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Kevin | 15 Apr 2010 | 6 comments

Hello again team,

It's been a busy week for the Connect dev team ;) Here are a few Connect tasks we've completed this week:

  • UI Tweaks:

    We realized that once you filtered blog posts by author, there was no way to 'undo' the filter. This has been fixed.

  • Performance

    - Removed some one-time use code to minimize the memory footprint.
    - Changed the way we load seldom-used code so memory is freed up for other tasks.
    - Shifted some of our code to leverage the Java engine on the search server.
    - Re-factored database queries behind Connect and community feeds and feeds at the bottom of community overview pages.

  • More Calendars:

    Added calendar views to event lists site-wide.

  • Script Magic:

    - Added a script that automatically refreshes items featured in the "popular" lists.
    - Added a script that removes...

Kevin | 13 Apr 2010 | 3 comments

Hello team,

Here are a few Connect tasks we've completed recently:

  • New Secret Sauce:

    Re-factored the scoring algorithm that determines what posts show up as "popular".

  • New Calendar View:

    Added a calendar view to the activity feed. When you visit a group page and adjust the content filter to show only events, you'll get them all organized in a calendar view.

  • Localization:

    Added a "translations available" link to the blog pages.

  • Bug Fix:

    Fixed an error that caused a white screen when a comment was deleted.

  • Analytics:

    Added code to track feedback submissions.

  • Nodequeue Update:

    Updated the Nodequeue module v6.x-2.9 (2010-Mar-16). Release notes: