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Peter_E | 17 Aug 2010 | 0 comments

I’ve never meant anybody who likes to move.  I just did it and I’m in the club.  Moving = Not Fun.  It’s not just packing.  It’s the rebound. The unpacking at your destination really kills you.  To avoid early death by moving, I’ve simply left much of it in boxes, in the garage.  I don’t need a lot of my stuff on a daily basis, much less monthly basis.  Now I’m ready to throw it out, but what about recycling? 

To my surprise recycling some things in the bay area, epicenter for many green initiatives, is not easy as you might think. I’m not talking about your 27” TV from 1990.  I’m talking about basic stuff - packing material – the stuff they use to protect precious electronics or new furniture. Turns out those large pieces of foam (aka Styrofoam or technically called expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) are not so easy to recycle.  And it’s not good for the...

Brian_Smith | 28 Jun 2010 | 3 comments

I love a good infomercial. In the short span of 30 minutes, they try to convince me that their product is completely revolutionary and I cannot live without it. They predictably offer to deliver not one, but two for the price of one (S&H charges excluded). I know their claims are exaggerated. I know I don’t need one, let alone two. I am highly skeptical. Yet, I’m sold! I am so intrigued that I find their website and enter my credit card number. Highly absorbent rags, exercise videos, belts promising six-pack abs, juicers, acne treatments, and regrettably, make-up for my wife (good intentions - bad idea). I’ve bought them all. Some I return, while others exceed my expectations.

In NetBackup 7, the combination of virtualization protection and deduplication offers some elements of a good infomercial. It sounds revolutionary and exceptional. In a way, there are 2-for-1 savings. After years of backing up physical servers to tape, how can NetBackup 7 make...

Joe Pfeiffer | 15 Jun 2010 | 0 comments

Hey Everyone.  We're conducting a short survey intended to find out a little about how much money your company spends on the IT budget and specifically on backup and archiving.  Appreciate any help you can give us since it helps us build better products!  Check it out here.  We all listen to the analysts but first hand feedback is always the best - feel free to share some more details in the comments here below.

Image from Flickr.

Joe Pfeiffer | 11 May 2010 | 0 comments

Today at EMC World in Boston EMC announced a new piece of software to complement their DataDomain hardware appliance systems called "DD Boost".  Press release here.  Built on top of Symantec OpenStorage, the DD Boost package moves the dedupe process to the NetBackup Media Server from the DataDomain controller thus reducing the needed bandwidth between a Media Server and a DataDomain device.  Nice.  It allows them to also dramatically ramp their performance numbers and double the advertised throughput.  It will be interesting to see what the other OpenStorage vendors will do to catch up.

It's great to see OpenStorage vendors like EMC DataDomain building even more functionality on top of the API.  The first purpose of OpenStorage was to remove the limitation of talking to these disk devices as tape (VTL).  Now that almost every major disk...

Brian_Smith | 05 Apr 2010 | 3 comments

In the link below, Microsoft announced plans to discontinue Itanium support after Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2, and Visual Studio 2010.  Their mainstream support will end mid-2013 and extended support in mid-2018.

This should not come as a surprise.  Circa 2008, Backup Exec and NetBackup forecasted this event.  Backup Exec discontinued IA64 support in their BE 12 release.  NetBackup discontinued support for IA64 master/media servers with the release of Windows Server 2008; only NetBackup IA64 client is available for WS2008.  It's likely that NetBackup 7 will continue to support the IA64 client through Microsoft's lifecycle.  However, it may eventually ...

Brian_Smith | 25 Feb 2010 | 4 comments

As you may have heard from VMware, the end is near for their VMware Consolidated Backup product, or VCB.  It has been superseded by a new technology called vStorage APIs for Data Protection, or VADP.  See their posting at

In NetBackup 6.5.1, we introduced "NetBackup for VMware" which requires VCB from VMware.  The VCB requirement remains in all later NetBackup 6.5.x releases.  There are no plans to support VADP in NetBackup 6.5.

In NetBackup 7, which is now available, we support both VCB and VADP.  In fact, we support mixed environments of both, which recognizes that customers do not likely upgrade all ESX servers at once.

There is even more good news: you do not need to upgrade to "vSphere 4" to leverage VADP (but vSphere is...

TimBurlowski | 25 Feb 2010 | 3 comments

When I think about excellence in data protection environments, I find myself talking more about process in the environment that the tools that people use. Once a company has made basic investments in staff and infrastructure, getting to the point where you can deliver services with reliability and confidence is often about simple repeatable practices.

When I speak with customers I am sometimes surprised when people have no strategy for simply questions like, "What files aren't backed up and are they important?"

In the past sometimes it seemed difficult to get a simple answer to questions like that. It's not the case anymore. In NetBackup 7, with our release of OpsCenter, you have the ability to easily report on skipped files in your environment. OpsCenter is available on the NetBackup DVDs and has a very simple integrated installation process. It also is available at no extra charge for the basic operational capabilities. An example of that would be the...

TimBurlowski | 22 Feb 2010 | 3 comments


I can't decide if this is an Easter Egg or simple serendipity. Thanks for one of my peeps on twitter who follows @NetBackup.

I promise to go back to providing useful information in my next post.

TimBurlowski | 21 Feb 2010 | 0 comments

NetBackup 7 has shipped.

If you have you have ever been involved in the release of a non-trivial market leading software application the scale and scope of NetBackup you know we've all been very busy the last few months getting everything ready for you.
I've seen a lot of NetBackup releases but the level of excitement about this release is higher than I've ever seen.
Why are we so excited? It's a combination of the right features and a high level of confidence in our the way that we engineered the latest features.
What's right about the features?  
When it comes to features you have to know the flagship feature of this release is deduplication. As we survey our customers it's apparent that a good percentage of our customers have already moved to using disk backup and more are thinking about doing it everyday. We've been able to write to...
TimBurlowski | 22 Jul 2009 | 7 comments

There is a new technote entitled "Best Practices for using Storage Lifecycle Policies in NetBackup 6.5.3 and 6.5.4". This essential document, authored by engineering, support and product management, documents best practices, and is based on consolidated information obtained from real world experiences.

If you are planning to implements SLPs or already have, becoming familiar with the suggestions in the documents will allow you to both tune your systems for your workload and gain insight into the current state of your lifecycles.

If you aren't familiar with Storage Lifecycle Policies, also known as SLP's, they are one of the more innovative approaches I've seen in the last few years for to allow a user to describe a life cycle for a backup data, without creating complex nests of overlapping schedules. If you aren't familiar with SLPs you can read more in the white paper entitled,...