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Netting Out NetBackup
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cdavitian | 18 Feb 2014 | 0 comments

What was your reaction when you got your first phone call on a smartphone? If you’re like me, it was something like: 

"Oh yeah, this makes sense. The caller’s name appears on the screen. My music stops playing. With one click, I can respond with a text message. That’s how a phone should work.”smartphones.jpg

If you’re like my colleague Joel Martins, your reaction was:

“Can I manage a NetBackup restore like this?” No joke.

Joel runs the development group for NetBackup. He’s as "NetBackup" as it gets – he started as a green engineer in the NetBackup 3.2 days and he even named his first child bprestore (joke…). More importantly, Joel was the first person to realize that we could apply the lessons of the iPhone-age to data protection.

Backup is the backbone of any datacenter – it maintains data integrity so that the application infrastructure can do its job. We...

Alex Sakaguchi | 30 Jan 2014 | 0 comments

Better Backup for VM Sprawl

The following chart is data from IDC data:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 5.21.46 PM.png

Two things immediately stand out when looking at this data: 1) VM growth is going to continue into the predicted future (not surprising), and 2) physical server presence is constant over the same time frame (also not suprising).

As organizations increase their use of virtualization technology, lower time-to-provision drives ever-faster rates of virtual server growth.  As the number of servers multiplies, the challenge of protecting these systems grows in proportion.  

What’s interesting to me is that the battle we find ourselves in today, with a single-solution to protect both physical and virtual vs. separate solutions for physical and virtual will still be raging in the future.  The...

AbdulRasheed | 26 Aug 2011 | 18 comments

There was a request from Rizwan to explain how NetBackup for VMware works.  Several votes and comments later, I came to know about it from a technical support engineer who had pointed me to that post. We hear you loud and clear, we are looking into getting more details in NetBackup for VMware System Administrator’s Guide. While we wait for a formal documentation update, I thought I better write a set of blogs on what was requested by the community. So here it goes.

  Let me not repeat what is already there in the manual. If you are new to NetBackup for VMware, I would strongly recommend going through NetBackup for VMware System Administrator's Guide for an introduction.

   For this discussion let us assume that the NetBackup master server, media server and VMware backup host are three different systems. Also let us assume that...

AbdulRasheed | 15 Aug 2011 | 10 comments

  IDC defines(1) a purpose-built backup appliance as a disk-based solution that utilizes software, disk arrays, server engine(s), or nodes that are used for a target for backup data and specifically data coming from a backup application (e.g., NetBackup, Backup Exec, Networker etc.). These products are stand-alone disk systems purpose built to serve as a target for backup.

  Symantec’s NetBackup 5200 series appliances, while purpose built for backups, are much more than a traditional PBBA. For example, the all new NetBackup 5220 appliance can be deployed as a NetBackup master server, media server or both. This modular appliance can be used for implementing a brand new NetBackup domain for a remote office or enterprise without needing additional software based backup application to manage data protection for clients. NetBackup 5220 is not just a purpose built backup target,...

AbdulRasheed | 18 Apr 2011 | 0 comments

In the previous blog in this series (see links below) on Power of NetBackup Deduplication, we talked about two special powers of NetBackup deduplication, viz. how dedupe processing can be distributed and how backups are securely streamed. Now let us talk about two more exciting differentiators. 

Application aware deduplication

The technology in NetBackup Appliances for data reduction is NetBackup Deduplication.  Unlike third party vendor solutions where all backup streams are treated the same way in an effort to identify duplicate data with excessive processing overhead, NetBackup Deduplication understands the backup streams. NetBackup Deduplication uses the normalized stream to identify data type, detect file boundaries and does deduplication with less resource overhead. For example, a backup stream from a NetApp filer coming in ufsdump (NDMP backup) format is identified using a deduplication stream handler that can individually process the file objects...

Dave High | 14 Mar 2011 | 10 comments

Welcome to NetBackup 7.1! This series of blogs will provide additional information into the features of NetBackup 7.1 starting today with VMware Intelligent Policy (VIP).

Historically backups have been defined and referenced by the hostname of the physical system being protected. This has worked well when the relationship between the physical host and the operating system was a direct, one to one relationship. Backup processing impact was limited to each physical client and the biggest concern was saturating the network with backup traffic. This was easily managed by limiting the number of simultaneous client backups via a simple setting within the NetBackup policy.

Virtual machine technologies have changed this physical hardware dynamic. Dozens of operating systems (virtual machines) can now reside on a single physical (ESX) host connected to a single storage LUN with network access through a single NIC. When using traditional policy configurations, backup processing...

Brian_Smith | 17 Sep 2010 | 8 comments

One of the most frequent questions in the Symantec booth at VMworld 2010 was “When will NetBackup support vSphere 4.1?” Answer: NOW!  If that’s not enough detail, here are some additional FAQs on the topic.

Q: What is VMware vSphere 4.1 and when was it released?
A: See the VMware vSphere 4.1 What's New for details. It was released in mid-July 2010.

Q: What NetBackup version do I need to support vSphere 4.1?
A: NetBackup 7.0.1, which was released on August 31, 2010.

Q: Will previous NetBackup versions support vSphere 4.1?
A: No. Before upgrading to vSphere 4.1, NetBackup must be upgraded to 7.0.1.

Q: Were any new NetBackup features or capabilities introduced for VMware protection?
A: Aside from supporting vSphere 4.1 and...

Kristine Mitchell | 03 Sep 2010 | 0 comments

NetBackup 7 for VMware beat out 30 other companies to win GOLD at this year’s VMworld in the “Business Continuity and Data Protection” category.
What the judges said: Symantec NetBackup 7 is a trusted product that lets you restore to multiple hypervisors and storage platforms, both on premise and in the cloud. It's easy to use, always works and has strong hypervisor integration.,295582,sid94_gci1518199,00.html#slideshow


Kristine Mitchell | 30 Aug 2010 | 0 comments

Any IT professional I talk to are always hungry for best practices and documented performance benchmarks. I know, I know….performance benchmarks are good – as long as they detail the test environment – but at the end of the day….it isn’t until you run it in your environment that you really see how it will work (or more likely, find out how slow your network is). That reality aside…. the good news is that NetBackup and Cisco have teamed up to provide some detailed best practices and benchmark metrics for protecting VMware that you can take to the bank. Using NetBackup’s native integration for VMware and built-in VM-optimized deduplication, VMware vStorage API for Data Protection, and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) – the best of all three worlds have been brought together to provide some really awesome benefits including:

  • The ability to protect over 3,000 VMs on a single backup host
  • Effective media server...
Brian_Smith | 28 Jun 2010 | 3 comments

I love a good infomercial. In the short span of 30 minutes, they try to convince me that their product is completely revolutionary and I cannot live without it. They predictably offer to deliver not one, but two for the price of one (S&H charges excluded). I know their claims are exaggerated. I know I don’t need one, let alone two. I am highly skeptical. Yet, I’m sold! I am so intrigued that I find their website and enter my credit card number. Highly absorbent rags, exercise videos, belts promising six-pack abs, juicers, acne treatments, and regrettably, make-up for my wife (good intentions - bad idea). I’ve bought them all. Some I return, while others exceed my expectations.

In NetBackup 7, the combination of virtualization protection and deduplication offers some elements of a good infomercial. It sounds revolutionary and exceptional. In a way, there are 2-for-1 savings. After years of backing up physical servers to tape, how can NetBackup 7 make...