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Netting Out NetBackup
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AbdulRasheed | 13 Apr 2011 | 2 comments

Data deduplication is the most popular form of storage capacity optimization.  Deduplication makes it possible to store more on disk with less backend storage, hence it is a very promising method to eliminate or minimize tape as the backup medium.

The traditional deduplication appliances may reduce the storage required for backups, but it still does not address key issues in data protection for enterprise data centers.

  1. Shrinking backup windows: The data needs to be streamed to a backup server before it can be written to deduplication storage, hence the backup servers still need resources at the same or higher level as was the case before introducing the deduplication device.  As the production data size increases, the backup infrastructure would need to be upgraded or expanded to maintain the backup window.
  2. Flooded network infrastructure: The traditional deduplication appliances are typically end points in a...
Peter_E | 01 Dec 2010 | 4 comments

At the recent NetBackup customer forum, I had the opportunity to talk to some engineers about a very cool new utility called NBDNA – NetBackup Domain Networker Analyzer.  Given the frequency with which network changes, not made by the backup administrator, affect backups, I thought this tool sounded very cool.  The command utility analyzes the NetBackup domain and its configuration for network issues, performance, and behavior. It addresses hostname lookup and connectivity between NetBackup hosts and their role within the NetBackup domain.

NBDNA does the following:

  • Discovers and maps the NetBackup domain
  • Extracts the hostname memberships by querying the configuration
  • Evaluates hostname lookup and socket connectivity to these hostnames to validate their network relationship status according to their domain configuration

NBDNA can be run on a NetBackup master server or media server. It creates and identifies a zip...

Joe Pfeiffer | 14 Oct 2010 | 2 comments

NetBackup tiered architectureEvery NetBackup user understands the 3-tiered architecture NBU has with a Master Server, Media Servers and Clients. NetBackup 6.5 introduced a new 4th tier called a "storage server" that have been getting a lot of attention as of late since it sits at the center of NetBackup 7 deduplication, OpenStorage and even the cloud storage options.

Storage servers sit under the control of a media server in the architecture hierarchy and just like how a master server can also be a media server, a storage server can also be a master or media server.  It's a nicely scalable solution since all these tiers can be on one host but as you scale up and out you have the option to start breaking out dedicated media servers and storage servers to load balance or provide multiple points of redundancy (this is backup after all).

Where storage servers break entirely...

Joe Pfeiffer | 15 Sep 2010 | 39 comments
NetBackup 5000Last week we launched the first NetBackup hardware appliance called the NetBackup 5000 (and there will be more to come).  There are plenty of data sheets, presentations and webcasts but if you're a gadget geek you probably just want the quick run down on specs.
At a higher level, the NBU 5000 has:
- 16TB capacity extensible to 96 TB through a multi-node configuration
- A less than 20 minute setup time per node (we've seen it done as quickly as 5 minutes)
- Tape integration via NetBackup + built in replication for tapeless DR
- Compatibility with both NetBackup 6.5 and 7.0 environments

NetBackup 5000 without bezel

Basically you...

Swathi Turlapaty | 09 Sep 2010 | 11 comments

Symantec™ invites IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) customers to migrate to Symantec NetBackup™, the established market leader in data protection.
IBM TSM customers around the globe are switching to NetBackup. The NetBackup 7 Platform provides the ability to protect completely, store efficiently, recover anywhere, find easily and manage centrally.
Why are customers switching?
TSM customers who need to improve recovery performance

  • NetBackup can restore files, emails and other granular items from applications and virtual machines from a single-pass backup. TSM requires the need for two backups passes, which can take additional time and storage, and TSM’s progressive incremental backup strategy can cause data to be dispersed over a large number of tapes, which can lead to performance problems during restores.¹


Brian Dye | 07 Sep 2010 | 0 comments

As you may have seen, today (Sept. 7) Symantec announced the release of Enterprise Vault 9.0 and the NetBackup 5000 appliance.  On the Enterprise Vault side, our customers have been very eagerly awaiting both the Exchange 2010 SP1 support (roughly co-sync with MSFT!) and the new Discovery Collector offering.  In the world of data protection, I’ve heard great things from our beta testers and early adopters of the NetBackup 5000 … especially for speed of configuration, ease of deployment, and performance.  What, performance too?  Yes, it’s ripping fast! 
Of course, if you are reading this you’ve probably seen the press releases (Enterprise Vault 9.0, NetBackup 5000) already, so I won’t rehash the specifics here.
Instead, let’s talk strategy.  The first question I’ve gotten...

nicole_kim | 06 Sep 2010 | 0 comments

NetBackup users, welcome NetBackup 5000, a deduplication appliance for you to easily drop into your existing NetBackup environment that delivers on both source and target deduplication capability. This new member of the NBU family starts at 16 TB of useable dedupe capacity and can scale up to 96 TB of useable global dedupe capacity,  in a single deployment. You can install, configure and begin backing up, in less than 20 minutes, with this appliance by Symantec that is built on a Telco grade hardware platform with disks in a RAID 6 configuration. You can put the NBU 5000 appliance in your primary data center or even have it at a remote/branch office and use the built-in replication to move data to your primary data center. And no worries if you’re still a tape shop, for longer retention needs NBU 5000 has tape out option via NetBackup. And can this appliance move things along? Yes...

The real Alex Davies | 18 Aug 2010 | 0 comments

Probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of some of the newer disk based backup technologies like OST and PDDO is exactly how you use them as part of your site DR strategy, particularly if your DR domain is separate from your production domain.

Sure, if you have one domain spanning multiple sites you can write your backups to deduplicating disk storage at one site and copy it to another site using optimized duplication but that second site needs to be part of the same NetBackup domain to do that and it’s not much use on its own if you lose the first site and that’s the only place you have a master server.

Of course you could be replicating your catalog to a standby master server at the second site but to do that Symantec says you need clustered master servers on both sites.

In NetBackup 6.5.4 Symantec allows you to write your catalog backups to these newer disk types.  You can even duplicate the catalog backup between sites with storage...

Peter_E | 17 Aug 2010 | 0 comments

I’ve never meant anybody who likes to move.  I just did it and I’m in the club.  Moving = Not Fun.  It’s not just packing.  It’s the rebound. The unpacking at your destination really kills you.  To avoid early death by moving, I’ve simply left much of it in boxes, in the garage.  I don’t need a lot of my stuff on a daily basis, much less monthly basis.  Now I’m ready to throw it out, but what about recycling? 

To my surprise recycling some things in the bay area, epicenter for many green initiatives, is not easy as you might think. I’m not talking about your 27” TV from 1990.  I’m talking about basic stuff - packing material – the stuff they use to protect precious electronics or new furniture. Turns out those large pieces of foam (aka Styrofoam or technically called expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) are not so easy to recycle.  And it’s not good for the...

Brian_Smith | 28 Jun 2010 | 3 comments

I love a good infomercial. In the short span of 30 minutes, they try to convince me that their product is completely revolutionary and I cannot live without it. They predictably offer to deliver not one, but two for the price of one (S&H charges excluded). I know their claims are exaggerated. I know I don’t need one, let alone two. I am highly skeptical. Yet, I’m sold! I am so intrigued that I find their website and enter my credit card number. Highly absorbent rags, exercise videos, belts promising six-pack abs, juicers, acne treatments, and regrettably, make-up for my wife (good intentions - bad idea). I’ve bought them all. Some I return, while others exceed my expectations.

In NetBackup 7, the combination of virtualization protection and deduplication offers some elements of a good infomercial. It sounds revolutionary and exceptional. In a way, there are 2-for-1 savings. After years of backing up physical servers to tape, how can NetBackup 7 make...