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Netting Out NetBackup
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AbdulRasheed | 14 Oct 2011 | 41 comments

It had been a while since my last blog on NetBackup for VMware. The next in line in that series was restore process flow. However, since there had been many questions on transport methods and TCP ports, let us talk about those for now. I will get to restore process flow soon!

Thus this blog is just an addendum to Understanding V-Ray vision through backup process flow.  As that blog was too long already, I didn’t spend much time explaining various transport types and TCP ports but I received so many questions on those. Sorry for the delay.

Let us examine the transport types and ports usage through the view from VMware backup host.

There are three unique ways a backup host can stream data from VM data store. They are SAN, hot-add and NBD transports.

SAN Transport


Phil Wandrei | 03 Oct 2011 | 0 comments

Symantec backup appliances provide many business value benefits. In my earlier two blogs, Realizing OpEx Savings with Symantec Backup Appliances and Realizing OpEx Savings with Symantec Backup Appliances – Part II  five (5) areas of  OpEx savings were identified: 

  • Acquisition
  • Installation and integration
  • System administration
  • Upgrades: software and hardware
  • Support/maintenance

In this blog, the final two areas of OpEx savings will be examined; Upgrades and Support. 

Upgrade and Refreshes

With any point solution, there are multiple components that will require firmware and/or software updates. A best case is two updates per component per year. ...

Phil Wandrei | 26 Sep 2011 | 0 comments

Symantec backup appliances provide many business value benefits.  In my previous blog, Realizing OpEx Savings with Symantec Backup Appliances,  five (5) areas of  OpEx savings were identified: 

  • Acquisition
  • Installation and integration
  • System administration
  • Upgrades: software and hardware
  • Support/maintenance

And the topic of Acquisition were examined.  The next two areas to examine are Installation/Integration and Administration. 


The area with the greatest savings is Installation and Integration.  Depending on your environment, the amount of time it takes to perform the tasks, and if professional services are used, the savings may run into the tens of thousands of dollars. 

An important point to note is the...

Phil Wandrei | 16 Sep 2011 | 0 comments

Symantec backup appliances provide many benefits over traditional build-your-own or point solutions.   The benefits may take the form of faster time to deployment, reducing risk, reducing planned and unplanned downtime,  improving staff efficiencies, or enhanced service level.   To quantify in terms of dollars and business value, these benefits must be translated into capital expenditures (CapEx)  and/or operating expenditures (OpEx).  At that point, you have the attention of management. 

When performing a financial analysis, there are several common questions:  what areas provide the savings, how are the savings calculated, and is it necessary to calculate the savings to the nth degree?  This blog and two subsequent blogs will address these questions and examine the areas that typically  provide the greatest benefits. 

How are OpEx savings calculated? 

Typically, to calculate...

jmartin | 07 Sep 2011 | 0 comments

Version 3.4 of the Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) has been released. This release keeps pace with the latest NetBackup releases and also adds important new functionality as listed below. 


  • Support for the NetBackup maintenance release in the installation and upgrade checklist and custom reports

Note: NetBackup will not visible until after NBU has reached GA (Scheduled for early September)

  • Incorporate updates from changes to all NetBackup compatibility lists (Operating System and associated features, Hardware, Database and Application Agent, Cluster, Snapshot Client, additional Operational Notes, Release Notes, etc.)

NetBackup Landing Page

  • Addition of a hot fix and eeb release auditor widget (adds the ability to determine if installed hot fixes and/or EEB's are addressed in a users desired target version...
CRZ | 07 Sep 2011 | 0 comments

I'm very pleased to announce that a new Maintenance Release for NetBackup 7.1 is now available!

In addition to many bug fixes, NetBackup contains several changes that can improve restore performance and rehydration performance. This feature offers the following enhancements:

  • Rehydration improvements for deduplicated files
  • Environmental factors that affect rehydration performance
  • Changes and updates to the deduplication tuning parameters that affect restore performance and rehydration performance
  • Editing the ReadBufferSize parameter
  • NetBackup tuning

To download, please visit the following page:

NetBackup Download Links

This is a MAINTENANCE Release (as opposed to a Release Update) - it can ONLY be applied on top of NetBackup 7.1.  (...

AbdulRasheed | 27 Aug 2011 | 16 comments

Now that we know how VM discovery job works for a VMware Intelligent Policy (VIP), let us move on to the actual backup job. The process flow described here is the same for both VIP and browse-and-select type policies unless specified otherwise.

As we did in the previous blog, let us assume that the NetBackup master server, media server and VMware backup host are three different systems.

  1. NetBackup Policy Execution Manager (nbpem) triggers a backup job once the policy, schedule, virtual machine combination is due and backup window is open. It works in conjunction with NetBackup Job Manager (nbjm), NetBackup Resource Broker (nbrb) and NetBackup Enterprise Media Manager (nbemm) to identify the resources (media server, storage unit etc.) for backup. This resource identification process is well detailed in NetBackup Documentation,...
AbdulRasheed | 26 Aug 2011 | 18 comments

There was a request from Rizwan to explain how NetBackup for VMware works.  Several votes and comments later, I came to know about it from a technical support engineer who had pointed me to that post. We hear you loud and clear, we are looking into getting more details in NetBackup for VMware System Administrator’s Guide. While we wait for a formal documentation update, I thought I better write a set of blogs on what was requested by the community. So here it goes.

  Let me not repeat what is already there in the manual. If you are new to NetBackup for VMware, I would strongly recommend going through NetBackup for VMware System Administrator's Guide for an introduction.

   For this discussion let us assume that the NetBackup master server, media server and VMware backup host are three different systems. Also let us assume that...

Jed Gresham | 25 Aug 2011 | 1 comment

With the one-two punch of an earthquake in the Mid-Atlantic US followed closely by a hurricane potentially hitting the same region, Disaster Recovery is probably a popular discussion right now in the Washington DC area.  Of course Business Continuity professionals write contingency plans for all types of disasters, not just ones caused by nature.  Don’t you want to ask God, or Mother Nature, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster what else we should be planning for, and in what order or combination?  Do you think DC Business Continuity professionals have planned for things like enemy countries parachuting in armies of robotic killer crabs with pompadours and lasers?  What about zombies?  And is there a real difference between planning for zombies or natural disasters?  Well, that’s what I’d like to explore today; the nuances of disaster planning for the zombie apocalypse as it pertains to data protection.

I’d like you to treat...

Randy Serafini | 22 Aug 2011 | 1 comment

Not being a big fan of long blogs (particularly the dry ones), I’ll try to share with you what I’m thinking about today with a bit of brevity.   As we, the collective group of industry veterans and new-comers alike who live and breathe Enterprise-class Information Technology and Management, march down the path of virtualization, we are coming face to face with what is generally being called the ‘Next 1/3’ of virtualization.

Simply put, the ‘First 1/3’ is done.  Most IT organizations screaming down the path of virtualization have moved their Tier-3 apps to virtual environments.  Pretty safe bet.  ‘Let’s make sure this virtualization thing really works, demonstrate a reduction in our overall data center costs and footprint, and if it crashes, well… we won’t be self-inflicting too much pain and damage to the business.’  For the most part… mission...