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Doreet | 19 Nov 2012 | 0 comments

See how Veritas Cluster Server high availability and disaster recovery solutions enable enterprises to eliminate the risk of deploying business critical applications in virtual environments.


Read or about Veritas Cluster Server at:
Doreet | 08 Nov 2012 | 0 comments

Hosting some 1.3 billion website visits each month, LivePerson understands how to scale big. The CSO for the largest provider of realtime customer engagement solutions explains how the firm is leveraging Veritas Cluster Server to meet business-critical requirements around cloud services availability and deliver on its SLAs for customers.


jaisonabraham | 25 Oct 2012 | 0 comments

"Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) is a set of Web-based tools that supports Storage Foundation and NetBackup products.

SORT automates and simplifies some of the most time-consuming administrator tasks. It is designed to help you, the system administrator, identify risks in your data centers and improve operational efficiency, enabling you to manage the complexity associated with data center architectures and scale." - [Courtesy : SORT Website]

Way back in October 23, 2007, one of the Storage Foundation customers uploaded the first Install Assessment report to SORT.

Today, after 5 years, the SORT user community has grown in leaps and bound numbering to thousands of customers and partners.  Together, we've run tens of thousands of Install assessment, Risk Assessment and Product deployment reports.

Based on continuous feedback and on...

Maria Bledsoe | 23 Oct 2012 | 0 comments

When you saw Data Center Down! did you have questions? Wonder why the failover took 4 minutes? What it was like to set up a DR scenario on a roof? How San Jose City Hall let us do this?

In this LIVE show, the production and engineering crews of the Data Center Down! answered these questions and more. They explored what it’s really like to throw a 500lb server rack loaded with enterprise software from the roof and have it all failover to a secondary site - without any visual effects or camera tricks.

The engineers went through the technology that made it happen. The video crew talked about the high stakes production.

Watch the replay of the webcast now -

Doreet | 23 Oct 2012 | 0 comments

Taneja says "Symantec Veritas Cluster Server Takes Vrtual Server HA to the Next Level"

This is an awesome testimonial from Jeff Byrnes, an analyst from Taneja Group, who provides expert analysis and consulting services for the computer storage and server industries.

“All in all, we think the latest Veritas Cluster Server for VMware release adds significant value to customers running business-critical applications in virtualized environments.”

Doreet | 22 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

ESG Labs just published a blog on the ESG website discussing Storage Foundation performance and capabilities on Linux as contrasted to the native tools.

This is AWESOME!!! Check it out!

dennis_wenk | 04 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

Professor John Graham of Indiana University points out that “large amounts of resources are devoted to slight or speculative dangers while substantial and well-documented dangers remain unaddressed”.  It has been well established that people often too much weight is placed on risks of low probability.  Such is the dilemma of complexity within IT infrastructure.  We often talk about hackers, malware, floods, fires, earthquakes, and tornados; while the real crisis is happening right under our nose and it has well over 5,000 risk signatures.  This crisis is the complexity in the IT infrastructure and it is causing considerable losses for companies.

The likelihood that an organization will experience a catastrophic loss from an IT failure is far greater than any catastrophic disaster or "black swan" event.   IT failures are costing companies trillions of dollars every year; worldwide downtime is estimated at over $35 Billion...

Andy Spry | 04 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

"Is Oracle putting Oracle Solaris Cluster on an EOL trajectory?"

What a question to begin a blog! So what’s happening? What has Oracle done? Oracle has made significant changes to the purchase and support of Oracle Solaris Cluster:

First, Oracle is now charging for Sun Cluster (with no maintenance discounting) at $3,000 per CPU core! (Source: For example, the perpetual licence cost for Oracle Solaris Cluster on a two-CPU Solaris T-4 system with 32 cores, (that’s 2*32*$3,000) is $192,000 at list price! A very significant cost, even after discount, for a product that used to be free!

Second, Oracle has dropped support for Symantec's Storage Foundation with Oracle Solaris...

ccarrero | 21 Sep 2012 | 0 comments

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to visit one of the Symantec customers I work with. They have been using VOM for a while and I wanted to hear from them how they are using our products. It was very nice to see how much value it is providing to them. Big topics where VOM is helping are around Compliance, Performance Statistics and Manageability.

When having an environment with hundreds of servers, having a way to determine the patch levels, versions, packages, etch is very important. Even more important to understand that all the configuration is running in compliance. This customer is using signatures from VOM and have even developed his own ones to verify every day that all the configuration is as it should be.

Another topic very appreciated is how VOM is helping them with performance statistics. It is very easy now to detect I/O peaks in advance that could lead to greater problems. Once they get the alert, they go to the...

jmartin | 17 Sep 2012 | 0 comments

With SORT’s focus of improving the total customer experience for Storage Foundation customers, we’ve added the following features and improvements to the website:

Storage Foundation High Availability Solutions

·         Support for 6.0.1 Storage Foundation release:

o   Installation and Upgrade Checklist (

o   Product and Platform Support Matrix (

o   Documentation (

o   Patches (

o   Array Support Libraries (...