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jmartin | 24 Aug 2011 | 0 comments

Symantec has completed a new release of our Symantec Operations Readiness Tool (SORT).  In our continued pursuit to improve the total customer experience for our Storage Foundation and NetBackup customers, we’ve added the following features and improvements to the website:

Lorence Galelli | 23 Aug 2011 | 0 comments

It’s that time of year again; my car needs a service to ready it for the coming winter. It’s only August and around 25°C here in the UK.  It’s amazing how quick the weather turns these days; on comes the wind and the rain and before you know it there are signs for Halloween and Christmas in the shops.  So upon the topic of servicing the car,  I mentioned in passing this morning to my partner that I should book the car in for its service and her response was “Can’t you do that yourself and save some money?”. Of course I probably could. Thinking about it for that moment, but it’s much easier for someone who knows what they are doing to do this for me. I may of course save some money if I did it myself, but saving money doesn’t always mean saving me time. Also I’m sure she was thinking of spending the savings on a pair of shoes or something else and that’s one battle I would lose.

Let’s think...

Jennifer Ellard | 22 Aug 2011 | 0 comments

 If yes, take a few minutes to learn about Symantec ApplicationHA.

Listen to top Symantec and VMware leaders, Desmond Chan, Symantec Product Manager & Julio Tapia, VMware Director of Alliances Marketing, as they discuss how customers can accelerate and complete the last mile of virtualization with Symantec ApplicationHA. You no longer need to delay virtualization to ensure application availability. Learn how Symantec and VMware can help you protect your Tier1 applications with ease and confidence. ApplicationHA is an easy to use highly available solution that allows you to not only monitor and manage hundreds of applications inside your virtual machine, but also allows you to fully exploit VMware features, such as VMwareHA, vMotion, DRS and Site Recovery Manager and is integrated with vCenter and vSphere. Watch how easy it is to deploy ApplicationHA and learn the top 5 reasons for deploying ApplicationHA today!


DLamorena | 22 Aug 2011 | 0 comments

Listen to Symantec and VMware leaders, Ashish Yajnik, Symantec Product Manager & Julio Tapia, VMware Director of Alliances Marketing, as they discuss best practices for delivering a cost-effective, high-performing virtual desktop environment. Afraid that virtualization translates into scrapping your existing storage infrastructure? Learn how you can leverage your existing storage investments to rein in costs associated with virtual machine sprawl. You will also learn about how VMware View works with Symantec VirtualStore to serve up virtual desktops and provide  a comprehensive desktop management solution. Details around VirtualStore’s space-optimized snapshots will also be shared.


Raissa_T | 08 Aug 2011 | 1 comment

Recently, the Taneja Group, a well respected firm that provides analysis and consulting for the storage industry, storage-related aspects of the server industry, and eDiscovery, released its review of ApplicationHA.  Its experts point out that “Symantec ApplicationHA is to virtual environments, what Veritas Cluster Server (part of Storage Foundation HA) was to physical environments – a true multi-platform, multi-application aware clustering and high availability platform”.  I have attached the full article below.

Please click here for more information about ApplicationHA.

Raissa_T | 01 Aug 2011 | 0 comments

If preventing downtime is one of your goals this year - wait no more...Veritas Disaster Recovery Advisor (DRA) 5.4 is finally here.  The latest version of Disaster Recovery Advisor 5.1 launched today on August 1st, 2011.  In a nutshell, Veritas Disaster Recovery Advisor (DRA) helps you ensure business continuity with its automated, non-intrusive, agnostic testing and monitoring of your high availability and disaster recovery infrastructure.  With DRA, you can understand and report risks in your HA/DR infrastructure everyday without the disruption and cost of a full DR test.

Veritas Disaster Recovery Advisor 5.4 brings greater flexibility in how you schedule your HA/DR scans, as well as more options for hardware checks and new signatures to better cover your entire environment.  New updates and features include:

Greater flexibility and granularity for scheduling scans:

Now, business entities can be grouped together to more closely match...

Raissa_T | 28 Jul 2011 | 0 comments

Congratulations..You have gone through all the work of setting up a foolproof virtualized data center and are considering spending all your days tanning on a sunny beach.  Why not?  Your VMware environment is providing you with high availability at the hypervisor and virtual machine stage, and you might as well start ordering Margaritas..Not so fast - Do you know what your applications are doing?  Not really because VMware does not provide you with the status of what is going on with the applications that are running in your virtual machines.  So fully protect yourself with ApplicationHA, the only industry solution that provides you with visibility and control of applications running inside virtual machines from the vCenter console.

The latest ApplicationHA release provides application awareness in VMware Site...

Sanjays | 23 Jul 2011 | 0 comments

Cloud: Evolutionary or Revolutionary ?

For many the cloud has been a marketing term with no real products and just a lot of vaporware. But the cloud is finally becoming real and cloud discussions are becoming more mature. On the Gartner hype cycle the cloud is beginning to emerge from the `peak of inflated expectations` and heading to the `trough of disillusionment`  (find more information at: ). With this maturity have come some real questions, Is the cloud an evolutionary or revolutionary step? Does the cloud mean 'net new' or is it just another step in the evolution of the data center?

Tell us more about your journey to the cloud, share with us how you are implementing your cloud, are you taking evolutionary or...

bgoodyear | 18 Jul 2011 | 0 comments

"The future of the datacenter has gotten really cloudy lately..."

It’s the season of IT vendor user conferences.  Wonder what the focus of the conferences is this year?  I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise that every conference has a theme around “The Cloud”.  The most interesting thing to me is that each conference has “The Solution” as well.  If you sit in these conferences for very long, you immediately figure out that you can have your cloud just by using the vendor’s products.  This “cloud in a box” solution sounds really good until you start looking inside their cloud and understand what’s really happening.  By choosing their solution, you just locked into this chosen vendor’s solutions for the cloud.  It’s the same old story: vendor lock-in with just a different name or technology.

When we think about the cloud, the whole...

Raissa_T | 07 Jul 2011 | 23 comments

Please complete the below sentence and you could win a $50 Amazon gift certificate:

"Veritas Cluster Server is my product of choice because it allows me to do.....My favorite feature is..."

Thank you and we look forward to your shared stories.

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