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Kevin | 30 Aug 2011 | 8 comments
  • In an effort to display solvable problems in the "Can you solve these" list, we've added a new field to the forum submission form that asks the submitter if their submission is solvable or if it's simply informational.
  • Fixed an issue with user group admins not being able to add users to their groups.
  • Removed the right sidebar from blog edit pages to give bloggers a cleaner space to edit their posts.
  • Added description information to page meta to improve SEO.
  • Fixed an issue with links on group home pages opening in the image viewer.
  • Fixed an issue where switching to a different language would send the user to an unexpected target page.
  • Fixed an issue where links to public (but hidden) groups were showing up on the groups list pages.
  • Upgraded Forward module to 6.x-1.20 (Security update)
  • Added an "average time to solution" component to the Forums Report.
  • Added an index that the SymWise project can...
Kevin | 16 Aug 2011 | 0 comments
  • Resolved a problem with forum teaser text missing from the tool tips on forum listing pages.
  • Added "Filed under" section to group pages that are associated with a product.
  • Fixed an issue with abnormal dates (31 Dec 1969) on group home page activity feeds.
  • Updated code that renders dynamic page titles on "E-mail Members" and "Faces of " pages to be more intuitive. (Titles for both pages used to be "List".)
  • Made event registration a little easier by auto-filling the "phone number" field with the number stored in the user's profile.
  • Applied security update to Devel module.
  • Fixed a Javascript issue that was throwing errors on group listing pages and group pages without a group image.
  • Fixed a problem with the path to the Rewards CSS file.
  • Applied a patch to the notifications module to improve database query performance.
  • Fixed mis-categorized topics on the create and edit forms.
Kevin | 03 Aug 2011 | 0 comments
  • Added a "private" label that displays at the node-level. Previous to this change, private labels only showed up on content list pages.
  • Removed the "Broadcast" functionality from groups since it's been replaced with the more useful "E-mail Group Members" feature.
  • Fixed an issue where unpublished forum posts were showing up in the "Can you solve" this list.
  • Fixed an issue with our newsletter subscription code that was not consistently saving changes to usernames and email addresses.
  • Fixed an issue with quick polls that were allowing anonymous users to see the "vote" button but not allowing them to vote. (You must be logged in to vote on a Connect poll.)
  • Added pages, forms, and download processing for the VIP Developer Program: