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CRZ | 24 Sep 2008 | 0 comments

I am pleased to announce the release of NetBackup 6.0 MP7, our latest maintenance pack for NetBackup Server and NetBackup Enterprise Server 6.0!

You can find these maintenance packs at our download site using this link:

We also have a convenient list of all the available packs inside of TechNote 308875:

Check out the READMEs to get the scoop on all the fixes included in Maintenance Pack 7!

TimBurlowski | 24 Sep 2008 | 1 comment

Joe "Blue Man"Joe has been prepping for our Customer Forum taking place in October, here in Minnesota. This doesn’t just mean honing his message and PowerPoint slides. Joe doesn’t just take on a role in our organization; he throws his entire body into a role.

If you don’t know why Joe is wearing pair of large footie pajamas, you probably aren’t a NetBackup administrator.

Joe is prepping for an appearance as the NetBackup "blue guy", the icon that appears in Activity Monitor when a job completes successfully.

TimBurlowski | 23 Sep 2008 | 0 comments

I really enjoy showing off NetBackup features and capabilities to our customers. One venue for this is our regularly scheduled webcasts. It used to be you had to know someone in order to get invited. Now the process is automated.

If you would like to learn more about NetBackup feel free to register at the following URL.

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TimBurlowski | 22 Sep 2008 | 0 comments

Every year we hold a NetBackup customer forum at one of our main engineering sites. One of my favorite sessions is the "Ask the Expert" panel. They put 15-20 engineers in the front of the room (often wearing odd hats) and customers get to ask any question they want and watch us squirm. When I was in engineering I used to get to sit in on the panel. Now that I spend more time in PowerPoint and less in real code, I fear my expert rating may be downgraded to audience participation only. To prove I can still answer a question or two, here are some examples of the random questions which went through my inbox recently.

  1. 1. How do I configure 400 drives in a single library using my VTL?
  2. 2. How do I get a list of which clients are running which version of software?
  3. 3. Where is the MIB file for NetBackup Operations manager alerts?

Here are my answers.

  1. 1. In 6.5.2 you are able to configure an unlimited...
TimBurlowski | 12 Sep 2008 | 0 comments

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TimBurlowski | 05 Sep 2008 | 0 comments

A few weeks ago I advertised the 6.5.3 First Availability program. Due to the overwhelming number of people who signed up, we're closing the program for now. Stay tuned and I'll let you know of future opportunities to get your hands on the latest technologies from NetBackup.

The major change in this release, other than fixes, will be the ability to do Exchange Granular Restore - I guess there are a lot of people who want to get their hands on the flexibility to restore a single mailbox without doing the slow single mailbox (brick level) backups.

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TimBurlowski | 25 Aug 2008 | 2 comments

When I visit with customers, I always get asked about tuning NetBackup. Good news, I now have something better to pull out than the old "tune-a-fish" joke. The NetBackup 6.5 Backup Planning and Performance Tuning Guide is now available.


Tim Burlowski

Technical Product Manager


Daniel Hoffer | 18 Aug 2008 | 1 comment

As a Product Manager for NetBackup for VMware, one of the biggest challenges I face is around prioritization. Where does it make the most sense to spend my time? On the one hand, assisting customers on a one-on-one basis is very attractive. When I do that, I can help, say, Batman identify which product within the NetBackup for VMware suite (NetBackup Enterprise Client, PureDisk, or PureDisk Deduplication Option) is best suited to his multiple batcaves. Batman may well prefer Enterprise Client for his headquarters beneath the mansion due to its enhanced VMDK image-level DR support, but may elect to use PureDisk in his remote batcave in the Hamptons, and then use PDDO to shrink the VMDK files transferred over by Enterprise Client and VCB.

But sometimes it seems to make more sense to spend time on other activities, and most recently VMware has been especially friendly. Their office is only a few miles away from ours in Silicon Valley, and I see them all the time at trade shows...

Joe Pfeiffer | 13 Aug 2008 | 0 comments

New out-of-the-box Reports

  • Just In Time Inventory (Historical & Predictive)
  • Tape Drive Utilization Heat Chart
  • Tape Drive Throughput Heat Chart
  • Tape Drive Queue Time Heat Chart
  • Media Count by Volume Pool, Tape Type, Retention Period & More
  • External risk analysis (what doesn’t have a backup client on it?)

Usability Enhancements

  • True 1-click report generation
  • New Report Names, Descriptions, Labels and Organization

Support for Latest Backup Products

  • NetBackup 6.5.2 and 6.5.3
  • Backup Exec 12
  • PureDisk 6.5
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TimBurlowski | 11 Aug 2008 | 2 comments

I realized that I should probably be talking about the other blockbuster comic book based movie, but something I read about Batman's disk storage requirements got my attention.

Pete Steege over at the "Storage Effect" blog recently posted about the  "Batman's Storage Requirements". After reading that post I'm pretty sure that we need to talk to Bruce Wayne or perhaps Alfred about a backup and disaster recovery strategy. 

First of all, Bruce Wayne needs to think seriously about what data you actually need to backup and how long you need to retain those backups. If the majority of your data is from video feeds around Gotham, you probably want to keep it for a relatively short period of time. Since...