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LeslieMiller | 09 Jul 2012 | 17 comments




Trusted Advisor JesusWept3 recently reached more than 1,000 solutions in the Symantec Connect community. He joins just two other Connect members in reaching this amazing milestone. JesusWept3 hangs out most often in the Archiving and eDiscovery community where his breadth and depth of understanding of Enterprise Vault makes him a highly sought after resource. Please join us in congratulating him and thanking him for his dedication and expertise.

EMEA EBC Fellows | 03 Jul 2012 | 0 comments

Christos Ventouris, CISA, CISM, CISSP, and Technology Manager for Symantec, talks about the real-world consequences for information security and management arising from the austerity measures in his home country of Greece.

Greece has voted and is now anchored into the Eurozone. Was it the right decision? There are hundreds of expert economists far better qualified than a humble Symantec Technology Manager to comment on that. But as a fellow Greek citizen, it is clear to me that the tough austerity measures my country is experiencing reveal some very important lessons for business—especially in the technology arena. And those lessons are as relevant to the rest of Europe as they are to the Greek situation.

The message coming loud and clear from businesses we talk to in Greece during these uncertain times is this: “We need to stay competitive and stay in business.” As companies from all over the map struggle with a...

Sarah Whipp | 19 Jun 2012 | 0 comments

My friend has a sister who is a digital native. She is online from as soon as she wakes through to the moment she sleeps, across a plethora of platforms that seem incredible to a digital immigrant like myself who needs a vitamin injected smoothie before I can think in the morning. My friend’s sister, like other digital natives, can keep up with all of her friends at all times and a strange phenomenon has occurred, she has stopped asking questions about their lives, she doesn’t need to, she believes everything worth knowing will be delivered to her via social media. Talking at work with my colleague @RPMol he sees a world where a doctor could use big data analytics to cross tabulate a patient’s test results with others globally to get instance diagnosis of even the rarest of illnesses. This amazing world sounds utopian to someone who grew up in a working class northern area with access to the best books the town library could offer regardless of their...

LeslieMiller | 08 Jun 2012 | 1 comment

You've always been able to share anything you find on Connect with your friends and coworkers--but it may have been a bit difficult to remember to do it, as we "hid" the sharing option in the top menu:


But we don't want you to be shy about sharing! So we've made it easier for you to share with a single click. And we've put it front and center on every post.


So go ahead! Share your favorite Connect blogs, solutions, articles and more with your entire social network!

Marie Pettersson | 06 Jun 2012 | 1 comment

We are shortly publishing a paper around BYOD and exploiting the business potential related to this phenomenon. This blog will be the discussion arena for any feedback or thoughts on the paper.

LeslieMiller | 17 May 2012 | 26 comments

If you've ever posted a question or looked for a solution in the Backup and Storage communities, chances are good that you have crossed paths with Trusted Advisor Marianne Van Den Berg. Recently Marianne reached 1,000 solutions--an amazing milestone, and one that we're considerably proud of her for reaching. Marianne is a fabulous asset to the Symantec Connect community. She lives west of Johannesburg in sunny South Africa, close to her grown-up son and daughter and is a new grandmother! She loves gardening, photography, getting out into nature. We're not sure when she does this however, as she gives a wealth of information and support around the clock. Join us in thanking Marianne for all she does. 

Marie Pettersson | 07 May 2012 | 0 comments

An interesting global study on mobile life and bahaviours has been carried out by TNS and presents some great graphics on the preference of a mobile wallet. Some countries are certainly more keen than others (Asia leading the pack) and Western Europe is somewhat lagging, with only Ireland above 40% preference.

Digital Dave | 04 May 2012 | 0 comments

More than half of organizations indicate they are less than somewhat prepared to secure public cloud services, according to a survey conducted by Symantec and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) at the CSA Summit this winter. Yet, 79 percent of respondents say it is somewhat/extremely important to define and enforce their own security policies independent of the specific cloud platform or applications providers.

It’s all about control. According to respondents, the most important factors impacting cloud adoption are control of who can access which cloud applications (90 percent) and control of what information can flow into the cloud (86 percent). More than half of respondents also believe it is important to have a single control point through which all public and private cloud traffic flows.

In short, what this survey reveals is that it’s important to have your own security for the cloud...

Marie Pettersson | 03 May 2012 | 0 comments

No surprise, but still interesting to see is that the Top 10 tags on show Mobile banking and payments on top. It is a trend that is absolutely real and with an extensive fragmentation when it comes to best practices. Standards are not yet in place and SEPA is struggling to define a framework for payments, while card and payment providers battle each other and banks are partnering with service providers to find other options. Some time ago IDC predicted that only 10% of payments will go through the banks in the future, which is indeed disputed by the banks themselves. So who will come out strongest? Will it be diversified local alternatives rather than global streamlined services?

Top ten search phrases on
1.Mobile Banking
2.Mobile Payments
4.Online Banking...

LeslieMiller | 10 Apr 2012 | 2 comments

We will be holding a two-day workshop on Symantec's Mountain View campus to help determine the future direction of Symantec Connect. We'd love to invite you, our users to be a part of this workshop.  To be considered for this workshop, we have some pretty distinct characteristics we're looking for.

Does this sound like you?

  • Part of a small or medium-sized business with fewer than 500 employees
  • Willing and able to spend 2 days on the Symantec campus during May (exact dates TBD) sharing your Connect experiences during a two-day collaborative workshop
  • A registered user of Symantec Connect and familiar with the Connect community
  • Willing to work as part of a team environment (i.e. share your thoughts and opinions, listen to other's ideas, works well with others)
  • Using at least one, if not more Symantec products in your organization's environment

If you fit the...