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NickWood | 10 Mar 2013 | 0 comments

Data growth remains one of the most common topics of conversation I have with organisations. Pick any research study, and it will show you that data growth is relentless—more than 40 percent per annum most argue—and that pace of growth shows no sign of stopping. The largest growth area is in unstructured data: the data that resides outside structured databases.

The rapid adoption of mobile and cloud service’s extends where information resides beyond the traditional data centre boundaries. This creates new challenges around the management and protection of an organisation’s information.

From my conversation organisations are no longer solely focused on how to tame this growth. Techniques like de-duplication, space-optimised snapshots, compression and archiving are all essential tools and commonly used to better manage this growth. Now, the conversation is turning to other related matters, such as how to get better control and leverage of...

Guido Sanchidrian | 03 Feb 2012 | 0 comments

Recently I commented a blog entry at "In Defense of Data" - a blog written by a variety of data security thought leaders and architects. The article is titled "Security and the Price of Coffee", and raised a very good point: Symbolically, a simple cup of coffee could be a mechanism for breaking the ice and building a relationship between IT Operations and the leaders of business units within organisations. Like the author of the article, I completely agree that many IT organisations act in silos. I share the same experience as the author; many times I walked in early to a customer meeting, I find the IT Security group introducing themselves to the leaders of other departments within their own organisations for the first time... Do I have to say more...

paul dominjon | 02 Aug 2011

Virtualization is a hot topic in business IT these days and it can be difficult to keep track of all the latest trends and stories. To help you stay on the front foot, here’s our summary of some of the latest research, news and important issues being discussed in the world of virtualization in July 2011.

Upping the Ante

Virtualization is going from strength to strength - and it’s getting serious. On July 12th both Microsoft and VMWare announced their latest products for full server virtualization. These releases, Windows Server 8 and vSphere 5, seem to be focused on addressing many of the widespread concerns which are preventing many people from deploying virtualization as a business IT...

stuartbeattie | 26 Jul 2011

While virtual servers remove many constraints caused by tying operating systems and applications to hardware, they are still subject to the same risks and issues associated with their physical equivalents. A server is a server, with processing, memory and I/O, after all. But just because it shares the same facets as a tin-and-silicon machine, does this mean it should be secured in the same way? To answer this, it’s worth thinking about the architecture that results from server virtualization. You will still have physical servers (it’s a bit hard to do without them) each of which will be running several virtual servers. As such and from a security perspective, you’ve actually added a layer – which can be both a benefit and a constraint.

Advantages & Disadvantages

First, the advantages. In principle, a virtualized environment can benefit from all the security measures already in place in the physical world. If physical servers are in a...