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.peter | 22 May 2009 | 43 comments

You may have already noticed our newest feature on Connect, Ideas.  The concept is simple, we are proving a place where the community can suggest ideas for new features in Symantec products, new products altogether or even ideas for how Symantec as a company could change.  You can even suggest ideas for Connect.  Once an idea is submitted, community members can vote that idea up or down.  The page defaults to list ideas that are "popular now" at the top of the list.  So as you vote you increase the visibility of various ideas.  Take a look and let us know what you think - in fact, submit some ideas for how we can improve Symantec Connect!  

The short video below will show you around ideas.

Hear4U | 20 May 2009 | 1 comment

It's not easy being green! 

In my last entry, I suggested I'd "elude" to this "green" a bit more.  Hopefully, you are all aware there are a number of technical support folks currently on the SEP community helping answer questions, creating articles that can solve many end-users problems (see here):

So, you may be asking what this has to do with "being green?"  Good question - the tech support staff has a green badge included with their profile, so you can always identify them on the community.

I'd like to ask you help make "being green" a bit easier by...

AndyN | 19 May 2009 | 3 comments

Do you have questions about Symantec User Groups? What types of User Groups are there? What are the Advisory Board roles and responsibilities? How do I start a new User Group? What prizes are given away at User Group meetings?

All this information and much more!

.peter | 06 May 2009 | 41 comments

 Several of you probably already noticed the new features we launched this week in Connect.  If you didn't, check below for a quick recap of some of the highlights:

Read and Unread threads in the forum view.  If you've viewed a thread, then come back later and somebody else has added a comment since your last visit we've added a nifty blue dot telling you to take a look at the new content.  As an added bonus, if you click on the blue dot rather than the thread title you'll not only open the thread, but you will jump to the first unread post in the thread.  Very cool.  Similarly, the "solved" icon links to the solution in the thread.

imagebrowser image

Threaded & nested forums.  You can now reply directly to a comment and have your reply "inserted" into the middle of the discussion...