading. As soon as I get the slides and information on winners in our drawing I will post them also. One topic we were looking to talk about in our next meeting is Share point but we will discuss it and post everything here so you are aware of our plans for the next meeting. Please feel free to post questions and concerns so that the Symantec community can have a chance to help you with your backup and storage issues.

Thank you,
Ed Cox

Donna T | 08 Jan 2010 | 0 comments
Ever see one of those TV shows where someone accidentally pulls the ripcord on what seems like a small plastic bag, but then it quickly inflates into a rescue boat that fills the room? Sometimes data seems like that to me.  It’s a constantly growing entity that requires ever larger backups, putting a strain on the limits of storage space and backup windows.
I bet it must seem like that for the IT staff at Shanghai Telecom Co. Ltd. They have to cope with a petabyte of data that’s growing by 100 terabytes a year. They were using EMC NetWorker to back up this mountain of data, but more than half the jobs failed. So the company switched to Veritas NetBackup in 2008, and its backup success rate is now 98 percent.
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David Krauss | 30 Sep 2009 | 0 comments

With So Much at Stake, Financial Institutions Bank on Resiliency to Thrive in Trying Times

Reputation damage – Everybody’s talking about data breaches. But what about resiliency?

Most financial institutions will agree that protecting their brand and building customer confidence is a top priority in today’s volatile economic climate. A big part of achieving this is keeping sensitive customer data safe and secure from both external and internal threats. After all, the last thing any bank wants right now is to be a headline for a public data breach that compromised thousands of their customers’ financial records.

While data loss prevention is and should be a top concern for financial institutions, an often overlooked component of maintaining customer confidence (and their deposits) is delivering the 24X7 availability and operational resiliency that customers demand of their financial institutions...