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Rafeeq | 16 Jul 2009 | 8 comments

Hi There,

I'm Rafeeq, I work as a security consulant for a client, we handle their entire security infrastructure,including IPS signatures and network monitoring.
My client has around 2000+ computers in their environment. They had a mixed enviroment consisting of SAV 8.x and SAV10 running on two different domains with mixed mode. Their license was about to end for SAV 10 this september , hence they decided to go for an upgrade , client did not have any second thoughts of chosing different antivirus vendors no matter even if it comes for free, the reason they had (i'm sure we all agree to these points :) )

1) The detection rate of symantec is higher than any other antivirus companies i agree to this coz symantec has global sensors all over for this detection

              4 symatnec SOC
              74 symantec Monitored Countries...

Abhishek Pradhan | 14 Jul 2009 | 0 comments

1 To prevent an automatic sweep of the database until after a backup occurs, increase the Site Properties Log Settings to their maximum permissible value.

2 Perform the backup, as you may feel appropriate.

3 On the computer where the manager is installed, open a Web browser and type the following URL:


After you have performed this task, the log entries for all types of logs are saved in the alternate database table. The original table is kept until the next sweep is initiated.

4 To empty all but the most current entries, perform a second sweep. The original table is cleared and entries then start to be stored there again.

5 Reconfigure the Site Properties Log Settings to the initial preferred values.

Bijay.Swain | 11 Jul 2009 | 4 comments

As a system Admin my job was to secure user data and provide minimal down time for a network consisting of 1500+ PCs, 300+ terminals, 300+ Thin Clients, 50+ laptops, all within an area of 15 kilometers..  I was unable to do so because of the number of viruses spread throughout our network. 

Here's the history behind the issue, and how Symantec's Endpoint Solutions helped.  In the past,  we had no antivirus solution for our network .  Maintenance agencies were using some free AV product to clean infected Pcs. Because of  this process, Pcs were formatted regularly, at least once every 2-3  months. This  was causing serious problems for some of the important departments like purchase, marketing, project management, materials management etc. Additionally, some departments use digital signatures for banking, e-tender purposes, among others. After formatting those Pcs,  too many problems would arise. We...

Subhi Pattiam | 09 Jul 2009 | 1 comment


 i am using symantec,recently i got an error saying that " scan engine retuned an error 0*20000058".I have followed the basic steps.Upgraded the version & also tried to complete reinstallation & installation.Still facing the same issue.

Hear4U | 07 Jul 2009 | 0 comments

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RolandAY | 30 Jun 2009 | 1 comment

 Keeping system folder to a minimum comes very handy in term of backup still to small might result in System running out of disk space which causes SEP and the whole system performance to lag
How to proceed?

1. On safe mode cut past the Symantec Endpoint folder content on a different location
2. create a clean partition
3. Windows + R type diskmgmt.msc
4. Right click on the new partition and select New Partition
5. Follow the instructions until you reach Assign Drive Letter or Path section
6. Select Mount in the following empty NTFS folder radio button and select Browse…
7. Highlight the C: drive and click on Symantec empty Folder
8. Complete the wizard
9. Copy back the Symantec Endpoint folder content
10. Reboot the system

Just remember to keep this action documented in the server history

in case you realise SEP content folder keeps growing follow...

mon_raralio | 25 Jun 2009 | 4 comments

Misleading applications are applications that pretend to do one thing while doing another. A good example are rogue security softwares that decieves or misleads the user into thinking that there are security issues with the computer he or she is currently using and requires the installation of software to remove the “threat”.

They usually use the web browser pop-up and make the user think that this is their Explorer and then shows that it is being scanned. Previous versions just show a small pop-up (similar to when you do something with files, except this one pretends to scan)

I've come upon this at home while surfing the internet. The current websites open are Facebook, Youtube, and Google (3 of the most visited sites in the world). Everybody I know visit this page every now and then and I'm pretty sure there are no malwares in their sites. So there I was, looking into my profile and noticed that one of my friends became a fan of someone. So I moved over...

Spencer Parkinson | 23 Jun 2009 | 1 comment

In response to the increase in online cyber threats targeting the endpoint, combined with IT staffing pressures, Symantec is now offering Symantec Managed Endpoint Protection Services - a new set of offerings which provides management and monitoring of endpoint protection technologies to defend users against malware and other sophisticated attacks, such as rootkits, zero-day attacks, and spyware. The new managed services leverage the customers’ existing endpoint protection technologies, Symantec security experts, and the Symantec Global Intelligence Network to secure customer, employee, and corporate data, while providing expert management to help IT departments with the configuration, availability and effectiveness of their endpoint protection technologies.

Symantec’s March 2009...

Kedar Mohile | 20 Jun 2009 | 3 comments

Disk full message erroneously appears when downloading LiveUpdate updates

If your network environment already supports the proxy servers that are compliant with the HTTP 1.1 protocol or later, you can disregard this entry.

After you have tried to download LiveUpdate for the first time, the following message might appear:

"LU1863: Insufficient free disk space
There is not enough free disk space for LiveUpdate to operate properly. Please free up disk space on your computer and run LiveUpdate again."

You might have insufficient disk space. However, it is much more probable that this message appears in error because the proxy server is unable to send the correct Contents-Length header field.

This error message might appear on Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, a Symantec Endpoint Protection client, or a Symantec Network Access Control client.

You should verify that the disk...

Kedar Mohile | 16 Jun 2009 | 1 comment

Takes a long time for Firewall Policy Overview page to appear when running with more than 500 groups in SEP Manager...

For more than 500 groups, it takes 1.5 minutes to display the Firewall Policy Overview page

If you click the Add a Firewall Policy command, it can take up to 1.5 minutes for the Firewall Policy Overview page to appear. This occurs if the management server contains 500 or more groups. The problem occurs because it takes time for the Overview page displays all the groups and locations that the existing firewall policies are assigned to.

This happens due to the "locationCounting" settings enabled which is used to count and display the same for the user every time the page is attempted to open. When you have a higher number lets say more then 500 it takes ~1.5 mins to count and display the same.

To work around this issue, perform the following steps:

Close all instances of the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console....