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Netting Out NetBackup
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Drew Meyer | 05 May 2014 | 1 comment


In today’s world, customers expect or even demand ‘instant gratification’ from delivered products and services (thanks, Gmail).  This forces organizations to constantly look or new ways to improve their ability to respond to these demands, while maintaining a competitive edge in the market – in essence, they are always striving toward greater business agility. Forrester defines business agility as “the quality that allows an enterprise to embrace market and operational changes as a matter of routine”.

A common trait across successful businesses is their ability to efficiently adapt to the latest trends and processes that have positive impacts to business performance and revenue growth. Here technology trends play a key role in enabling greater business agility. While people, operational and organizational processes are important factors that determine an...

Mayur Dewaikar | 27 Jun 2012 | 0 comments

Data growth remains one of the top pain points for backup admins.  The legacy data protection technologies are not keeping up with the data growth.  To address this problem, many organizations are re-architecting their backups. One of the key elements of backup redesign continues to be data deduplication.

Target based dedupe solutions were the early entrants in the dedupe market and a large number of users adopted these technologies over the years. While the target based dedupe solutions do a great job of reducing the data, they do so at the end of the backup cycle. The data essentially travels in a fully hydrated format (non-dedupe) from the clients, through the media server, to the target device where it finally gets reduced. You get great dedupe rates, which solves one problem—storage costs. But wait, how is this solving the backup window problem? Data will continue to grow and if you don’t address the backup volume problem (the sheer volume...

Peter_E | 04 Jan 2012 | 5 comments

Could you obliterate your backup window problems with 100x faster backups?  What if your car company called you up and told you that with a software upgrade you could make your car accelerate 100x faster.  What if the county or province where you live told you that your daily trip to work or the grocery store would be 100x faster in the coming months.  A new feature in the next release of NetBackup is expected to deliver just this type of massive leap in performance. 

Symantec first gave a hint about this feature, which will be called NetBackup Accelerator, back at our US Vision conference in 2011 (read the press release here), where we announced our intention to break the backup window and provide customers with a plan to modernize data protection....

Jed Gresham | 25 Aug 2011 | 1 comment

With the one-two punch of an earthquake in the Mid-Atlantic US followed closely by a hurricane potentially hitting the same region, Disaster Recovery is probably a popular discussion right now in the Washington DC area.  Of course Business Continuity professionals write contingency plans for all types of disasters, not just ones caused by nature.  Don’t you want to ask God, or Mother Nature, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster what else we should be planning for, and in what order or combination?  Do you think DC Business Continuity professionals have planned for things like enemy countries parachuting in armies of robotic killer crabs with pompadours and lasers?  What about zombies?  And is there a real difference between planning for zombies or natural disasters?  Well, that’s what I’d like to explore today; the nuances of disaster planning for the zombie apocalypse as it pertains to data protection.

I’d like you to treat...

Joe Pfeiffer | 04 Oct 2010 | 3 comments

NetBackup RealTime iconOne of the more intricate details when discussing CDP is how all the data is actually stored inside the CDP product.  NetBackup RealTime is unique in the sense that it has a patented reverse-journal that stores data differently than other CDP offerings.  The best way to explain it is with an example.

Let's say you have a 1TB application of some kind and over the course of time you have the following 3 changes:

  • Change 1, 100GB
  • Change 2, 100GB
  • Change 3, 100GB

This is a mass simplification since CDP works at a block level so these changes would not really be 100GB but something like 4k blocks.  I'm assuming that change 1 came in first, followed by change 2 and finally change 3 (in that order).  So after these 3 changes the app is now 1.3TB in total.

Most CDP products will take the initial full mirror of...

Swathi Turlapaty | 09 Sep 2010 | 11 comments

Symantec™ invites IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) customers to migrate to Symantec NetBackup™, the established market leader in data protection.
IBM TSM customers around the globe are switching to NetBackup. The NetBackup 7 Platform provides the ability to protect completely, store efficiently, recover anywhere, find easily and manage centrally.
Why are customers switching?
TSM customers who need to improve recovery performance

  • NetBackup can restore files, emails and other granular items from applications and virtual machines from a single-pass backup. TSM requires the need for two backups passes, which can take additional time and storage, and TSM’s progressive incremental backup strategy can cause data to be dispersed over a large number of tapes, which can lead to performance problems during restores.¹


The real Alex Davies | 18 Aug 2010 | 0 comments

Probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of some of the newer disk based backup technologies like OST and PDDO is exactly how you use them as part of your site DR strategy, particularly if your DR domain is separate from your production domain.

Sure, if you have one domain spanning multiple sites you can write your backups to deduplicating disk storage at one site and copy it to another site using optimized duplication but that second site needs to be part of the same NetBackup domain to do that and it’s not much use on its own if you lose the first site and that’s the only place you have a master server.

Of course you could be replicating your catalog to a standby master server at the second site but to do that Symantec says you need clustered master servers on both sites.

In NetBackup 6.5.4 Symantec allows you to write your catalog backups to these newer disk types.  You can even duplicate the catalog backup between sites with storage...

Peter_E | 17 Aug 2010 | 0 comments

I’ve never meant anybody who likes to move.  I just did it and I’m in the club.  Moving = Not Fun.  It’s not just packing.  It’s the rebound. The unpacking at your destination really kills you.  To avoid early death by moving, I’ve simply left much of it in boxes, in the garage.  I don’t need a lot of my stuff on a daily basis, much less monthly basis.  Now I’m ready to throw it out, but what about recycling? 

To my surprise recycling some things in the bay area, epicenter for many green initiatives, is not easy as you might think. I’m not talking about your 27” TV from 1990.  I’m talking about basic stuff - packing material – the stuff they use to protect precious electronics or new furniture. Turns out those large pieces of foam (aka Styrofoam or technically called expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) are not so easy to recycle.  And it’s not good for the...

Joe Pfeiffer | 15 Jun 2010 | 0 comments

Hey Everyone.  We're conducting a short survey intended to find out a little about how much money your company spends on the IT budget and specifically on backup and archiving.  Appreciate any help you can give us since it helps us build better products!  Check it out here.  We all listen to the analysts but first hand feedback is always the best - feel free to share some more details in the comments here below.

Image from Flickr.

Joe Pfeiffer | 18 Sep 2009 | 0 comments

Kristine and I here at Symantec spoke with Jerome of DCIG blogging fame a few weeks ago.  It was a good discussion and he turned around and decided to blog about it on his DCIG blog.  The main points we agreed on during our conversations?   CDP is in a very different place than it was a few years ago and it NEEDS to be integrated in to an existing backup product.  Read the rest here and if you're really excited check out NetBackup RealTime.