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Dinesh Theerthagiri | 17 Nov 2011 | 1 comment

This article presents information on manual unpacking of protected malicious Windows executables using the OllyDbg debugger. It also involve in fully rebuild the import table so the file can be restored to its original state and executed. Many anti-virus vendors categorized UPX, NsPack, ASpack and many other PE packers as malicious software.

Packers ???

A 'Packer' is a compression routine that squeezes an executable file. These programs created to reduce disk space and make downloads faster. It makes difficult to understand the original file and make it tricky to match the file signature of a compressed file. Packers initially send PE internal structures and then it identifies PE header, Export table, and import table in new structures & attaches code segment before OEP, called as STUB .i.e. the compressed executable is shifted to data section of newly created file. PE header & section header is no more useful since data is compressed means...

Denis Kattithara | 17 Nov 2011 | 1 comment

As Organizations continue to implement various tools and endpoints for employees to work more efficiently, they are creating a higher potential for information to be leaked out. As the volume of data continues to grow within an organization, data security teams may have little or no visibility into where confidential data is stored or who has access to that data.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention provides a solution towards content aware security. Implementing a Data Loss Prevention solution involves integrating technology with business initiatives and requirements. This requires a detailed analysis of existing business processes, IT Infrastructure etc.

While an IDS / IPS solution protects an Infrastructure from external threats, the DLP Content Aware approach protects organizations from Internal threats. These threats could be a malicious employee, vendor etc trying to leak confidential information. DLP also provides a greater insight into existing business...

Pamela Reese | 09 Nov 2011 | 3 comments

Symantec received a finalist nomination in 12 catagories of the upcoming SC Magazine 2012 Awards, representing Symantec's broad portfolio of superior security offerings. SC Magazine will announce the winners at a dinner event during RSA 2012. Symantec looks forward to attending! 

Best Anti-Malware Gateway(Symantec Web Gateway 5.0)

Best Cloud Computing Security(Symantec Endpoint

Best Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)(Symantec Data Loss Prevention)


rscovel | 25 Oct 2011 | 0 comments

The Protection Center Team is proud to announce the release of Symantec Protection Center 2.0 Release Update 1 (SPC RU1), which was published today to the LiveUpdate Publishing Service.  SPC 2.0 Customers will be notified that an update to SPC is available for download.  This is a LiveUpdate release only.  This update provides fixes for a small number of defects and also the ability for SPC customers with Symantec Web Gateway (SWG) 5.0.2 (and later) and Symantec Critical Systems Protection (CSP) 5.2.8 (and later) applications to integrate with the SPC Dashboard. 

Symantec Protection Center is a centralized security management console that enables organizations to identify emerging threats, prioritize tasks and accelerate time to protection based on relevant, actionable intelligence. Through a combination of process automation and security intelligence, it enables users to take timely, targeted action to remediate incidents and proactively...

collinj5 | 11 Aug 2011 | 0 comments
Symantec DLP at Medical Mutual of Ohio
Presented By:
Brad Gladish
Enterprise Security Analyst
KatieBurton | 01 Aug 2011 | 9 comments

Friday July 29th Symantec Protection Center 2.0 was released for General Availability. This release focused on extending the integrations found in our 1.0 release, third party products and the Symantec Global Intelligence Network to provide existing Symantec customers with relevant, actionable security intelligence. See below for an overview of the release and what our beta customers are saying! Protection Center is a free product, available at no additional charge for existing Symantec customers.

Response from Beta Customers

“One stop shop.. In my book it will empower my team.” – Fortune 500 financial services organization
“Install was easy, simply brilliant!” – European IT Value Added Reseller (VAR)
“Already plugging this to my clients, big time” – Enterprise IT Value Added Reseller (VAR)
“Will absolutely recommend to customers with integrated products” – Government IT...

Sean Yarger | 08 Jun 2011 | 2 comments


Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re on a business trip. You hear the boarding call for your flight and reach down to grab you laptop – only your laptop isn’t there. Whether it was left at security or snagged by another traveler in the terminal, your laptop is gone and your company data is at risk.


So what do you do? Typically you’ll need to make a call to the office, notifying your IT department of the incident. This call will initiate a chain reaction of events set into place to ensure measures are taken to secure the files and equip you with a new device to keep business running as usual. This process typically involves a series of forms, approvals, signatures, etc.


While it may sound simple, enforcing processes with effectiveness is one of hardest things for companies to do. With multiple people involved and steps required, any number of things can go wrong, slowing down the process –...

Chad Dupin | 01 Jun 2011 | 0 comments

ITS Partner is looking to hire a few Symantec Security Consultants / Engineers.



West Michigan / Grand Rapids, MI Area.

Job Summary

This position will be focused on the implementation of Symantec security products within various customer environments. Job responsibilities include assessing customer needs and expectations, designing solutions to meet those needs, and then implementing the design. In addition to these activities the consultant will participate in the sales process (proposal creation, presentations, sales calls, demos, etc.). This position has the opportunity to grow into a leadership role within ITS to help guide and direct the security team.

Preferred Technical Qualifications

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Symantec Endpoint Encryption
  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention
  • Control Compliance Suite
  • PGP

Technical Knowledge

shamil | 25 Mar 2011 | 0 comments

I ran into some issues when installing the Sharepoint2003Scanner on the Web front end server of our Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 environment.  I was getting a 14001 error, and wanted to share the fix.

SEVERE: exception in main thread Cannot run program "E:/SharePoint2003Scanner/scanner/VontuSharePoint2003Scanner.exe": CreateProcess error=14001, This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem

This was due to the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 Redistributable package that the was installed during the Sharepoint implementation years ago.  The Sharepoint Scanner for 2003 target requires the 2005 Redistributable package with ATL security.  After download and installation, it requires a reboot, so make sure to schedule downtime if you don't have your web front ends clustered.


Mark Maynard | 10 Mar 2011 | 1 comment

We had a great Chicago Security & Compliance User Group meeting on March 8.  A fantastic presentation by Rich Bagurdes was very valuable and shows some real world examples of how to leverage all of SEP's features.  There was also another great presentation by Min about SEP 12.1 Amber that highlighted the new virtualization features and generated lots of additional questions and interest around the upcoming SEP 12.1  product.

Here are the available slides and even some video of the presentation.  Thanks goes to everyone who participated to make this another great event.  I am looking forward to participating at the next one that is coming soon in August 2011.