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tgrandpre | 26 Jun 2014 | 0 comments

If there is one message that Symantec would like you, the analyst community, to recognise and take on board right now, it is this: We are not slowing down in the least. Symantec has real momentum and conviction around where it wants and plans to be – and nowhere is this better demonstrated than in our recent acquisition of NitroDesk, which totally reaffirms our commitment to mobile.

This is a great purchase for Symantec and our customers, enabling us to integrate NitroDesk’s mature email application with Symantec’s existing app-wrapping, device management, threat protection, data loss prevention, authentication and identity technologies – thus delivering a solution that improves business collaboration and out-of-office productivity.

At the same time, you can expect further mobile enhancements to be rolled out in the coming months to...

Mark Nutt | 19 May 2014 | 0 comments

They are young, bright, vibrant, talented and the task they have been handed is a daunting one: pitting their wits against an enemy that is growing rapidly in number, sophistication and daring -– an enemy that operates unseen in the dark areas of the Internet, from right across the globe. They are the formidable Cyber Threat Operations team put together by professional services firm PwC to take on the cyber criminals.

The dynamic of a ‘boots on the ground’ incident response team at PwC, under their leader Kris McConkey, 32, conjures up an exciting image of a crack squad, battling against the cyber underworld. The reality may often be more prosaic, but there’s no denying the significance of the task that these cyber crime fighters have taken on as they track down the perpetrators. These increasingly sophisticated and highly organised groups of assailants are now rapidly becoming a threat to businesses everywhere.

Kris’ team is part of a large and rapidly growing Cyber...

Symantec Analyst Relations | 25 Jul 2013 | 0 comments

Last week we announced Symantec Data Insight 4.0 to help IT administrators take back control of dark data. Lack of insight into this information is due to the rapid growth of unstructured dark data, which is generally poorly managed and stored. Many data centers literally have petabytes of unstructured information (documents, presentations, spreadsheets and emails) that an organization accumulates over time and is in the dark when it comes to its content, ownership and usage.

With this latest version of Data Insight, Symantec continues to integrate its storage and security offerings, providing organizations a unified approach to data governance. Data Insight 4.0 represents the progress on Symantec’s commitment to integrate solutions, making it easier for organizations to protect and manage their information.

Symantec Data Insight helps organizations improve unstructured data governance through actionable...

Symantec Analyst Relations | 28 Nov 2012 | 0 comments

by John Brigden, SVP EMEA

This blog was originally posted in Information Unleashed.

Imagine half the value of your business being buried out of sight; or that value residing on the devices your employees took home at night, possibly to be lost or damaged. It’s a sobering thought—and one that’s all too real in today’s digital world.

According to the Symantec 2012 State of Information Report, almost half (46 percent) of an organisation’s information is being stored outside of its own data centre on devices beyond the corporate firewall. That could be anything from confidential customer information and sales opportunities, to crucial emails and financial reports. This ‘information sprawl’ is like setting a match to your business.

In the report, information sprawl was identified as the culprit in more than one-...