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CRZ | 05 Mar 2012 | 6 comments

I'm very pleased to announce that NetBackup 7.5 is now available!

The marquee features of NetBackup 7.5 include:
  • Replication Director

    This feature offers a unified, policy-based management of backups, snapshots and replication.

    NetApp Plug-in for Symantec NetBackup Replication Director” and an hotfix for NetBackup 7.5. Both will be available beginning mid-March 2012. The hotfix for NetBackup will be available on Symantec support web site and the plug-in will be available on the NetApp NOW Site.

    Link to Symantec support site:
    Link to NetApp NOW site:

  • Deduplication

    This release offers improved deduplication integration, scalability, performance, and stability.

CRZ | 19 Dec 2011 | 5 comments

I'm very pleased to announce that a new Maintenance Release for NetBackup 7.1 is now available!

NetBackup is the third maintenance release on NetBackup 7.1.  This release contains several new proliferations as listed below:

  • Support for vSphere5
  • Support for SharePoint 2010 SP1 and Exchange 2010 SP2
  • Client support for Mac 10.7
  • Master and media support for AIX 7.1
  • NBSL changes to gather hardware information from appliance media servers attached to NBU7.1.x master servers

Along with above mentioned proliferations, several customer issues and internal engineering defects were fixed covering:

  • Resolution of Deduplication issues around data inconsistency, stream handler, GRT and high memory consumption during backups
  • Resolution of performance issues experienced by customers in BMR pre-restore environment since 7.0.X
  • Restore related issues in BMRon windows and HP ‘G...
Jed Gresham | 25 Aug 2011 | 1 comment

With the one-two punch of an earthquake in the Mid-Atlantic US followed closely by a hurricane potentially hitting the same region, Disaster Recovery is probably a popular discussion right now in the Washington DC area.  Of course Business Continuity professionals write contingency plans for all types of disasters, not just ones caused by nature.  Don’t you want to ask God, or Mother Nature, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster what else we should be planning for, and in what order or combination?  Do you think DC Business Continuity professionals have planned for things like enemy countries parachuting in armies of robotic killer crabs with pompadours and lasers?  What about zombies?  And is there a real difference between planning for zombies or natural disasters?  Well, that’s what I’d like to explore today; the nuances of disaster planning for the zombie apocalypse as it pertains to data protection.

I’d like you to treat...

Dave High | 16 Mar 2011 | 4 comments

Welcome to NetBackup 7.1! This series of blogs will provide additional information into the key features of NetBackup 7.1 continuing today with the changes and enhancements to OpsCenter and OpsCenter Analytics. OpsCenter 7.1 offers a number of new reports in the already robust reporting set.

  • Enhanced SLP including the new AIR functionality
  • Reporting on Audit Trails – Phase two
  • Workload Analyzer

This blog will take a quick look at each of these new reports and outline how they can assist in the reporting and management of the NetBackup environment.

Enhanced SLP Reporting

Storage Life Cycle Policies are used to automate the movement of backed up data from one storage area to another. Automated Image Replication takes Storage Lifecycle Policy a step further allowing backup images to be replicated to another master server domain using a NetBackup Policy vs. another form of replication. OpsCenter is used...

TimBurlowski | 24 Jan 2011 | 0 comments

Symantec partners with a number of companies who provide additional software or services to enhance your experience with NetBackup. I recently had the oppourtunity to get a demo from one of these parters & wanted to highlight them for our community.

The company is named Rove. If you've never heard of them you will as they recently won eWEEK 2010 Product of the Year award for their mobile IT management platform.

What they do for NetBackup and BackupExec is provide an interface to do lightweight operational management from a smart phone. They support BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Their support extends far beyond NetBackup and Backup...

Brian Dye | 07 Sep 2010 | 0 comments

As you may have seen, today (Sept. 7) Symantec announced the release of Enterprise Vault 9.0 and the NetBackup 5000 appliance.  On the Enterprise Vault side, our customers have been very eagerly awaiting both the Exchange 2010 SP1 support (roughly co-sync with MSFT!) and the new Discovery Collector offering.  In the world of data protection, I’ve heard great things from our beta testers and early adopters of the NetBackup 5000 … especially for speed of configuration, ease of deployment, and performance.  What, performance too?  Yes, it’s ripping fast! 
Of course, if you are reading this you’ve probably seen the press releases (Enterprise Vault 9.0, NetBackup 5000) already, so I won’t rehash the specifics here.
Instead, let’s talk strategy.  The first question I’ve gotten...