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shp | 04 Aug 2009 | 1 comment

Hi All...

I would like to share my story regarding Symantec Endpoint Protection.  I am from HCL Infosystems Ltd, where I am a Customer Engineer managing a team of five people.  Specifically, I manage SEP deployments for our customers.

This particular customer had an older AV software installed which wasn't providing thorough protectio - a virus outbreak in the network caused many of the machines to go down for extended periods of time.  The customer decided to go with SEP primarily because of its new features.  Specifically, they wanted individual management points in each location, and one central location to manage the entire infrastructure.  Previously, they were not able to bring all clients under one management console due to various difficulties.  The deployment consisted of 49 locations across India, with one server in each location.  Additionally, one server was deployed in Bangalore as the primary server. ...

Peterpan | 31 Jul 2009 | 9 comments

Before I became a “SYSTEM ENGINEER” in one of the Symantec Resellers here in our country. I was a bit ignorant. All I knew about Symantec was the "Virus" solutions capability.The  local CENTRAL BANK had security requirements on their environment, that I was assigned to manage the multi-tier protection product - specifically SEP 11.

During the preparation phase, we gathered some information about the current setup and requirements.  Afterwhich, we planned for the deployment.  Thankfully, during our requirements gathering, we found out they were already utilizing Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition Version 8.  Oddly, during this same timeframe,  SAV 8 was no longer available, Of course, this meant the virus definition updates, based on the System Administrator who handled the AV solution before we came, had not renewed the license for 4 years. 

... | 30 Jul 2009 | 1 comment

Televisa is the larger Television Broadcaster in Mexico and his digital content production workflow is critical to time to broadcast, even more on the News online one’s… where errors should not happen. Cost of downtime is absurd, if you know what I mean…
We were invited to provide a service in order to assure a security level, where the goal was to secure all systems on postproduction workflow; we realize that a service like that should mean not to only manage an antivirus/antimalware platform with ID and keep it updated, but to think of the customer perspective, considering all now common security risks and the best ways to handle all those under current scenarios.
Confiker worm was fast spreading all around, and a service as needed should consider supporting a thread like that and how to avoid it... What we learn from our experience was: Confiker will attack even in environments where an antivirus was correctly managed (I mean, updated, etc.)...

Zahid.Haseeb | 30 Jul 2009 | 1 comment

Today i share the experience i faced with Symantec End Point Protection login screen was not able to login and giving me the below error


imagebrowser image


i have noticed that the service under administration tools-->Services-->Symantec Endpoint protection Manager is not able to start. When ever i tried to start it, it starts for 3 seconds and get stop again.


i simply uninstall IIS and reinstall it again and then repair the Symantec Endpoint Protection from add/remove but did not get any success but when i tried to reinstall IIS as below procedure and my problem resolved

Try to un-install IIS
1.) Uninstall IIS

2.) Remove files and folders
(use safe mode to delete)


Ajit Jha | 30 Jul 2009 | 7 comments

1. Your role in the organization/company (CTO, CIO, CEO, SysAdmin, etc)?

Myself Ajit Jha, the Security Consultant, Presales representative as well as TechSupport Engineer for my organization. My core domain is Symantec Products. Our organization is basically a Software reseller and service provider. We deal with maximum sort of Software including Symantec and provide the services as well. We are a Silver Level partner of Symantec. We are the largest reseller in Eastern India.

My first role in my organization is to provide consultancy and then the proof-of-concept (POC) to our customers. Once the proof-of-concept is successful, I further proceed with the service  - which is Service after Sales. Service includes Installation of various Symantec Products like Symantec Endpoint Protection, Symantec Backup Exec and Symantec System Recovery. After the installation is successful, I configure them according to the customer’s demand. This was...

mon_raralio | 27 Jul 2009 | 5 comments

I started working in the IT field as a Systems Administrator. One of the tasks assigned to me was to select the replacement for their antivirus. I've already written a blog about it. It has Sales in the title. And also an article on what I've learned in IT.

In the years that passed, I've learned the importance of data protection. Every company uses a backup solution for their corporate data, from doing manual backups, to making backup scripts, to using a third party backup solution. Our data is so important that if ever a backup fails or was delayed by a few minutes, heads will roll and I've spent numerous nights at the office just to fix this. But sadly, this isn't the case with end users whose files are kept in their local PC with no backup. I'm not concerned whether their resumes are corrupted by the malware :P, instead I worry about what it will do to the OS and the corporate network afterwards. I'd like to note here that aside from cracked software, resumes are the 2nd...

Sandeep Cheema | 27 Jul 2009 | 2 comments

1. Your role in the organization/company (CTO, CIO, CEO, SysAdmin, etc)?

Security Analyst

2. What was your data protection criterion, concerns and related issues, and how did Symantec Endpoint Protection resolve them?

Users will be users and there are always odd bunch of them who get the threats from somewhere and then there are also nerds who like to experiment and when you are learning you don’t know the basic things like a test machine for everything. The important part is that the AV has to do what it’s supposed to do. I am working for a client who has SAV for the client machines and Trend Micro ServerProtect for the servers and have started the migration. The SAV primary and secondary servers also have trend on it and the auto protect is thus disabled. The configuration has been working wonderfully well but with the new threat landscape AV alone is not sufficient and you have to have a combination of AV, firewall,...

Nel Ramos | 22 Jul 2009 | 18 comments

Connect And Protect | How Symantec Endpoint Protection became EGS's top choice!

Your role in the organization/company:

I am Nel Ramos, the Anti-virus POC (Point of Contact) of EGS, a multinational company that covers 5 continents of the world namely: North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. I lead a team designated to monitor virus infections and outbreaks, analyze existing data on virus and spyware trending, perform research on new applications and tools to counter possible threats and advice ground IT personnel on the resolution of issues related but not limited to virus infections. Our team’s operation is 24/7 in ensuring that the company’s valuable data would not be vulnerable to data theft, data manipulation on an internal or external manner, interference of business-critical services, and damage the organization’s status. It also consists of more than 10,000 hardware systems that are multi-plat...

IanZ | 20 Jul 2009 | 1 comment

Last year, we started looking at SEP11. As we're still running on SAV8 for majority of the servers and clients, with a few SAV9 and SAV10, I believe it's about time to start upgrading to the latest version. I checked the features, documentations, forums, blogs, articles and everything about SEP and I'm getting a negative feedback, a lot of people are complaining. Some even call it a nightmare! Very discouraging. I kept on thinking, as the Server Technology Analyst and only 1 year with the company, I don't want to risk my new job as well as mess around with the servers. Is SEP11 ready for primetime, or is it a disaster? SEP11 is September 11, hmmm, a 9/11 disaster! So we didn't rushed to deploy this. Instead, I started working on test servers and clients. At the same time, as I'm the only one who's going to deploy and implement this, I need to have a plan, a very safe one.

I created a project plan, first looking at the existing SSC setup and...

Vikram Kumar-SAV to SEP | 20 Jul 2009 | 3 comments


I work as a Security Consultant for my company and obviously as an Antivirus specialist.

So this story is about a client who had about 8,000 clients and was currently using MacAfee. They were at the end of their contract,  in few months,so they were looking for a better solution as they were hit by number of outbreaks in the last couple of years and were not satisfied with the support provided.

So a Conference call was scheduled and I was invited to give my views on which antivirus solution to consider migrating,  and why to switch.  We also discuss the Pros and Cons.

Their requirement were pretty simple, but very strict, and they wanted a secure and Malware free environment due to the recent outbreaks which cost them too much with high downtimes and un-availability of critical production servers.

So when I joined the Conference, there were about 8 members with their own views and recommendations.  ...