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Eileen | 25 Jan 2012 | 21 comments

We have just launched a new feature on Symantec Connect today that I think you'll really like. 

For those users that have been "Certified" by Symantec (aka:  Symantec Certified Specialist or SCS) you will now see a blue "certification" badge next to the users name.  The certification program here at Symantec combines our data protection, high availability, and security credentials into a single program that spans Symantec solutions. 

Certifications are customer focused and the exams are designed specifically for customers and cover core elements measuring technical knowledge and competency against factors such as installation, configuration, product administration, day-to-day maintenance, and basic troubleshooting.

You may be asking, so what is the difference between Certifications and Accreditations?

Accreditation is partner focused and the only vehicle by which...

Kevin Mikalsen | 04 Jan 2012 | 3 comments

I'm Kevin Mikalsen and I've been part of the Symantec University for Partners for nearly 5 years and as of September, I was asked to step up and lead the Enterprise Partner Readiness and Enablement efforts. In this blog, I’d like to share some reflections on the first 100 days in my new role and gather your input on how we are doing and what you'd like us to do more of.

First, I'm very fortunate to be leading such a great team focusing on global partner readiness & enablement.  Secondly, ours is a global team and we have a great relationship with the channel leadership in all the regions and that is something we'll continue to maintain. Lastly, and most importantly, I recognize that in order to be successful in my new role I have to turn my voice off and my hearing on. I have to really listen to what our partners, channel sales/marketing teams that support the partners have to say.  I started...

StandAround | 16 Dec 2011 | 0 comments

You want to know the procedure or best practice regarding installing Symantec Scan Engine on a clustered environment.

The Scan Engine Server itself does not know that other scan engines exist and is not Cluster Aware.  The recommendation for Scan Engine is always a dedicated stand alone server, or a pool of stand-alone servers that can be contacted by an ICAP client. The ICAP client is given a list of available Scan Engines and takes care of load balancing.  In the case of a cluster the ICAP client would be given the IP addresses of the individual nodes.This results in the Clustering being redundant feature.

Eileen | 05 Dec 2011 | 0 comments

Hello Partners,

If you like to get your information about Symantec products and technology in a video format, be sure to check out the recently redesigned SymantecTV.

With a more modern look, you can now search videos and browse through each video category with greater integration.  In addition, there is more subtitling and language support.  And, for those of you that are always on the road, be sure to check out the new mobile playback and navigation functionality. 

You can also find all the Symantec Connect videos located under the Community tab as well as here on Symantec Connect.  We've added a lot of new, screencasts, how-to product videos, and demonstrations with more on the way.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


skibridgo | 29 Nov 2011 | 0 comments

Achieving Master Specialization status requires considerable investment. I was really intrigued when I read about Insentra's story and I think you should be too.  Here is a company that identified a real channel reseller need and has built their business to help you deliver Symantec solutions.  By working with a company like Insentra, you can overcome those upfront investment hurdles.  I think it is a great way to help you grow your revenue and pool of technical skills when needed!  Rather than staffing up and carrying a huge overhead for deals that may happen sporadically, at least initially, you can access the talent that a company like Insentra makes available to you. 

Is this a common problem?  Do you think your region could benefit from a partnership like this?

Check out all the...

mitch_eich | 17 Nov 2011 | 2 comments

Work has been completed on the Client Management Suite Assessment and Upgrade Service Delivery Resource Kits and are now available for download by our Specialized and Master Specialized partners. This completes the set of 3 SDRK's for the Client Management Suite service offerings (Implementation, Assessment and Upgrade).

Stay tuned for maintenance releases as new developments take place. For this reason, I HIGHLY recommend that you subscribe to the CMS libraries on SymIQ for Partners. Subscribing to the CMS libraries will alert you when updates to the SDRK's occur. Details on how to subscribe to these libraries as well as customize your own alerts can be found in the attached pdf document.

Highlights – CMS Assessment SDRK

A number of new changes were incorporated into the collateral in support of this launch, including:

  • Updates and enhancements to the Service Delivery...
PartnerAssist_GPSC | 15 Nov 2011 | 1 comment

Symantec Partner Assist – Assisting a Partner with Enterprise Vault Design and Implementation Review

Symantec PartnerAssist teamrecently completed Design Review and Implementation Review for a New Zealand based partner for one of their premium customer. The review services were provided remotely by the PartnerAssist  team using phone and online tools like WebEx Meeting Centre.

The customer’s company, that had multiple legacy exchange 2003/2007 servers, was in the process of consolidation to new Exchange 2010 servers. The legacy Exchange servers were being archived using old Enterprise Vault 8.0 server hardware and storage. Due to Exchange consolidation, customer also wanted to upgrade to Enterprise Vault 9.0 and at the same time consolidate Enterprise Vault to new virtualized setup using faster and better storage and decommission the older Enterprise Vault setup.

A Symantec Partner...

skibridgo | 11 Nov 2011 | 1 comment

Designed to provide you with links to all the enablement materials and tools that you will need to succeed when marketing to your customers. This Quick Start interactive PDF provides  a one stop shop for sales, marketing, training, tools, collaboration and support, covering the 8 recently released Storage and Management Avaialability products.  Download a PDF version to your desktop for easy reference, any time you need it.

Download the PDF version of the Enterprise Partner Tools from PartnerNet today!

bmarkey | 06 Nov 2011 | 0 comments

For over 12 years, the Enterprise Vault team has been working closely with our customers and partners to make sure customers get what they need today and what they will need to support their longer term information governance strategies. 

We want to keep this communication open with you through this Partner Community and the PartnerNet Group on Connect.  We’ll be posting consistently on important industry and selling topics across archiving and eDiscovery, making sure it’s relevant to you.  For example, read Evan’s recent post on important Enterprise Vault Pre and Post Sales tools including our PST Analyzer, Exchange Store Analyzer, SharePoint Analyzer and others. 

You would help us get your the types of information you need by answering a quick ...

PartnerAssist_GPSC | 08 Sep 2011 | 0 comments

Master Specialist Partners,

Are you aware that as Master Specialist, you are entitled for 5 days of consulting assistance under the PartnerAssist program free of cost ?  Go ahead and write to the PartnerAssist Team @  for more details on the offering.

Happy delivering successful risk free services to your customers !