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Kevin | 21 Mar 2012 | 3 comments
  • Added code to render Connect on mobile devices.
    - Touch optimized
    - Automatic device detection
    - Ability to "quick switch" between the desktop UI and the mobile UI.
    - Platform support for Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and more than 20 other mobile platforms.
    - HTML5
    - Lightweight
    - Fast
  • Added the ability for Community Managers to make blog posts "sticky" so they'll stay at the top of blog list pages as long as they stay flagged as sticky.
  • Fixed an issue with the content submission form that was allowing users to edit a piece of content and remove its product association(s).
Kevin | 07 Mar 2012 | 0 comments
  • Successfully split the Backup and Archiving community into two new communities: "Archiving and eDiscovery" and "Backup and Recovery".
  • Successfully integrated Ideas from Clearwell Systems into the new "Archiving and eDiscovery" community.
  • Changed the behavior of the voting widgets to ignore (and not respond to) a double-click.
  • Fixed an error that users saw when they attempted to vote on an Idea that they had already voted on.
  • Added the ability to "deep link" into a pre-filtered list page by appending specific values to the URL. For example, to link to the Backup Exec forum with filters set to "version=11.x" and "topic=Case Study" and "language=English" you would use this URL:...