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Robert Mol | 03 Oct 2011

If your computer keeps locking when you are trying to work, it can be really annoying. On your own Windows PC this isn’t a problem - you can just change the settings. But on a network or virtual system, this has been set by a well-meaning administrator, and you might not have the necessary privileges. These kinds of network regulations play an important role in terms of security, but for some people they are simply an impractical nuisance. This is where a clever little program called NoSleep comes into play. This free software prevents your PC from locking by keeping it active. How does it do this? It’s very simple: the mouse cursor moves by one pixel every 30 seconds. Barely perceptible, but it keeps your PC alert. It’s the digital equivalent of coffee, and can be a timesaver if you find yourself working on multiple workstations at any one time. If this sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, then don’t hesitate to...

Robert Mol | 27 Sep 2011

Malicious software can be a headache on a regular computer. But across an entire network infrastructure, these pieces of software can be an administrator’s worst nightmare. This makes network risk management a top priority for admins. With the diversity and complexity of modern IT infrastructure, however, risk management is a daunting task. Symantec Control Compliance Suite (SCCS) simplifies this process for both client desktops and for web apps, allowing effective and easy risk management across large systems. You can automate and review your entire security policy and integrate data from multiple sources to allow for easy review.

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of It policy: from conceptualisation and review, to distribution and end-user management
  • Certifications for the Public Sector
  • Compatibility with...