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LeslieMiller | 14 Mar 2012 | 16 comments

How do I access the mobile site?

Access Connect automatically identifies the device you’re using and serves you the mobile site if you are using a recognized mobile device.

What can tasks can I complete on my mobile device?

  • Browsing content
  • Searching content
  • Making comments on content
  • Creating your own blog entry, idea, or forum discussion topic

What devices support the mobile site?

We tested the mobile site on the most recent versions of iOS, Android and Blackberry. Due to the large number of devices we cannot test all of them. We tested using the native browsers on each device. Also, please be aware that the interface may look slightly different depending on the device you are using.

How can I learn more about the navigation on Symantec Connect?


Robert Mol | 13 Mar 2012 | 0 comments


The annual Hannover based fair CeBit attracts over 300,000 visitors with every self-respecting IT vendor taking aim. The event appeals to an unusual mix of audience with students and families visiting the fair in an attempt to collect as many bags, gadgets and well, 'free' food, while on the complete opposite side of the spectrum some very serious business is being done by the hundreds if not thousands of IT companies represented at the event.

With the focus across the event dominated by Cloud and Mobile technologies, it wasn't surprising to see much of the content around the fair focused emphasizing trust in these emerging trends. Many of the executives and IT professionals I spoke with indicated that they are in early phases of implementing projects such as BYOD however, time is running out as the need to address the digital native coming to the workplace is now!

Symantec Corp. | 09 Mar 2012 | 0 comments

Symantec can confirm that the source code for 2006 versions of Norton Antivirus posted by Anonymous is authentic.  The exposure of this code poses no increased risk to Norton or Symantec customers.  This code is part of the original cache of code for 2006 versions of the products that Anonymous has claimed to possess over the last  few weeks.  We anticipated that the code would be posted.  As we have already stated publicly, our analysis shows that due to the age of the exposed code, Symantec antivirus or endpoint security consumer and business customers – including anyone running Norton products – should not be in any increased danger of cyber attacks resulting from this incident.  We also anticipate that Anonymous will post the rest of the code they have claimed to have in their possession. So far, they have posted code for the 2006 versions of Norton Utilities, pcAnywhere, and Norton Antivirus. We also anticipate that at some point, they...

LeslieMiller | 07 Mar 2012

Symantec Connect Rewards membership and related benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Symantec Corporation (“Symantec”). Symantec retains the right to change, limit, modify or cancel program rules, regulations, rewards, and reward levels at any time, with or without notice, even though such changes may affect the value of points already accumulated, the ability to use accumulated points, or the ability to obtain rewards. Symantec may, among other things:

  • cancel the program without notice;
  • substantially increase or decrease the number of points required for a reward without notice;
  • withdraw, limit, modify, or cancel any reward;
  • change program benefits, conditions of participation, rules for earning, redeeming, retaining, or forfeiting points, or rules governing the use of rewards.

The accumulation of points does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to points, rewards, or program benefits. In...

Patrick E. Spencer | 06 Feb 2012 | 0 comments

Both public health and public utilities around the world take a starring role in the table of contents of the January 2012 CIO Digest, Symantec’s quarterly magazine for IT decision makers. Looking first at healthcare, this issue includes articles about IT leaders at New Jersey’s Barnabas Heath and Italy’s National Cancer institute on how they are both responding to rapid changes in public and government expectations of IT delivery value and wielding information to advance their institutions’ missions.
On the public utilities side, technology officers at Missouri’s LaClede Gas and Thailand’s AIS wireless server provider talk about the importance of advanced IT in keeping the lights on in the Midwest, and its importance in keeping wireless phone subscribers loyal even while they demand constant novelty and change in the services they consume.
The issue also...

LeslieMiller | 02 Feb 2012 | 7 comments

In recent weeks you may have noticed a few new colorful badges adorning various user contributions on the site.  Below is a brief explanation of the various badges and their meaning.


 - Admins are responsible for the general running on the site. They may move posts to the correct forums, help identify potential abuses on the site, and generally assist users.

Symantec Employee

 - Pretty self explanatory.

Trusted Advisor

 - The “Trusted Advisor” designation is given to an elite group of Symantec Connect community members who voluntarily share their expertise and experience with the Symantec Connect Community. Trusted Advisors are identified in the community with a special badge and are the front line of support for community users. Trusted Advisors are not Symantec employees. Trusted Advisors are not paid and offer up their expertise purely on a volunteer basis.

Brian Modena | 12 Jan 2012 | 0 comments

Monday we had the wonderful experience of being human: We made a mistake.

In our press release highlighting a recent Netcraft report, we stated that Symantec has a 40 percent market share of the EV SSL market. However, we actually have 65 percent market share.

We’ve corrected the mistake in our release on our website, and are happy to note that we had under reported our market share, which is much less embarrassing than if we over reported.

You can view the updated release here:

The January Netcraft report follows a year riddled with high-profile attacks and targeting of Certificate Authorities—attacks that highlight the need for a strong, reliable, and responsible Certificate Authority community. The increasing popularity of SSL certificates and EV SSL certificates, as reflected in...

Margaret Turano | 03 Jan 2012 | 0 comments
Data Explosion * Risk and Compliance * Cloud * Mobility * Making it all work together

These topics are all front of mind in our increasingly complex IT landscape. Symantec offers the solutions to protect your most valuable asset. Your data and your patients’ data.

Evolving infrastructure, increasing complexity, and the challenging threat landscape are forcing Health IT to evolve from a systems-centric to an information-centric model of service delivery. Hospitals are under massive pressure to protect their information, all the while needing to increase the scope of infrastructure their employees can use to access this data. With this shift, providers will be managing information and applications, across ever changing environments such as virtual, mobile devices and cloud-based applications - - all under increasing regulatory control, enforcement, and penalties.

Jen Nowell | 15 Dec 2011 | 0 comments

Arriving again on New York Ave. 1100 NW to be exact.  I love this city.  In Washington old man winter has arrived. 


The topic of the day is Cybersecurity legislation and privacy.  This is a touchy subject for all because it is a very delicate balance of our constitutional rights as US citizens and the very freedom our troops fight for on the battlefields to ensure the security and livelihood of the land of the free.


Those of us who have been without power for more than 3 days or had the Verizon recording repeating “all circuits are busy” when you are trying to communicate with someone you love in a crisis or sitting in the HOV lanes dead stop and all lanes are blocked.  The feeling of no control is a constant reminder of how fortunate we are…everyday. 



Jimmy Skowronski | 14 Dec 2011 | 0 comments

About a month ago, on my personal blog, I posted about a FedEx day idea and our attempt to organise it here at When all emotions went down I was dog tired but happy. We did it and what a great success! I hope my reflections will help you to organise a FedEx day in your company.

Three Weeks Before

I've been thinking about organising a FedEx day since I've read Drive by Daniel H. Pink. It took me couple of months to convince management that they can afford letting bunch of developers to abandon projects for a day and a half. Finally when I got an uncertain consent I could start planning.

The first FedEx was scheduled on 1st December and I had just about three weeks to make it happen...