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Kevin | 24 May 2011 | 7 comments
  • Refactored the forum list pages to load faster.
  • Fixed caching issue with forums that caused them to periodically malfunction.
  • Added a "Recently Updated" filter on list pages.
  • Modified the code that displays the "posted on" label to read "updated on" when an item has been updated.
  • Added the ability to force a flush of targeted pages cached by Akamai.
  • Fixed an issue with Omniture title tags that were being translated.
  • Migrated Verisign blogs from their former home at to: /connect/symantec-blogs/authentication-business /connect/symantec-blogs/authentication-user
  • Implemented an admin tool that allows us to move misplaced groups from one classification/location to another.
  • Moved Brightmail Confidential group to "Products" section.
  • Moved Las Vegas...
Kevin | 10 May 2011 | 0 comments
  • Added the ability to subscribe to Community and Symantec Blog email notifications. (User profile > notifications tab > tags subtab).
  • Removed the requirement for tagging blog posts with products.
  • Added the ability (for editors) to place targeted promotions on Symantec Blog pages.
  • Fixed an issue with group membership admin emails leading to an access denied page.
  • Added the ability for users to upload .rar and .7z file types.
  • Fixed an issue with date and time display where the timezone was displayed as an "e".
  • Removed the sidebar promos from the calendar at
  • /connect/calendar because they didn't fit.
  • Cleaned up the create forms by collapsing the poll attachment fieldset.
  • Fixed an issue where the registration system for group meetings (and other events) was allowing more people to register than the pre-determined limit.
  • Fixed an issue where URLs with a comment anchor (#comment-123456)...
Kevin | 10 May 2011 | 3 comments

Through the years we've listened as Connect users have asked for the ability to personalize the Connect experience to fit their specific needs.

In response to those requests, we're experimenting with a Connect "Dashboard" where users will be able to manage blocks of content that are selected by them and targeted to their interests.

In iGoogle and fashion, Connect users could add widgets to their dashboard and arrange them through the use of a drag and drop interface.

We need some help with ideas for page widgets that would be useful to our users.

Here are a few that the Editors came up with:

  • My unanswered forum posts.
  • My answered forum posts.
  • A feed of Connect posts by my "friends".
  • A list of my favorite "bookmarked" pages on Connect.
  • All of my posts.
  • My private messages.
  • A river of news from my community of interest.
  • A river of...