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Ctrox | 22 Feb 2010 | 0 comments

Everyone knows that enterprises today are awash in data, which has created a staggering storage growth problem. That, in turn, has spawned some serious backup and recovery challenges. So far, efforts to tackle these challenges have fallen short.

This Tech Brief looks at how Symantec’s approach to data duplication enables organizations to reduce backup storage while providing rapid recovery in the event of a disaster.

Shrinking the footprint

Although deduplication technology has existed for some time now, many organizations have yet to fully realize the operational and storage efficiencies to be gained through it.

Deduplication is a method of retaining only one unique instance of backup data on storage media. Redundant data is replaced with a pointer to the unique data copy. Deduplication occurs on both a file level and a file segment level. When two or more files are identical, deduplication stores only one copy of the file. When two or...