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D Thomson | 07 Mar 2012 | 0 comments

Over the years, I've seen a fair few maturity models applied to systems managementand IT service delivery, a while back “organic IT”, then “utility computing” and more recently to private cloud computing. In general they allaspire to reach “level 4” within the following model:

- 1 - Unstructured or chaotic - a free-for-all in which anything goes

- 2 - Structured - a basic handle on what's going on but still on the back foot

- 3 - Managed - things are properly under control and co-oordinated

- 4 - Dynamic - the kind of agile, responsive management all aspire to

Now I don't want to question such models, as they are generally pretty good. However, not many of the organisations I have visited have anything approaching level 4, or if they do, it is in a few isolated areas of the organisation. All the same, IT and business goes on so clearly they must be doing something right.

Perhaps, however, we...

D Thomson | 01 Feb 2012 | 0 comments

With many organisations giving cloud computing serious consideration, a question we are often asked is, "Should we be putting our data in the cloud?" Organisations should be concerned about their data, wherever it is - it's a strategic business asset, after all. Indeed, this concern should extend to wherever the data is, depending on what it is and how it is being used. 

Each organisation is different and no blog post would be long enough to map out all the different risks and options, but we can get an idea of where to look for causes of concern. Here we separate risks out into non-scientific but nonetheless helpful categories of security, privacy, supplier and compliance. 

Security risks first, then. When we say data need to be kept secure, what we're really thinking is that malicious third parties can't get hold of it, to use or damage it in some way. Of course you need some kind of assurance that a cloud provider is protecting your...

Symantec Analyst Relations | 05 Oct 2011 | 0 comments

New blog by Darren Thomson, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA

As I meet Symantec customers and partners to talk about some of the impacts that virtualization, mobile and cloud computing are having on their businesses, I hear time and time again about the importance of information and about the fact that the governance and security policy that surrounds information will be key to ensuring successful transitions to new computing and service delivery models.

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Jon C | 24 May 2011 | 0 comments

In this industry it's not so hard to spot the changes as they happen: what's harder is to do something about them, given what's already in place. Technology is presenting organisations large and small with new opportunities, but also creates new challenges and pressures which might be easy to fix if those in charge had the chance to start with a clean sheet of paper.

Nowhere is change having more impact than in security and risk management. When the Jericho Forum was set up in 2004, its goal was to look at the challenges faced around 'de-perimeterisation' - that is, what does security need to become when the perimeter of the organisation starts to weaken based on how people are using IT? A question which has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Seven years later, for many organisations the perimeter has gone completely. Cloud computing, the umbrella term we use to describe internet-based applications and services, has arrived on the technological...