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Donna T | 27 Jan 2010 | 0 comments
I first heard the term "digital natives" from a friend who creates educational gaming software. I had never heard it before, but it was coined by the author and educational gaming software designer Marc Prensky in his essay called “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants.” It refers to people born after 1980 or so who grew up with computers in their homes and are more comfortable with technology than their parents, "immigrants" from a non-digital world. Every successive generation grows up to be more tech-savvy than the one before. 
To engage today's “digital natives,” many grade schools use technology in the classroom, which means teachers depend on IT to keep these systems running. This was definitely the case at Mobile County Public Schools, where their IT staff used to spend...
Esther Aladieff | 23 Feb 2009 | 0 comments

With an ever-growing, captive audience spending hours on end surfing the web, many companies are refocusing a large portion of their marketing and advertising efforts from traditional channels to the internet. Because of this many new advertising and marketing agencies are springing up to fill this need. One such agency is Direct Agents. Founded in 2003, Direct Agents offers services in affiliate marketing, lead generation, media buying, and search marketing.

One of the biggest challenges facing the company was its unfiltered network. Up until 2008, each of Direct Agents 50 employees chose and installed their own antivirus software. As a result of this “hodgepodge...

Esther Aladieff | 12 Feb 2009 | 0 comments

If you would have asked me what a “virtual server farm”  or a “virtual environment” was 10 years ago, I would have probably come up with a convoluted story about a virtual reality loosely based on the Matrix trilogy. Back then, I was pretty oblivious to anything high-tech. I’m still not as technically savvy as I probably should be, seeing as I work at one of the largest software companies in the world; however, in the past four years I’ve worked at Symantec, I’ve gone from a technological neophyte to someone who at least knows that virtualization has nothing to do with the Matrix, Neo, or...

Esther Aladieff | 03 Feb 2009 | 0 comments

Recently New Orleans Rapper Lil Wayne had his new single, Prom Queen, leak onto the internet a couple of days before it was set to be released. This isn’t the first time Weezy has had this happen to him. While he was recording his last album, the multi-platinum smash Tha Carter III, more than an album’s worth of songs made it on to the web or on mix tapes. These leaks may have cost Wayne some money in the short term, but they ultimately created enough buzz to make him a near unanimous choice as...

Esther Aladieff | 22 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

I am a self-proclaimed packrat. I don’t like to throw anything away. I guess that explains why I still have a Milli Vanilli CD, a 1990 Kevin Maas rookie card, and a Cincinnati Bearcats t-shirt from the 10th grade when I was briefly obsessed with Nick Van Exel. These things are worthless. We all know what happened to Milli Vanilli. Kevin Maas never materialized into the next...

Esther Aladieff | 12 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

When most people think about granola, they probably don’t think of cutting edge technology, but at Golden Temple of Oregon, a producer of wholesale natural foods, they are combining the two to create a successful, secure and well managed company.

One area where Golden Temple is leading the way with its use technology is with its virtualization strategy. Golden Temple is using Symantec Backup Exec 12 and VMware’s Virtual Consolidated Backup function to perform complete backups of its two VMware ESX servers. It is also beta testing Backup Exec 12.5 which will have a virtual agent to facilitate VMware backups....

Esther Aladieff | 05 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

When I started high school in the fall of 1993, the school I attended had two labs with approximately 60 computers that were a mix of old school PCs and Macintosh Classics. These computers were supposed to help students learn how to type but were mostly used for playing Oregon Trail.

Things have changed drastically for students entering high school in 2008, especially at St. Agnes Academy, a private all-girls Catholic school in Houston. Incoming freshman purchase a Fujitsu tablet PC that is to be used during their four years of instruction as a way to enhance their educational experience. The challenge...

Esther Aladieff | 12 Dec 2008 | 0 comments

Over the years mergers and acquisitions have become more and more commonplace. Symantec, for example, has been involved in 57 mergers and acquisitions and counting since its founding in 1982. Combining two companies is not an easy process. One key obstacle is integrating IT environments, which can prove difficult, especially if the environments aren’t 100 percent compatible.

That was the challenge facing MM Electrical Merchandising (MMEM) when it decided to consolidate its data center infrastructure with one if its sister companies, Vinidex Pty Limited. MMEM was using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 while Vinidex was using Lotus Notes. Vinidex already had an email archiving solution in place but the solution wasn’t really meeting its needs and it wouldn’t support...

Esther Aladieff | 03 Dec 2008 | 0 comments

One of our core values at Symantec is being customer driven. We strive to do everything possible to ensure our customers have a good experience with our products. The purpose of this blog is to highlight the successes our customers are having.

Our customers are as wide-ranging as our solutions , and we hope that by reading about the successes our customers have had you can be inspired to use the products in new and different ways to help drive value and efficiencies at your organization.

One customer who did this recently is Joe Snyder, Vice President and IT Director, at the Bank of Tampa. One of the biggest problems Joe faces, which is a problem familiar to many of our customers, is a lack of IT resources in a growing organization. As his organization grows, he has to continue offering the same high service levels his coworkers have come to expect.

Joe really wanted to deploy ...