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NBU_PMM_aurquhart | 17 Aug 2011 | 0 comments

Yes, I’m talking about the Disney film – “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs”…and there’s  Sneezy, Doc, Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful and the perennial slacker --Sleepy.  At best, companies see Disaster Recovery (DR) as a necessary evil.  At worst, it’s an unnecessary drain on already strained IT budgets and resources. DR is all about storing redundant data and applications on a lot of expensive hardware sitting somewhere remotely, in standby mode just “sleeping the IT day away”.  And if you don’t have hardware sitting idle, then you’re likely shipping backup tapes to some offsite storage or co-location bunker site.

Distance is like hitting the Disaster Recovery “Snooze Button”

A big limitation to these type of DR scenarios is distance. Recovery times can be severely impacted depending on how long it takes to get backup tapes from storage back to your...

AbdulRasheed | 15 Aug 2011 | 10 comments

  IDC defines(1) a purpose-built backup appliance as a disk-based solution that utilizes software, disk arrays, server engine(s), or nodes that are used for a target for backup data and specifically data coming from a backup application (e.g., NetBackup, Backup Exec, Networker etc.). These products are stand-alone disk systems purpose built to serve as a target for backup.

  Symantec’s NetBackup 5200 series appliances, while purpose built for backups, are much more than a traditional PBBA. For example, the all new NetBackup 5220 appliance can be deployed as a NetBackup master server, media server or both. This modular appliance can be used for implementing a brand new NetBackup domain for a remote office or enterprise without needing additional software based backup application to manage data protection for clients. NetBackup 5220 is not just a purpose built backup target,...

Mayur Dewaikar | 10 Aug 2011

In my current role at Symantec, I spend a lot of time talking to customers about their data protection strategies. It is interesting to note how much misinformation some of our competitors continue to give customers about Symantec’s deduplication technology.  They continue to scour older product manuals to find information that is inaccurate and continue to use it against Symantec to create FUD in the minds of customers. It has gotten so bad that I am going to recommend one of our competitors to change their tag line from “Where information lives” to “Where MIS-information lives”. smileyOK, jokes apart, I thought it would perhaps be worthwhile to blog about exactly how Symantec approaches deduplication so we can put an end to all this misinformation.

Deduplication has clearly come a long way in...

SeanRegan | 08 Aug 2011 | 2 comments

Watch this video and join Symantec and VMware leaders, George Winter, Symantec Technical Product Manager & Julio Tapia, VMware Director of Alliances Marketing,  as they discuss best practices for backup and recovery as well as recap why more and more customers like you are coming forward with incredible joint success stories.  Your VMware infrastructure is pleading for Symantec V-Ray – it’s time to learn why. Details around how NetBackup integrates with VMware’s vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) will be discussed, including how NetBackup V-Ray technology helps organizations gain visibility across their physical and virtual environment as well as visibility into the VMware backup image (vmdk) for fast and efficient single file restore and global deduplication. See how easy to use the NetBackup interface is and how Maine Medical Center achieved great benefits by leveraging both NetBackup and VMware.


AbdulRasheed | 05 Aug 2011 | 6 comments

  The concept of synthesizing full backups from previous full and new incremental backups had been in the industry for a while. The idea is to run incremental backups on client system so that its CPU and memory resources are used minimally. In addition, as the full data set is not moved over network, it is a great way to save network bandwidth.

  There are a few problems with these traditional synthetic methods. The new image is synthesized by reading previous full and newer incremental backups from secondary storage (in NetBackup terms, from the storage units) and creating a new backup stream that gets written back to storage. The new backup stream is the synthetic image. Traditional synthetic backup simply moved the processing overhead to backup server. Although this is great from client’s perspective, implementing synthetic backups for hundreds of clients would require more resources on backup servers. Plus, there is significant I/O at storage as these...

Phil Wandrei | 01 Aug 2011 | 15 comments

I was recently asked, “Why would I buy a NetBackup appliance when I could buy the software and cheap JBOD?”

Initially, I was taken aback by the question.  However, after giving it more thought, I realized it was a fair question and an opportunity to explain the benefits of NetBackup appliances.

In responding to the question, I used the following analogy: 

My anniversary is coming up and do I:  make dinner reservations at my spouse’s favorite restaurant or decide to prepare the meal myself and we dine in?  Granted I can save some money by us eating in, and even skimp on the quality or cut of the steak, but what am I really saving?

To make an apples-to-apples cost comparison, the true costs of making dinner myself are the expenses and time to: 

  • Plan the menu
  • Create the shopping list
  • Shop (multiple stores:  groceries, wine, flowers)...
AbdulRasheed | 17 Jun 2011 | 1 comment

Minimize resource consumption on Hyper-V host

Symantec NetBackup had been protecting Hyper-V virtual machines since the release of NetBackup 6.5.4. The award winning virtual machine protection technology was brought to Hyper-V space, you get to run a single backup from which two kinds of restores are possible. You can restore the entire virtual machine or an individual file within the virtual machine. By running just one backup for two kinds of restores, you minimize the resourced needed to perform nightly backups.

NetBackup can also perform off-host backups using transportable VSS snapshots if the underlying storage has support for transportable VSS provider. This way, the backup operation is offloaded to another system.

Complete data protection

Symantec believes in complete protection for customer's data. In order to protect your Hyper-V investment, backup of virtual machines is just half the story. Do not forget...

CRZ | 15 Jun 2011 | 0 comments

I'm very pleased to announce that our first Maintenance Release for NetBackup 7.1 is now available! Download Links

This is a MAINTENANCE Release (as opposed to a Release Update) - it can ONLY be applied on top of NetBackup 7.1.  (If you are running 7.0 or 7.0.1, you will need to upgrade to 7.1 before you can apply

Kristine Mitchell | 14 Jun 2011 | 0 comments

Every time I speak with a backup administrator I get the sense they are looking for the infamous “EASY” button. And no wonder…it’s not uncommon to see multiple point tools and demanding recovery objectives in today’s data center. Couple that with a data growth rate of anywhere between 40-60% and egads…well,  easy to see how things can get out of hand quickly. With NetBackup, we understand how critical alerting, troubleshooting, and reporting is to an organization like yours. Said more simply, you can’t protect what you can’t see. Attend this Webcast and see why OpsCenter allows you to have insight and visibility into not only your day to day backup operations, but the entire lifecycle of your data, even as it is replicated and sent to secondary locations for disaster recovery purposes. Be able to answer questions such as:

  • How much data am I protecting (and how much did it change from last year)?
  • What kind...
Randy Serafini | 08 Jun 2011 | 0 comments

NetBackup has just won the “Quality Award for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software” from Storage magazine/ based on its survey intended to “identify and recognize products that have proven their quality and reliability in actual use”.  In the survey, a total of 345 backup and recovery customers rated products on a scale of 1.00 to 8.00, where 8.00 is the best score, across five main categories:  sales-force competence, initial product quality, product features, product reliability and technical support. 

NetBackup received the best Overall Rating (6.46), taking first place in Initial Product Quality (6.34), Product Reliability (6.34), Technical Support (6.52) and Sales-Force Competence (6.5).  NetBackup...