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Kevin | 21 May 2010 | 4 comments

Hello team,

Automatic thread locking is now live on Connect:

Rules for locking a thread:

  • A thread will be locked if it has not been replied to in 6 months (six months from the last comment).
  • A thread will be locked if it has been marked as solved and has not been replied to in 1 month (1 month from the last comment).
  • A thread with no replies will stay open indefinitely.

Messages to be displayed at the end of the thread (where comment box normally appears): "This discussion has been locked because [there have been no replies in six months] or [the thread has been solved and there have been no replies in 1 month]. Please start a new discussion." This message should only be visible if the user has rights to comment (they are an authenticated user).


Kevin | 12 May 2010 | 1 comment

Hello team,

Here are a few Connect tasks we've completed recently:

  • Module Update:

    Applied a security update, v6.x-1.2, to the Private Message module.

  • Feed Fix:

    Fixed an issue where some of the usernames in the "Connect Feed" weren't hyperlinked to their respective user profiles.

  • Ideas Fix:

    Discovered and fixed an issue where the status of an Idea was able to be updated but not reset to the default "set status".

  • Events Fix:

    Users reported that they were not able to set the time when they submitted a new Event. This is now fixed.


Kimberley | 11 May 2010 | 5 comments

Video and screencast recordings are a great way to share information with the rest of the community. Here are some best practices, tips, tricks and guidelines for how to export your video files so that we can get them up on Symantec Connect quickly for you. For those of you who are already creating screencasts, please share your best tips and tricks in the comments below, too.

Start with a Script

  • Write out your script in advance, with major demo areas emphasized, as well as and intro and conclusion.
  • Practice running through the script several times. Make sure to practice moving the mouse in smooth motions, and not to move it unnecessarily while recording.

Set Up Your Computer for Recording

  • Please use a microphone for best audio quality. Don’t turn it all the way up to full volume as you can get reverberation.
  • Clean up your computer desktop so that files or personal backgrounds that you may not want to share...