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LeslieMiller | 26 Aug 2009 | 64 comments

As you may have noticed, the rewards program catalog has seen some changes recently. We're excited to announce that you now have more options. Through the variety of gift cards offered (particularly you can receive any of the items previously offered, and more!  And at the same rates.

The change was made strictly due to financial reasons. It's very expensive to ship items around the world. Often we found that we were paying 7 or 8 times the cost of the items just to ship them. Those are costs that are tough to justify, especially in these tough economic times. We had a couple of options:

  • Increase the cost of rewards across the board (which would have penalized all of our users).
  • Charge shipping back to the recipient (which would have penalized our non-US users).
  • Go to an electronic redemption model.

Hopefully, electronic redemption will work out for everyone. We will be adding more electronic redemptions for...