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PartnerAssist_GPSC | 10 Mar 2011 | 0 comments

That's right, the annual subscription fee to access the PartnerAssist program has been waived for any Symantec Specialist or Master Specialist partners who sign up prior to March 31, 2012.  Act now by contacting  to qualify for this special offer. Symantec partners face high expectations for IT service delivery and increasingly complex projects. We find that customers are demanding more of their partners due to severe budget constraints and cost controls. The Symantec PartnerAssist program gives you expertise to build a solution, expedite a reliable initial deployment and transfer knowledge to our partners.

Symantec PartnerAssist  program provides a shorter time to value, and provides access to the experience, best practices and expertise of Symantec that achieve a faster and successful implementation, resulting in one less...

skibridgo | 02 Mar 2011 | 0 comments

This is a question that I frequently get asked by partners around the globe.  Well, there is one really, really important reason why you want to get your own PartnerNet account.   In order to receive credit for completing any of the Symantec Assessment or Authorization exams, you need to log in with your OWN PartnerNet account.  These are the exams that lead to the various accreditations (SSE, SSE+, STS, ASC).

If you sign up to take the exam and complete it, using anyone else's credentials, they will get credit, NOT you.  This can cause a lot of problems, especially if that person has already completed the exam.  In that case, your company will not get the credit for an additional person completing the exam.  The completions are automated and feed directly into the CertTracker application on the back end.  We do not do any manual data entry or cross checking if that person already completed the exam. ...

Auntyasher | 10 Jan 2011 | 9 comments

Partner going for STS proctored exam,

please go to

Some Points to note:

Partners are required to key in their PartnerNet login id details before they could register for their exam. Ensure the email address is the same as the one referenced in the PartnerNet.

The exam fee is US$ 40 payable through credit card online

Also click the preferred test site that is convenient to registrant.

remember, if you need to do a re-take, please wait for a cooling period of 3 business days before the next attempt.


jbeuchert | 17 Dec 2010 | 0 comments

Hello Everyone,

Our team has gotten a request from our support organization and SQL server configuration for the Endpoint Management suite of the products (primarily Altiris CMS, SMS, and Asset Management). Please take a few minutes to check out an external page dedicated to the best practices around implementing and optimizing 2005 and 2008 SQL Server.

SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Implementation Best Practices and Optimization

CDeBrine | 22 Sep 2010 | 0 comments

Hello Everyone,

I thought the partner community would be interested to check out this video and joint customer success story for Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, a non-profit that provides free legal advice and representation to low-income residents who can’t afford and attorney. Kortek Solutions and Symantec partnered to provide this non-profit with a free IT Makeover deploying Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition. Results include an 85 percent reduction in backup times and nine-fold faster recoveries. 

The success story and video can be found here:

 And for more information on Kortek Solutions. www....

robtheailean | 15 Sep 2010 | 0 comments

This is not going to be popular; but it has to be acknowledged.

I have been working extremely hard to get some penetration into the SMB space with SEP for the past 2 and a bit years.
The trouble is, so many of my clients have such bad memories of some of the disasters of 2007/2009  et al AV and similar branded products, that they flat out refuse to accept that things are much better now with SEP and the recovery/backup products.

I really think Symantec needs to address this area, (and everyone says how BIG the SMB space is...) with a focussed marketing campaign.
In my case, one tiny voice shouting into a vast room is not getting very far.

Anyone else seeing this sort of resistance?
(I am in Australia - Canberra, so it may be a little different in environmental terms, where you have large Govt depts on one hand and many SMB's on the other and nada in between.)

KiMurphy | 30 Aug 2010 | 0 comments

You can now seamlessly move between PartnerNet and Symantec Connect! Just login into either application and then move freely between the two (providing you have accounts in both). This allows you to navigate around PartnerNet and then go to Connect, where you will be automatically joined to the partner group, to post questions, add comments, suggest ideas, write a blog post or article, even post videos. By being a member of the partner group, you have the option to post on Connect publicly (by default) or making your post private by un-checking the public box to share information exclusively with other partners and Symantec employees.

Auntyasher | 09 Aug 2010 | 9 comments


Hi Folks
I like to have your feedback on whether Symantec Online training is an effective enabling tool for you? 
I want to assess your attitude to giving and receiving feedback. Is anyone out there willing to test drive by going into Symantec University and test on these courses and give feedback? (You have to have a valid Partner Login ID and PW)

You need to login to
Click University...

CDeBrine | 06 Aug 2010 | 0 comments

Hello Partner Community,

Just wanted to share a link to the cover story for the latest issue of The Confident SMB.

It features NetX Information Systems, a Symantec Platinum partner and healthcare provider, Metrolina Nephrology Associates. Read how Symantec and NetX were able to provide an integrated technology solution that allowed the customer to reduce resources and costs on IT management so more time could be spent on providing quality care to their patients. You can also link to an audio podcast and video testimonial from the interactive online magazine.

For more information on NetX Information Systems and their NetX Server Appliance check out their success details page on the Partner Success site....

JonHunt | 02 Aug 2010 | 1 comment

Hello, we have been very excited by working in the Symantec community, I would like to share some tips for implementations by existing Symantec users of the Biomni Service Catalog solution ( for end users and customers wishing to both understand IT service offerings available to them and to raise requests against those services.

Tip1 - Underestimate the amount of time you require for training on Biomni applications! We have found that anyone who can administrate the Symantec tool suite can 'learn' how to administrate biomni very quickly, typically after only a couple of hours clients have been off and building. The entire configuration is carried out through an intuitive UI, so there’s no programming involved and your biomni consultant is always at the end of the phone to help with any questions.