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Netting Out NetBackup
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AbdulRasheed | 26 Feb 2013 | 0 comments

  I have worked for NetBackup Technical Support as a Staff engineer for long time. Customers don’t call us when things are working great; they need our help when they are not getting what they want from the product. Naturally, a seasoned engineer in support is continuously dealing with weaknesses or defects in the product more than its strengths.

  Recently, I watched a demo of protecting virtual machines using a competitor’s product. This product’s primary backup server (equivalent to a NetBackup master server) runs only on Windows. The product installation setup screen reminded me of Windows 3.1 installation back in 90s during my high school days. What a nostalgic feeling! It prompts the user for a few inputs, goes and copies a few files, comes back and asks a few other questions, then it does something else and so on. It also prompted for reboots a couple of times. The partner consultant who was installing the software pretty much had to baby-...

AbdulRasheed | 03 Jul 2012 | 90 comments

NetBackup Accelerator is an exciting feature introduced in NetBackup 7.5 and NetBackup Appliances software version 2.5. This blog is not a substitute for NetBackup documentation. NetBackup Accelerator transforms the way organizations do backups, I am compiling a list of frequently asked questions from NetBackup Community forums and providing answers. If you have follow up questions or feedback, post them as comments. I shall try to answer the questions or someone else in the community can jump in. Fasten your seat belts! You are about to get accelerated! 

What is NetBackup Accelerator?

NetBackup Accelerator provides full backups for the cost of an incremental backup.

cost reduction in full backups = reduction in backup window, backup storage, client CPU, client memory, Client disk I/O, network bandwidth etc.

NetBackup Accelerator makes this possible by making use of a platform and file system independent track log...

Randy Serafini | 22 Aug 2011 | 1 comment

Not being a big fan of long blogs (particularly the dry ones), I’ll try to share with you what I’m thinking about today with a bit of brevity.   As we, the collective group of industry veterans and new-comers alike who live and breathe Enterprise-class Information Technology and Management, march down the path of virtualization, we are coming face to face with what is generally being called the ‘Next 1/3’ of virtualization.

Simply put, the ‘First 1/3’ is done.  Most IT organizations screaming down the path of virtualization have moved their Tier-3 apps to virtual environments.  Pretty safe bet.  ‘Let’s make sure this virtualization thing really works, demonstrate a reduction in our overall data center costs and footprint, and if it crashes, well… we won’t be self-inflicting too much pain and damage to the business.’  For the most part… mission...

AbdulRasheed | 17 Jun 2011 | 1 comment

Minimize resource consumption on Hyper-V host

Symantec NetBackup had been protecting Hyper-V virtual machines since the release of NetBackup 6.5.4. The award winning virtual machine protection technology was brought to Hyper-V space, you get to run a single backup from which two kinds of restores are possible. You can restore the entire virtual machine or an individual file within the virtual machine. By running just one backup for two kinds of restores, you minimize the resourced needed to perform nightly backups.

NetBackup can also perform off-host backups using transportable VSS snapshots if the underlying storage has support for transportable VSS provider. This way, the backup operation is offloaded to another system.

Complete data protection

Symantec believes in complete protection for customer's data. In order to protect your Hyper-V investment, backup of virtual machines is just half the story. Do not forget...