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LeslieMiller | 27 Mar 2009 | 1 comment

The “Trusted Advisor” designation is given to an elite group of Symantec Connect community members who voluntarily share their expertise and experience with the Symantec Connect Community. Trusted Advisors are identified in the community with a special badge and are the front line of support for community users. Trusted Advisors are not Symantec Corp. employees.

Nomination Procedure

To be eligible for consideration for Trusted Advisor status, users must have been part of the community for a minimum of 120 days. Exceptions must be approved by the Trusted Advisor committee. The user must be fully active within the community and be willing to accept the roles and responsibilities of a Trusted Advisor. Symantec employees are not eligible for Trusted Advisor status. Nominations for Trusted Advisor may be made by anyone by emailing the following information to leslie_miller@...

.peter | 10 Mar 2009 | 75 comments

 Hi all - a few days ago I wrote about several changes we made in response to feedback this community provided.  Today, we're making several additional changes that I want to make you aware of.

One of the biggest concerns with Connect has been how to navigate to and post forum discussion threads.  We created a very flexible architecture that allowed you to post a forum discussion in more than one product board.  Unfortunately, this caused some confusion.  So, starting today, we are making a few changes to the forums to make them behave more like a traditional forum.  This will, of course, result in the loss of some of that fancy multi-tag functionality, but based on your feedback, ease of navigation is more important.  You asked for it, you got it.  Here's what we are doing:

FORUM LISTING PAGES:  Previously we had one listing page of...

.peter | 06 Mar 2009 | 27 comments

In the spirit of openness that a community site like this is built on I want to take a minute to address a few things related to the launch of Connect. Specifically, I want to talk about two things:

  1. Status of bug fixes
  2. What the future holds


In the first few hours and days of the launch we (and you) identified a number of bugs with the site.  It would be disingenuous to ignore that they happened or to downplay how they have affected what you do in the community.  Rather than come up with excuses as to why they happened, I’d like to give you a quick update on where we are with fixing them.

SEARCH RESULTS: We multiplied the indexing speed by 5X and I am pleased to report that the entire site is now indexed.

REDIRECTS FROM OLD POSTS: There was a major issue with redirecting from old forum posts to new forum posts. This bug has also been addressed. If you use a bookmark to an...

LeslieMiller | 04 Mar 2009 | 7 comments

There have been a number of questions about what the little pieces of pie next to usernames mean. It is simply a quick, visual way for users to identify the lifetime contributions that different users have made to the site. Where possible, we have transferred over status from the Juice, STN and the Altiris Support Forums. (For example, STN users received 3 points for every post on the old site. Juice user points transferred straight across.) You can find out how you can earn points that contribute to your status here.