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Rob-F | 19 Apr 2012 | 0 comments

Symantec is going to be a main sponsor in the biggest VMware Forum events across EMEA.  The first event comes shortly after our recent announcement at the RSA conference that five new security integrations with the VMware cloud infrastructure suite have taken place (check out the press release  here).  These integrations are designed to deliver extensive protection for virtual and cloud environments along with operational cost savings.

We will be at all the events listed here, where you can learn more about how joint Symantec and VMware customers are being enabled to protect their virtual infrastructure and business-critical applications as a result of this recent announcement.  You can register here


tzambrovitz | 28 Sep 2011

Maybe somebody can explain it to me, because I’m not getting a clear picture of late from the numerous virtualization events I’ve attended. I’ve read the research, I’ve interviewed architects, systems administrators, consultants and even a few IT execs, and I’ve reviewed information from various vendors on the challenges and solutions around virtualization. So, is complacency the new IT strategy for business-critical virtualization? 

At a recent event that shall remain anonymous, I asked a few of the attendees at lunch what challenges they were facing as they virtualized their infrastructure. One immediate response was “budget”. Now, I understand that there are investments to be made in acquiring the infrastructure and software, and the time it takes to define and resource a project. But, in the face of reducing server provisioning from weeks to minutes, recovering failed systems in seconds and minutes...

Guido Sanchidrian | 23 Sep 2011

Darren Thomson is Symantec’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the EMEA region. He holds the most senior technical position in the region and works within Symantec EMEA Technical Sales Organization (TSO).

As I meet Symantec customers and partners to talk about some of the impacts that virtualization, mobile and cloud computing are having on their businesses, I hear time and time again about the importance of information and about the fact that the governance and security policy that surrounds information will be key to ensuring successful transitions to new computing and service delivery models. In almost every case, though, the organisation that I am speaking to is (fundamentally) struggling with the same problem: “Where on earth do I start with all of this?” I hear a lot of potential answers to this question ("data...

Guido Sanchidrian | 23 Aug 2011

Security is one of the top concerns for business who are considering a virtualization solution. In our recent 2011 Symantec Virtualization and Evolution to the Cloud Survey we found that 76% of respondents said that security was a significant concern preventing companies from moving business-critical apps to virtualized servers. 63% also listed security as a major barrier to implementing server virtualization in the workplace. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12 was designed with protection of virtual infrastructure in mind. It allows organizations to deploy higher densities of virtual machines without compromising on security.

  • It takes much of the scanning out of each virtual machine, reducing scan overhead by up to 70 percent and disk input/output by as much as 90 percent
  • It prevents AV storms by ensuring that simultaneous...
John Magee | 10 Jun 2011 | 2 comments

Technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing offer the potential to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency – benefits organizations can’t afford to ignore. The shift to a cloud-based IT infrastructure is a goal for many, with 75 percent of enterprises at least discussing the implementation of these technologies. Whether you are just beginning to implement virtualization and private cloud computing or are already in the process, here are a few recommendations to give you the smoothest transition possible, based on the results of our 2011 Virtualization and Evolution to the Cloud Survey.
Keep expectations realistic. Because virtualization and cloud computing are still maturing, it can be a challenge to set...