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Tyler Carter | 10 Jun 2008 | 2 comments

Marty Ward and George Winter give a brief overview on some of the new features / capabilities in NetBackup 6.5.2 (just released) and NetBackup 6.5.3 (coming later this summer). Check out the press release for more details.

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TimBurlowski | 09 Jun 2008 | 0 comments


Check out the goodies in the Vision bag.


I'm not wearing the backpack, I'm always afraid I'll walk off the with the wrong backpack.

TimBurlowski | 09 Jun 2008 | 0 comments

It's 6:15 and I am running though my presentation one last time.

I can't wait for the show to start in earnest. I love meeting our customers in person!

Have I mentioned I'll be presenting today on "Simplifying Backup Management" at 10:15 in Bellini 2106. If you can't make it because you are dying to hear about Alex Davies speak about "Implementing a Multi-site Disaster Recovery Strategies" in Bellini 2101 I understand. That should be an awesome session. We'll repeat the "Simplified Management" session again later in the week just for you.

If you are the first to mention this blog post to me, you will get a small prize. If you work for Symantec you are not eligible sorry!

TimBurlowski | 06 Jun 2008 | 0 comments

Anonymous FTP access is back for patches.

I saw a heated thread on one of the user forums on the topic of anonymous ftp access for downloading patches. I wanted to follow up on the topic as soon as there was a satisfactory resolution.

List access has been restored for anonymous access to NetBackup patches. That means you can use 'ls' and 'dir' in the directories so you can find the files you need.

Be sure and note that there are underscores in NetBackup_Enterprise_Server in the path above.

If you need to upload something to support you will...

TimBurlowski | 05 Jun 2008 | 0 comments

I'm highlighting another improvement that debuts in NetBackup 6.5.2.

You have been able to set priority levels in NetBackup for a long time. The priorities could be set for a policy or for a particular backup or restore job. The higher the priority you assigned to a job the higher it would move in the queue of jobs to run. So if three jobs were all eligible to run at the same time and there was only one tape drive, the job with the highest priority would go first. There are other factors that can play into job priority like how long it has been since the last backup, but you get the idea.

In 6.5.2 you have some new options for job priorities.

First, you can change the default priority for each job type. This means that you can always set the priority for certain jobs like restore for instance to have a higher priority than duplications....

TimBurlowski | 05 Jun 2008 | 0 comments

There are four days until Symantec Vision 2008 in Las Vegas.


I'll be presenting with Erica on the topic of Simplifying Backup Management on Tuesday with a repeat performance later in the week.

If you are looking to connect with someone on the NetBackup team, I'll be monitoring twitter. You can @reply on twitter to @netbackup and we'll try and get you in touch with the right person.

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TimBurlowski | 28 May 2008 | 0 comments

Guy Kawasaki the famed Apple evangelist, author, speaker, venture capitalist and one of my role models is involved with a new start-up web site called He recently added, which includes the NetBackup blog as well as a host of interesting industry blogs in the enterprise space. If you know of an interesting blog that you think should be included, send Guy a tweet on twitter.

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TimBurlowski | 28 May 2008 | 0 comments

In the next few weeks I’ll be previewing some of the new things in NetBackup 6.5.2. I am purposely highlighting a few things which I think are neat but might ordinarily not make the press release level.

The first item is PEM. PEM was a component introduced in 6.0 to replace the NetBackup scheduler bpsched. In 6.5.2 there is a newly minted version of PEM. In order to introduce the new PEM, I interviewed with one of the lead engineers, Ray Streckert.

Q) Ray, tell us a little about what you in engineering and your background with NetBackup.

A) I came to Veritas in 2000 with 20 years of experience developing mainframe diagnostic, factory automation, and consumer software. I started my career at Veritas in the NetBackup Windows MFC GUI group and eventually became the team lead for the media and device management area of the GUI. I lead a project to develop the initial release of the NetBackup session layer (nbsl) that is to provide an interface to NetBackup...

TimBurlowski | 28 May 2008 | 0 comments

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Curtis Preston aka Mr. Backup. Curtis works at GlassHouse Technologies and is a well known consultant, author, speaker and expert on the topic of enterprise backup and recovery. His books include “Backup and Recovery” and “Using SANs and NAS”. Curtis consults with some of our largest NetBackup customers and has been a great partner over the years.

Tim) Tell us a little about yourself. When did you first start working with NetBackup and what are you up to now?

Curtis) I started doing backups 15 years ago at a large credit card company.

First I was the backup guy. Then I was in charge of the backup guys.The next thing I knew, I was a backup consultant and I...

Bill Browning | 23 May 2008 | 7 comments

There was a lot of excitement generated by my bpgp comments a few weeks ago.

I took your concerns seriously and investigated some options for managing the include and exclude lists.

Although we’re not bringing bpgp back we have extended bpgetconfig and bpsetconfig to be able to manage the include and exclude lists remotely for all client operating systems.

bpgetconfig -i "filename" "host" ["class" ["schedule"]]

bpgetconfig -e "filename" "host" ["class" ["schedule"]]

bpsetconfig [-h "host"] [-u "user"] ["file" ...] [-i|-e "file" [-c "class" [-s "schedule"]]]

bpsetconfig [-h “host”] [-u “user”] [“file” …] [-e “file” [-c “class...