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Netting Out NetBackup
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Joe Pfeiffer | 09 Jul 2009 | 0 comments

 Yesterday I was talking with a Symantec user about the decisions you have to make when picking how to recover from a failure.  Like most companies they had a whole slew of options from clustering and high-availability, to replication, snapshots and tape.  Most people we talk with have some idea of the amount of time they can tolerate to get back up from a failure and the amount of data they are willing to lose but these two things (time and data lost) are more related than most people think and this user especially understood that...particularly when it comes to applications.  It really is one of the biggest problems applications have when you try to back them up.   They have to be stopped or paused since some data may be in memory or logs that haven't been fully written to disk.  So most backup apps have a "hot backup" mode or quiesce (I can never spell that word) that lets you flush the application out so it can be backed up in a known...

Joe Pfeiffer | 27 Feb 2009 | 11 comments

This week we launched a fun little site at The first episode is up and shows our favorite little blue guy handling a monster of a large Exchange backup by using the fitness regimen of Granular Recovery Technology. There’s a few more videos to come so let us know what you think. The site lets you embed the videos so you can share them with other NBU friends. We’ve also put it up on Digg, delicious, Facebook and a few other social places if you wish to share.

As an easter egg if you check out the resumes for the characters on you can email them directly and we’re watching. We may even slip a few people a nice prize for entertaining us through emails sent to the characters. Hope you enjoy it and let us know your comments.