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Kevin | 27 Sep 2011 | 1 comment
  • Changed the default workflow state in the Draft Workflow from "Save Draft" to "Publish" since many users were accidentally saving drafts and then writing us to see what we had done with their submission(s). The default workflow state is now "Published". If a user wants to save a draft, they can click the "Save Draft" radio button.
  • Added the ability for user groups to add a Twitter feed to their group home page.
  • Fixed an issue that forced users to re-enter search criteria when they switched between a content search and a user search.
  • Cleaned up some errors that were introduced when the user accreditation badge and profile section was added.
  • Made display of "Private" label consistent between forum list pages and other content types.
  • Improved language handling capabilities of group membership request forms.
  • Improved language negotiation handling when a page is available in...
Kevin | 14 Sep 2011 | 1 comment
  • Added workflow to content submission process. This gives authors the ability to save drafts of their submissions and post them at a later date.
  • Fixed an issue where the cache key for the "Can you solve these?" blocks was not language aware. This resulted in the link lists being cached (and displayed) in a language that did not match the rest of the page.
  • Fixed an issue with the iCal export links on events setting the incorrect time to user's calendars.
  • Fixed an issue where bookmarks to specific product tags in the Ideas section were not working.
  • Added code that will allow us to track the number of submissions that are not in English and how much traffic those submissions are seeing.
  • Added a default image for new groups who do not have an image to upload.
Kevin | 30 Aug 2011 | 8 comments
  • In an effort to display solvable problems in the "Can you solve these" list, we've added a new field to the forum submission form that asks the submitter if their submission is solvable or if it's simply informational.
  • Fixed an issue with user group admins not being able to add users to their groups.
  • Removed the right sidebar from blog edit pages to give bloggers a cleaner space to edit their posts.
  • Added description information to page meta to improve SEO.
  • Fixed an issue with links on group home pages opening in the image viewer.
  • Fixed an issue where switching to a different language would send the user to an unexpected target page.
  • Fixed an issue where links to public (but hidden) groups were showing up on the groups list pages.
  • Upgraded Forward module to 6.x-1.20 (Security update)
  • Added an "average time to solution" component to the Forums Report.
  • Added an index that the SymWise project can...
Kevin | 16 Aug 2011 | 0 comments
  • Resolved a problem with forum teaser text missing from the tool tips on forum listing pages.
  • Added "Filed under" section to group pages that are associated with a product.
  • Fixed an issue with abnormal dates (31 Dec 1969) on group home page activity feeds.
  • Updated code that renders dynamic page titles on "E-mail Members" and "Faces of " pages to be more intuitive. (Titles for both pages used to be "List".)
  • Made event registration a little easier by auto-filling the "phone number" field with the number stored in the user's profile.
  • Applied security update to Devel module.
  • Fixed a Javascript issue that was throwing errors on group listing pages and group pages without a group image.
  • Fixed a problem with the path to the Rewards CSS file.
  • Applied a patch to the notifications module to improve database query performance.
  • Fixed mis-categorized topics on the create and edit forms.
Kevin | 03 Aug 2011 | 0 comments
  • Added a "private" label that displays at the node-level. Previous to this change, private labels only showed up on content list pages.
  • Removed the "Broadcast" functionality from groups since it's been replaced with the more useful "E-mail Group Members" feature.
  • Fixed an issue where unpublished forum posts were showing up in the "Can you solve" this list.
  • Fixed an issue with our newsletter subscription code that was not consistently saving changes to usernames and email addresses.
  • Fixed an issue with quick polls that were allowing anonymous users to see the "vote" button but not allowing them to vote. (You must be logged in to vote on a Connect poll.)
  • Added pages, forms, and download processing for the VIP Developer Program:
Kevin | 19 Jul 2011 | 2 comments
  • Added a "preview" button to the create- and edit-forms so contributors can preview their formatted submissions before submitting them via the "save" button.
  • Added a link to each user's profile page that allows users to subscribe to notifications when content is posted by the specified user.
  • Moved the BrightCode code (that facilitates video viewing) to the Connect server to eliminate the security warnings that appear when the code is fetched via http from the BrightCove server.
  • Performance enhancement: Moved serving of activity feeds on user profile pages to Solr engine.
  • Performance enhancement: Updated the methods used to generate the groups list page to employ caching with a logic-based cache expiry when group nodes are added or updated in the system.
  • Performance enhancement: Enabled more robust caching of user avatars.
  • Added a "padlock" icon to locked discussions on forum list pages....
Kevin | 12 Jul 2011 | 17 comments

We've just finished installing the Mollom* spam filtering module on the Connect Production server. Here's how it works:

  1. If a user submits legitimate content, it is scanned by the Mollom service and is allowed to post as normal.
  2. If a user submits content with a questionable word or phrase that the Mollom service is unsure of, the user is presented with a captcha challenge before content can be submitted.
  3. If a user submits content that the Mollom service flags as spam, the content is saved for an editor to review.

Here are a few things I like about this module:

  • Content submitted by users like Trusted Advisors and Employees is exempted and bypasses the Mollom scan.
  • Mollom catches spam *before* it's published and sent out via our notifications system.
  • It works with all languages.
  • If you can't read the visual captcha, you can listen to an audio version.
  • We can add our own words or phrases to...
Kevin | 06 Jul 2011 | 5 comments
  • Added an "Accredited" badge next to member's names who have been accredited by Symantec.
  • Added an "Accreditations" section to the user profile page. Users who have been accredited by Symantec now have a list of their accreditations displayed on this portion of their user profile.
  • Added the ability for User Group admins to bulk email their group members.
  • Refactored "Buzz Score" to more accurately identify popular trends and topics.
  • Implemented "Leave Group" functionality that allows members to easily leave the groups they've joined. (Group managers cannot leave a group until they've appointed a replacement manager.)
  • Re-enabled the "group photo" functionality on Group pages. Groups can once again upload a full-size photo that represents their group.
  • Group Admins can now see a detailed list of users who have registered to attend their events.
  • Group Members can now see an abbreviated list (username and signup time...
Kevin | 21 Jun 2011 | 14 comments
  • Added a tool that gives Trusted Advisors the ability to block spammer accounts.
  • Added a tool that gives Trusted Advisors the ability to unpublish a targeted user's spam content in bulk.
  • Enabled the "move this comment to a discussion of its own" to content types other than forum discussions. Now, if a user posts a support question to a blog post, the comment can be moved to the appropriate support forum.
  • Removed the "Recently Updated" sort option from forum list pages.
  • Added a "Recent Activity" sort option (as the default) to forum list pages. This option displays both new discussions and new comments to existing discussions sorted by date and time.
  • Fixed "Product(s)" info on Known Issues to display product tags instead of community tag.
  • Fixed an issue where the list of "Can you solve these" forum discussions was truncated and did not show a complete list of unsolved...
Kevin | 07 Jun 2011 | 0 comments
  • Added context-aware "Can you solve these" lists to each forum.
  • Added "Date Joined" field to group member lists.
  • Improved SEO by adding key information to each page's "title" meta.
  • Resolved an issue where SymAccount users who had entered special characters into their SymAccount profile were not able to log into Connect.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing event dates to magically change when they were edited in a language other than English.
  • Removed the top tier of promotions that were implemented for the old theme. In the new theme, they were breaking the formatting of high-level pages.
  • Refactored Userpoints reports to consume fewer server resources when being run.
  • Modified code that speaks to Omniture so it only passes content tags (like community and utility names) in English.
  • Fixed an issue where Omniture results were not being captured for IE users who entered a search...