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ctang | 20 Feb 2014 | 0 comments

Cheryl Tang, Senior Product Manager, Symantec Corp. illustrates why Mobile Application Management is vital to securing the future of "anywhere" business.

Will Redfield | 16 Jan 2014 | 1 comment

Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of the Symantec Sealed Program that enables enterprises to adopt their choice of third-party mobile apps without compromising the enterprise-level security they need to protect critical information. The Sealed Program (part of Symantec App Center) delivers an ecosystem of trusted and secure third-party mobile apps, allowing enterprises to provide a protected mobile workspace for end-users. Enterprises can manage and distribute the Symantec Sealed third party apps in the same protected way that they would manage their in-house developed apps protected and managed by Symantec App Center.

Mobile workers—that’s the term you hear often because that’s what we are.  We have always used our laptops to stay productive while “on-the-go”.  With smartphones and tablets, mobility just got a...

Swarna | 29 Sep 2013 | 4 comments


The much-awaited iOS 7 is here.   With iOS 7, Apple introduced advanced functionality with iOS7, not just for consumers but also for enterprise users.  For consumers, capabilities such as enhanced camera options, ease of multitasking, photo library, control center, notification center, AirDrop and AirPrint, to name a few, are fantastic. They make it really easy for me to share information and be productive.

However, along with the advanced feature set comes additional security gaps that will be of greater concern for many enterprises.  As the leader in security, this is where it makes our job even more exciting. Our first goal is to secure those glaring new security gaps that come with iOS 7.

Let me explain.

Apple introduced AirDrop on Macs two years ago with OS X Lion for Mac users to transfer files...

Swarna | 14 Sep 2013 | 0 comments


Here we are, 24 hours away from M6 Mobility Xchange in San Diego.   I am very excited to attend this event for the first time and I cannot write enough about how proud we are to share with you about the activity lineup we have at M6.

Ever since Symantec’s 4.0 strategy was announced, there has been a huge culture, mindset shift within the company.  Products and people were reorganized to align with the  “jobs” that our customers are trying to solve; instead of grouping them way we developed the products.  One of the “peaks” of the solutions that was formed in the new Symantec world is User Productivity and Protection.  The solutions that are mapped into this peak are all those that protect the users, their data, their devices and enable them to stay...

Will Redfield | 04 Oct 2012 | 0 comments

Businesses today are dealing with incredible advances in mobile device technology, massive adoption of smart devices and an unstoppable BYOD trend. In response, most enterprises have multiple mobility initiatives spread across their organization – some focused on mobile email, some focused on mobile apps, and others focused on mobile content. Within these initiatives, there are diverse ownership models and varying levels of enterprise management possible. In some use cases (corporate owned devices), complete management of devices is needed, but in other cases (personally owned devices), enterprises may only want control of specific corporate apps and data – not the whole device.To achieve these widely varying enterprise business objectives, an ideal enterprise mobility solution should address diverse use cases and ownership models. To help enterprises take full advantage of mobility without sacrificing protection, Symantec announced today the availability of the...