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Eric Chien | 09 Jun 2006 07:00:00 GMT | 0 comments

I have received reports recently from people who are getting odd spam messages delivered to them that don't actually try to sell them prescription drugs, visas to the US, methods of enlarging his or her body parts, or cheap loans so they can refinance his or her home. Instead of these commonly known scams, the spam messages in question use a recipient's own email address as the return address, and have a subject line and message body containing random numbers. No exploit inside, no malicious code, no links.

Initially, a lot of theories were put forth; from spam software gone wrong, to spammers trying to poison Bayesian spam filters. It turns out the reason for these odd spam messages is nothing other than a familiar mass mailing worm, Beagle. W32.Beagle.FC is another variant of the Beagle family. Beagle is split into many components: one component may just try to...

Symantec Security Response | 08 May 2006 07:00:00 GMT | 0 comments

“Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up and feast your eyes on this!” The special today is a cure for a little ailment called “spam.” Well, not all spam. Just spam with certain polka-dots on them. Call it a flavor if you will, and why not? I mean, you’ve got Heinz touting 57 varieties (in reality, there’s much, much more), so why not different flavors of spam? Dr. Seuss might even serve it up with some green eggs if you let him.

I digress. The spam du jour is of the self-inflicted kind. No, not the kind that you get after you sign up for a random online sweepstake. No, not even the kind you randomly pick up just for having an email account. The spam we are talking about is the kind that you get because your email appears on a Web site that you might maintain.

Imagine if you will, that one day you decided that you wanted to put up a Web site. What goes on this site? Well, first there are the usual pictures and maybe some prose. Then sprinkle in a blog if...