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P_K_ | 25 Jan 2011 | 0 comments

How is the content downloaded via LU secure?

The Live update TRI files are downloaded in an archive format

These minitri’s and files consists of 3 files

  • liveupdt.sig
  • liveupdt.grd
  • liveupdt.tri

GRD and SIG files are used to verify security and integrity of patches

The Mini-tri Zip is Validated by GRD file and also Authenticated by SIG file

The  Guard file use  SHA-1 hash values

For Live update the protocols that are used is  HTTP/FTP server. These live update is hosted by Akamai.

Published using Java Triage and they are Signed by Symantec Digital Signing Servers.

sandeep_sali | 10 Jan 2011 | 0 comments

Symantec's free Technical Support Email Bulletins keep you informed about:


  • Timely notification of product upgrades
  • Descriptions of the latest offerings from Technical Support
  • Updates and downloads for your Symantec product
  • Product tips and tricks

Subscribing is easy. Depending on your Symantec product, you’ll receive your Bulletin by email monthly or quarterly. We also send out special issues as needed.



xlloyd | 06 Jan 2011 | 0 comments

I was reading this blog just now and it made me feel especially proud to be a Symantec partner (as so many of these blogs and articles tend to do). As I read the blog and the Gartner report that was referenced, I joyed in Symantec's market share, "leader-among-leaders" position in the Magic Quadrant, among other things that just spewed "Symantec is the greatest!"

Now growing up, my team always had to win, which is part of the reason I'm so happy that my company is working with Symantec. However, 2 things caught my eye in the report:

  1. Symantec seems to be losing market share (Page 18, under Symantec)
  2. Symantec has low marks on overall customer satisfaction (Page 19 under Symantec - Cautions)...
Bernard Laroche | 10 Dec 2010 | 0 comments

It’s already the end of the year, and time to start thinking about what the New Year will bring for small businesses. As all businesses will be working to prosper and grow in the year to come, we have put together a list of trends for small businesses to look out for in 2011 that will help them achieve their IT goals.

1. Business and Personal Communications Come Together in the Workplace

In 2011, we are going to continue to see a blurring of the lines between business and personal communications and information in the SMB workplace. While more effective mobile technology creates efficiency for employees, it also creates security and management challenges for small businesses and their customers. Small businesses increasingly rely on mobile technology to run their businesses and improve productivity, but not all have dedicated IT staff to manage their mobile devices. This means that more often than not, small businesses lack the tools to...

tzambrovitz | 12 Nov 2010 | 1 comment


Do you want to do more with less?  Are you currently using Symantec’s Security Information Manager and looking for new and innovative ways to derive more value from your investment?  Would you like to meet your peers and understand how they are solving similar challenges you face? 

Then the quarterly online community forum, The SSIMUI (Symantec Security Information Manager User Interface - Group), is exactly where you want to be in December.  This quarter’s headline presenter will be Peter Grina from Morgan Stanley who will discuss how they has been able to customize his SSIM deployment to meet their unique use case requirements.


Check out the Event Details here, and check back for registration information and other details!

Spencer Parkinson | 10 Nov 2010 | 0 comments

Symantec was recently named a finalist in multiple categories of the 2011 SC Magazine Awards program. Symantec has been recognized for 10 products in 10 areas of the Reader Trust Award competition, which honors best-in-class security products and services. Symantec’s products were selected from more than 650 entries submitted in more than 30 technology categories.


Symantec products honored this year:

Hear4U | 13 Oct 2010 | 2 comments


Symantec wants to hear from you!  Were you a part of the decision making team to purchase one or more Symantec products, such as Endpoint Protection 11 or 12? Or, were you a part of the decision making team to vote against purchasing a Symantec product? If so, we’d like to hear why.

This is a quick process (as little as 20 minutes).  

For your valuable input, you’ll be entered into an exclusive raffle to win a 16 GB Wi-Fi enabled Apple iPad!

To participate, simply send an email  to product management, to schedule a short call at a time convenient for you. This call will not be a sales call by any means, but rather an opportunity for you to share why you bought or decided not to buy our products. Sign up today, tell your story and...

Netrunner | 17 Sep 2010 | 4 comments

Malware Analysis Step by Step Decision Tree

In my travels, it has come to my attention that some folks have not taken or had the time to document a checklist or bullet list of actions to perform during an infection or an outbreak. In response I’ve created a decision tree to help as a guide for following a step by step process for malware analysis. The site is .

The site basically contains a mindmap created using freeplane that steps the users through the process of analyzing a machine for malware. It provides links to both Symantec , 3rd party, fee and open source tools. The majority of the information has been mostly compiled from NIST SP800-83 , and public symantec KB articles.  I hope this is something that community members find useful and can provide feedback to improve.

Please provide any feedback and I'll be happy to update the decision tree.


Below is a sample of the...

Minh_Phan_at_Symantec | 10 Sep 2010 | 1 comment

An e-mail storm is a sudden spike of email traffic, often caused by malware (like the recent "Here You Have" virus) and users on large distribution lists replying to all. These storms are not just inconveniences – they pose a challenge to email environments as the huge volume of traffic can actually take down servers.


The internal nature of these storms also requires products that can both filter internal mail and clean up mail stores. Mail Security for Exchange and Domino integrates with their respective email server environments to uniquely provide coverage of internal mail traffic and storage.


The products provide:

1. Outbreak detection: Identify that an active outbreak is occurring because of the volume of traffic generated by the same malicious email

2. Internal mail filtering: Block all internal traffic of the "Here you Have" email using Content...

Hear4U | 08 Sep 2010

Here's your chance to be "King for a Week" with our new Security Solutions Contest! 

What Is the Security Solutions Contest?
It's all about solving end user questions in the forums area.  We created this contest to help increase the total number of solutions on the Security Community.  We are going to select threads we'd like you to solve, and give you an opportunity to win a weekly prize. Yes, I said "weekly!"  Keep reading to find out more about the prize!

How Do I Participate?
First, if you want to play, pull out your dust-ridden, coffee stained endpoint protection & related security product manuals, re-read all the latest and greatest knowledge base articles, and put your thinking-caps on! 

Why?  Because to be the "King for a Week" in this contest, you need to be able to solve popular forum threads that will be hand...