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ajeet kumar | 05 Aug 2009 | 2 comments

Myself Ajeet Kumar, Technical Support Engineer. Our Organization is No.1 Partner with Symantec in India for last 8 years in a Row. We are Platinum Level partner of Symantec. Our organization Core Business line is Technical Services, Network Security, Non-Security Solution, Storage, Back-up & Recovery Solution and Infrastucture Management. We have largest corporate customers in India.

I am working as Resident Engineer at client office. I am handling Nine SEPM servers in different locations in India. My day to day activity is Update the servers, monitoring the servers, generating the reports, Contact Symantec technical support for new issues. Resolve the client issues.

My client is very happy because SEP is not only Antivirus. My client like mostly USB control, Application control, Remote deployment facility. So no more investment for another softwares.
I am accessing other unit’s SEPM consoles through remote console on single PC. So no need to log in...

mon_raralio | 04 Aug 2009 | 0 comments

Here's the scenario:
You have an MS cluster with MS exchange and SMSMSE (Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange). And you're having problems with the Exchange because SMSMSE is in a stopping state. There is nothing in the logs that says otherwise except for an error in clustering (error 1460).

After checking on Symantec Knowledge base, I found out that it has something to do with the timing. For clustered environment, it is not advisable to make SMSMSE dependent upon another service. Check if the current setup have the SMSMSE dependent on another service that is forcing the Symantec service to stop is-as one admin (someone I know) said "would be a tedious process and is not an option". i.e. it would make things worse. Anyway, waiting for the service to stop really may do the trick.

Then I also found this while Googleing on the probable causes for the clustering side...

t_dawgy78 | 04 Aug 2009 | 0 comments

The Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition Promotion is available through end of this year.
For those of you on older Symantec products, this is a great way to upgrade to the new Protection Suite Small Business Ediiton, which includes the new SEP SBE 12.0.
Offer details are located here:
:Upgrade to SPS SBE and get up to a 30% discount. This offer is valid through the end of this year, and is for any current Symantec customers on the following products:
• Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition
• Symantec Client Security
• Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Desktop Edition
• Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange
• Symantec Premium Antispam
• Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh

Fatih Teke | 04 Aug 2009 | 4 comments

Hello Everyone,

I am the IT Specialist & Security Admin for the largest textile company in Turkey.  We have over 6000 employees, 33 servers, and 550 clients.

We originally installed another vendors AV solution, and found that when the downadup virus hit in April, it infecrted all of our computers worldwide!  I was at home when my IT manager sent a message and said, “we need you, there is a virus problem. Can you come in?”
When I arrived,  I saw Downadup was everywhere. We had originally decided to use another AV product,  as everyone in the IT department trusted the product.  However, this product couldn't identify and delete downadup.  Because of this, every computer on our network was infected!  Our DC (Domain Controller) was down and the addional controller was also down. All servers were down.Terminal servers,file servers etc. We didn't have disaster recovery. We were in...

shp | 04 Aug 2009 | 1 comment

Hi All...

I would like to share my story regarding Symantec Endpoint Protection.  I am from HCL Infosystems Ltd, where I am a Customer Engineer managing a team of five people.  Specifically, I manage SEP deployments for our customers.

This particular customer had an older AV software installed which wasn't providing thorough protectio - a virus outbreak in the network caused many of the machines to go down for extended periods of time.  The customer decided to go with SEP primarily because of its new features.  Specifically, they wanted individual management points in each location, and one central location to manage the entire infrastructure.  Previously, they were not able to bring all clients under one management console due to various difficulties.  The deployment consisted of 49 locations across India, with one server in each location.  Additionally, one server was deployed in Bangalore as the primary server. ...

LeslieMiller | 03 Aug 2009 | 18 comments

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to bring your attention to two great "Connect and Protect" contests. So now, whether you're securing your company's infrastructure or you're ensuring that all that critical data is backed up, your experiences could be just the ticket to winning.

For more information about the Security Community Connect and Protect contest, click here.
For more information about the Backup and Archiving Connect and Protect contest, click here.

And, good luck!

Peterpan | 31 Jul 2009 | 9 comments

Before I became a “SYSTEM ENGINEER” in one of the Symantec Resellers here in our country. I was a bit ignorant. All I knew about Symantec was the "Virus" solutions capability.The  local CENTRAL BANK had security requirements on their environment, that I was assigned to manage the multi-tier protection product - specifically SEP 11.

During the preparation phase, we gathered some information about the current setup and requirements.  Afterwhich, we planned for the deployment.  Thankfully, during our requirements gathering, we found out they were already utilizing Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition Version 8.  Oddly, during this same timeframe,  SAV 8 was no longer available, Of course, this meant the virus definition updates, based on the System Administrator who handled the AV solution before we came, had not renewed the license for 4 years. 

... | 30 Jul 2009 | 1 comment

Televisa is the larger Television Broadcaster in Mexico and his digital content production workflow is critical to time to broadcast, even more on the News online one’s… where errors should not happen. Cost of downtime is absurd, if you know what I mean…
We were invited to provide a service in order to assure a security level, where the goal was to secure all systems on postproduction workflow; we realize that a service like that should mean not to only manage an antivirus/antimalware platform with ID and keep it updated, but to think of the customer perspective, considering all now common security risks and the best ways to handle all those under current scenarios.
Confiker worm was fast spreading all around, and a service as needed should consider supporting a thread like that and how to avoid it... What we learn from our experience was: Confiker will attack even in environments where an antivirus was correctly managed (I mean, updated, etc.)...

Zahid.Haseeb | 30 Jul 2009 | 1 comment

Today i share the experience i faced with Symantec End Point Protection login screen was not able to login and giving me the below error


imagebrowser image


i have noticed that the service under administration tools-->Services-->Symantec Endpoint protection Manager is not able to start. When ever i tried to start it, it starts for 3 seconds and get stop again.


i simply uninstall IIS and reinstall it again and then repair the Symantec Endpoint Protection from add/remove but did not get any success but when i tried to reinstall IIS as below procedure and my problem resolved

Try to un-install IIS
1.) Uninstall IIS

2.) Remove files and folders
(use safe mode to delete)


Ajit Jha | 30 Jul 2009 | 7 comments

1. Your role in the organization/company (CTO, CIO, CEO, SysAdmin, etc)?

Myself Ajit Jha, the Security Consultant, Presales representative as well as TechSupport Engineer for my organization. My core domain is Symantec Products. Our organization is basically a Software reseller and service provider. We deal with maximum sort of Software including Symantec and provide the services as well. We are a Silver Level partner of Symantec. We are the largest reseller in Eastern India.

My first role in my organization is to provide consultancy and then the proof-of-concept (POC) to our customers. Once the proof-of-concept is successful, I further proceed with the service  - which is Service after Sales. Service includes Installation of various Symantec Products like Symantec Endpoint Protection, Symantec Backup Exec and Symantec System Recovery. After the installation is successful, I configure them according to the customer’s demand. This was...